Meditation scientifically investigated
Monday, March 30, 2009


"We had never expected that such a far-Meditating people could exercise control in their own consciousness." (Brain Research Troels Kjær, The Kennedy Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark)


Researchers have for the first time in history pictures of the brains in a deep meditative state. The photographs are made with one of the most advanced medical research and research tools, the PET scanner (Positron Emission Tomography) in the University Hospital in Copenhagen. The promoters of this research were Dr. And Dr Hans Lou. Troels Kjær of the Kennedy Institute in Copenhagen. They wanted to know or "consciousness" can be measured.


At rest.
This photo was taken while the person still peace located was pending when he meditation can begin. The brainstem and verebellum (front) are both active. An indication that the person is ready to begin meditation.

This picture shows the condition of the brains during meditation. The visual part of the mind and the share of the top brains, where the touch and direction sense sits, are very active and in connection with the lymbic system. This means that one is better able to visualize. The Center for long term memory is remarkably active during meditation.

This photo was taken during the feeling of joy and relax with awareness of their own identity. Quite a mouthful, but people who try meditation do know this feeling and experience this as very pleasant. The speech center is very active.

Especially the visual center and the center for the sense of touch are active, while the person in question that he visualizes a great summer experience. Especially during the visualization of one's own face (face) came remarkable fluctuations.

What is not on the pictures to see, but what the studies revealed that all fluctuations in brain activity were symmetrical, something outside meditative state very rare.

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