Meditation Techniques to Connect to Your Higher Self and other Benevolent ETs


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I have recent read Brad Johnson’s book “The Earth/Lyra Connection: Teachings from Our Interstellar Ancestors”. It is a brilliant book I like it very much. I rate it 5 out of 5. The book can be found at: » Lyra/Earth Connection E-book

In the book, Brad talked about how he started channelling. A friend of him began to teach him how to channel. After a week of mediation, he successfully connected with his higher self, he was then shown by his higher self to reach out and connect with all the multidimensional souls within his oversoul. One group of souls introduced to Brad was the Pleiadian Collective Consciousness. And the whole book is about channelling with the Pleiadians.

I would like to know what mediation techniques can be used to connect with my higher self and other benevolent ETs?