"Millions of Christians had UFO Experience '
Monday, March 16, 2009

Worldwide there are an estimated five million Christians an "experience" have had a UFO or aliens. The church let the people in the lurch, though pastoral counseling badly need.

"The church does not know what they must accept. About UFO's is laughter, but that is because of embarrassment with the subject. Aliens soon called 'green men'. There is a total misunderstanding of the churches and great ignorance on the subject. However, it is an issue that the churches be concerned, "said Joe Jordan, a researcher with the Mutual UFO Network." He sees himself as a pastoral counselor for people who in one way or another a "UFO experience" had churches and tries to say eye for the needs of Christians who believe to have been in contact with aliens.

Jordan: "There are many people around that in one form or another injured by such experience. Even Christians. I think the world for five million people. "He believes that pastoral training space needed for such cases. "Psychologists have helped to create. Churches and also, I know. I hear regularly from people who knock this in a church. But they are turned away because the church thinks they are crazy. "

He says that churches such cases dead silence and never talk about. "This comes from the churches, no signal in the direction of training in pastoral focus. As a result, such training no attention. "

Jordan says there are literally thousands of testimonials from people who have been in contact with aliens. Personally, he has interviewed hundreds of people. It was a specialty show. Dozens of people testified that a failed abduction by aliens when she invoked the name of Jesus. He searched the testimonies that other ufology 'were recorded and saw the same pattern. But nobody had any attention.

Jordan expects to know how that is. "Secular ufologist fear comments about Jesus to others in response to their investigation will not be taken seriously. And I am gradually found out that most ufology Christianity and hate nothing to do with this. "

According to Jordan aliens are nothing but fallen angels. "The Bible teaches that God first Cherubs, the highest among the angels, has created, and then 'normal' angels. Satan is ever created as Cherub. "There was a galactic rebellion" against God, led by Satan, or Lucifer. "There was a group who followed Satan in rebellion was against God. Lucifer wanted to be God Himself. He was jealous, envious, and in particular the creation of man. "In the fallen angels Jordan sees the aliens.

Source: manna-today