O'Hare UFO Witness Claims Captured On Video
Tuesday, March 24/09

Witness statement: I have sat on this evidence for over 2 years, mainly because of the nature of my background, if you knew who I was then you would understand.

Back on November 7th 2006, I was near Chicago O'Hare International Airport when I was witness to what was arguably one of the most important UFO incidents in modern times. After the incident, many people jumped on the band wagon and UFO came forward with false evidence, I can not speak for these individuals, I can only speak for myself.

Gigantic I witnessed a UFO hovering over the airport at precisely 4:32 pm The UFO was a dark, metallic disc Hazy / cigar shaped craft. It was at a height of roughly 750 feet from the ground, completely silent, still frozen, and was well over 100 meters in length. I managed to film the UFO on my cell phone for 1 minute, I observed the UFO for a further 1 minute, after which time it took off, and went upwards at Tremendous speed and was gone.

If you watch the clip properly, at the start of the clip you can clearly see a large passenger jet taking off, flying and directly under the UFO, which shows just how huge this thing was. The UFO was still completely frozen, and any movement on the video clip is camera movement and camera shake. I filmed the UFO on my cell phone with the zoom set to full.

This is arguably one of the most important pieces of UFO photographic evidence in existence, and to ever be posted on the Internet, simply because I know it was a genuine Unidentified Flying Object, and it was witnessed by many credible individuals, including pilots.

Yes I would love to come forward and go public with my story, but this is just not an option for me due to my job. So that is why I have posted the clip on You Tube. For those who do not want to believe the truth, thats up to you, but what you are seeing is genuine footage of an unknown craft, and shame on the worlds media for all the ridiculous they threw at this unbelievable incident.

'UFO Hunters' O'Hare Investigation


The following video was leaked from a News room, showing unedited discussion of the Chicago O'Hare Airport UFO case among news broadcasters.
2006 O'Hare International Airport UFO sighting


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Recent O'Hare UFO Evidence - Interview and Image Comparison
Saturday, April 4,2009

The Recent Alleged video of a UFO hovering over Chicago's O'Hare Airport, has again been Deemed as authentic by the man who took the film.

In addition to confirm the facts of his visual evidence, he has uploaded a second video (above), allegedly taken by another source on the same day.

The recent interview brings out a number of interesting facts:

The witness states that he was some distance from the airport, filming at 4x digital zoom, and was facing Concourse C.

He states that he was approximately 100 feet from the UFO, which was about 750 feet altitude. He claims that the view he got was because he was standing on a wall, with his camera held at arm's length, held above his head.

He witnessed the UFO for about 2 minutes, but because of the limitations of his Samsung SGH-D900 3 Megapixel phone, he was only able to get 60 seconds of footage.

He saw a number of other people nearby with cell phones, excitedly taking film of the UFO. One of the witnesses had a camcorder.

Since he came forward with his film, he has been contacted by at least two other witnesses with photographic evidence of the incident, and posted their film on youtube.

He states that weather conditions at the time were over cast skies, with some breaks in the clouds, and that is why his film appears as it does.

Describe in the craft itself, he describes it as Gigantic, Hazy, dark, metallic, silent, cigar-shaped Saucer, and frozen still.

When asked if he talk to NARCAP's Sam Maranto, who investigated the case, he is reluctant to get involved with skep tics, and does not care what other people think, he states that his film is genuine, and to hell with the naysayers.

Now, as a third video has been released. The film is a presentation of a still frame photo of the UFO supposedly taken from the cockpit of a plane. This is what the pilot says:

March 28, 2009-Our eyewitness in with a pilot, who gave him the following testimony, along with his photograph.

"On November 7, 2006, we had just left Chicago O'Hare Airport, roughly 10 minutes into the flight at 3:45 PM we were cruising smoothly at 37,000 feet when suddenly our attention was drawn to a dark, solid, less wing, cigar / disc shaped UFO which suddenly appeared in our view through the cockpit window.

The UFO was Dangerously close and roughly 100 feet in diameter. We immediately contacted Air Traffic Control, but were told that no unknown object was being picked up on radar.

Myself the captain, my co-pilot and a flight attendant all observed the UFO for 1 minute before it shot off at incredible speed, the quick thinking flight attendant reached for his 35 mm camera and took several photographs of the UFO.

We decided we would keep our story to ourselves, but are now ready to disc lose it to the public. "


Comparison of O'Hare Photographic Evidence


The UFO Casebook posted these screen captures of the three recent photographs / videos to be released from O'Hare Alleged eyewitnesses. Given the very close resemblance of the three objects above, UFO Casebook stated that following Deductions can be made:

1) Given the various angles of observation, the varying distance from the object, the different types of cameras used, and a slight variation in time, the three images appear to have captured the same object.

