Obama In Secret Conspiracy With Rush Limbaugh To Boost Wingnut Radio Listenership


Obama In Secret Conspiracy With Rush Limbaugh To Boost Wingnut Radio Listenership

Goodness gracious, who ever could have imagined that more people might want to listen to Rush Limbaugh once they discovered this odious sperm-giblet said awful objectionable things on the radio all the time? Usually, people’s reactions when they are told they must not look at or listen to some particularly salacious thing is to never think of it again.

And yet in this one isolated circumstance, it appears that listenership of Limbaugh’s verboten radio show actually rose during the “Rush Limbaugh is the head of the Republican party” controversy:

According to the Media Research Center, stations that carry Limbaugh’s day time talk show experienced a “dramatic surge” of listeners in February — the month when congressional Democrats and even President Obama publicly took swipes at the conservative talker.

“President Obama declared war on Rush Limbaugh and his ratings went through the roof,” said Media Research Center’s Brent Bozell. “If that’s not a magnificent backfire, I’m not sure what is.”

It’s certainly hard to argue with such firm facts and figures as a “dramatic surge” rumor spread by a conservative media watchdog group, so we won’t even try. After all it does make sense that blanket media coverage of a particular person, show, or publication might eventually draw more people to pay attention to that person, show, or publication.

That is why, as of today, Wonkette is the head of the Republican party. We heard it from Rahm Emanuel.

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