2) Assuming that the photographs show the same object, either this goes a long way toward proving that one UFO was captured by at least three separate witnesses at O'Hare Airport, or all three used the same model to draw from to make the photographs appear to show the same UFO - in other words, there is a conspiracy to hoax the evidence.

At this point and time, and being open minded, although the evidence is compelling for a pro-UFO conclusion, more information will be needed to make a definitive conclusion. We await that information.

The following interview was conducted, at his request, through messages sent through youtube. His answers are unedited. We have asked for a copy of the original video to be given to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) for analysis.

OHARE UFO WITNESS: Here's the exclusive interview as promised. Sorry I've only just got round to answering your questions but I've been swamped with messages from all over the world, including TV, radio, newspapers, mags, websites, etc. I decided to give Roger the exclusive, simply because he was the first to ask, and because I'm sick of big media companies thinking they should get it first, just because they have lots of green colored pieces of paper!, other people are just as important.

EXAMINATION: Where were you filming from?
OHARE UFO WITNESS: I was at some distance from the airport, and remember I was filming at 4xdigital zoom, but I was facing Concourse C as far as I can remember.

EXAMINATION: Details as far as height and distance away from being directly under it.
OHARE UFO WITNESS: Oh, I was roughly 100 meters away from the Saucer, UFO looked to be working at a height of 750 feet from the ground. The reason I got the incredible angle I got was because I was stöd on a wall with my camera held at arm's length, held high above my head and I was filming at full zoom or 4x.

Assessment: How long did you observe it? Is this all the footage you have?
OHARE UFO WITNESS: I just turned around Roger and it was there, I observed it for 2 minutes. I only got 1 or film miute because my cell phone memory was full.

Assessment: How many people were with you, looking around at it?
OHARE UFO WITNESS: I was alone but I could see about 7 other people in the distance all with cell phones going Bonker, shouting, so others must have footage and pics. One guy had what looked like a camcorder?

Assessment: Do you know of any one else with footage or photos?
OHARE UFO WITNESS: The other people I know with footage and photos, contacted me through youtube after I came forward, I have with these 2 posted their witnesses and evidence, all I can say is that they seemed like credible one. I've had other people contact me, and I have arranged meetings to view their evidence, if it's credible and they check out, and they let me post the footage, I will.

EXAMINATION: Which direction were you facing?
OHARE UFO WITNESS: I was facing Concourse C.

Assessment: What was weather condition like?
OHARE UFO WITNESS: Weather was cast, cloudy, but with some breaks in the clouds, where blue sky could be seen, thats why the clip looks like it does.

Assessment: How light it was at that time?
OHARE UFO WITNESS: sky could be seen, thats why the clip looks like it does.

Assessment: What model phone camera was it that you used?
OHARE UFO WITNESS: The phone was a Samsung SGH-D900 3 Megapixel camera phone.

Assessment: Did you zoom in on it?
OHARE UFO WITNESS: Filming all the time at 4x digital zoom.

Assessment: Describe the characteristic of the object as far as color, shape, motion, sound, anything.
OHARE UFO WITNESS: UFO looked Gigantic, Hazy, dark, metallic, silent, cigar / Saucer shaped, frozen still. Then it shot upwards off after 2 minutes at what I would estimate to be 30-40000 mph.

Assessment: Did you run into more people since then that claim to have seen it, have photos, or video footage?
OHARE UFO WITNESS: Only people I have run into with O'Hare UFO claims are through youtube since I came forward.

Assessment: Would you talk to Sam Maranto who investigated this case with NARCAP?
OHARE UFO WITNESS: I refuse to get involved with skep tics / debunkers / researchers / believers. People can think what the hell they like, no way am I throwing myself to the dogs, so they can all attack my credibility, I've had enough of this on youtube since I came forward. It is what it is, think what they want, but trust me, my footage is genuine, and shows a real UFO. Lots of people are now trying to Debunking the other 2 pieces of evidence, but they cannot get an exact match on the clouds on the extra terrestrial tourists clip, which proves it's real, and I cannot wait for the sorry ass excuses regarding Captain Smiths 35mm photo.

Assessment: Can a better copy be sent to him for evaluation?
OHARE UFO WITNESS: I will consider sending a copy of my better clip, this will be to you Roger, I will let you know soon, probably actually want to have it looked at by experts to shut up the debunkers.

OHARE UFO WITNESS: One woman contacted me who says she saw a man with green Reptilian Glowing red eyes on that day, she says he evaporated before her very eyes at the airport.

One man says he saw a beautiful blue woman dressed in a black cat suit, complete with weapons belt and a laser gun in one of the airport toilets on that day, he said she was holding a long silver tube with 3 red lights on it, she pushed one and vanished, he claims he dotard physical effects after this.

A man says he is a doctor and that he was boarding an aircraft, and he witnessed a dark Saucer pop in and out of the clouds for a few seconds letter on that day.

NOTE: You may want to check out Rick Phillips' The Heavy Stuff posting The O'Hare UFO Incident

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