EVERYTHING IS OK 2 - The Hunt for Terror

Everything is OK 3 (Camden Stories)

Shopping for CCTV (1 of 2)

Shopping for CCTV (2 of 2)

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EVERYTHING IS OK 4 (Corporate Requiem)

Great thread Ricklbert, I watched them all just now....everyone needs to do this.....

.....and our world will be a better place....
Everything is OK (update: Mega Phone Wars - The Suppression of Free Speech)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

No DNA sample nor fingerprints taken. =)
Megaphone confiscated as evidence.

Suppression of dissent is undesirable in society for a variety of fundamental reasons. Freedom of speech is a cardinal rule for a free society. Dissent is absolutely essential to allow all points of view to be given and considered. Censorship plays a central role in the control of speech and other forms of human expression, often by government intervention (through criminalization or other regulation). It is most commonly applied to acts which occur in public circumstances, and most formally involves suppression of ideas by criminalizing or regulating expression.
Always choose love not fear.

It's time to wake up and for the people to reclaim this world from the forces of fear and ignorance. These are our adventures in Camden.

Namaste. Peace. Love. Salaam. Shalom

Source: youtube
Humanity's Expression and Humanity's Police)


Man's struggle for freedom is one of the greatest tests and gifts we have as a sentient species.
Nothing feels as good as fighting the good fight.
Some things really are worth life itself. An ideal, a belief, and a love.
The resistance is now. You are free.

The modern revolutionary knows that the control-matrix of the modern Corporate State is armed to the teeth with robot-like soldiers and 'following orders' Police. The modern revolutionary does not pick up a gun or bomb and ape the very people he seeks to remove from power. He is fully aware that a violent uprising will bring down an iron fist of hate upon him and his contemporaries, for the powers that be care not about children, collateral damage, murder or destruction. The powers that be are concerned with their own control. And that's it.

The real war takes place in people's minds and hearts, and the modern revolutionary must be aware of this. He must seek to remind the public of their personal glory in the face of a controlling beast. The beast will die if you stop feeding it. Stop feeding it money, stop feeding it souls, and stop feeding it young men who get dressed up in uniform and who are then sent to kill on the other side of the world.

If no one obeys, then no one rules. Wars would be impossible to fight if the soldiers refused to go.
The choice to remove the chains begins first in the mind, and then the heart of the individual empowers him to remove all fear along with the chains. Without fear, the human is free. Without fear, the human stands alongside God. As Spartacus said: "I am about as afraid of dying as I was of being born."

It's an unconditional love of humanity that drives the modern revolutionary.
It is that faith and activism that leads to the new revolutionaries today, men who still believe in men, who are still convinced that we can build a decent society in which all men respect one another, and in which all men can communicate with each other as full-bodied human beings who are still persuaded that WE WILL WIN by fighting the good fight.

We will win this.

The revolution has begun...

- Charlie Veitch (with thanks to John Gerassi 1968 edt. of Venceremos)
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Everything is ok update:

Why I make the videos - by charlie

Humanity's Playground

The Police were very concerned with us during the one hour detention, demanding to know who we were etc....Luckily when they saw the footage of us being ushered in quite happily to the Stock Exchange, we had an alibi. They decided to threaten us with anti-social offences unless we gave our ID. The lesson here is that dealing with Police is much like dealing with any stranger; it's usually a transaction and both parties want to walk away feeling like they got something out of the interaction.
We gave our ID in order to avoid a build up of negative energy. They know who we are anyhow. It's not like we keep this a secret. ;-)

Danny Deconstructs the Mainstream Media

Message form Danny

Dear beloved friends

Isnt Youtube amazing ? The way we connect with like minded folk all over the world ? I have read every one of your comments and have been touched by them all.

In July I was diagnosed with nodules on my vocal chords. On a physical level, this means that I have to remain virtually silent for the next few weeks, possibly months. On a spiritual level, it is very interesting that I have co-created this reality. Especially as both my hobby (speaking in public, making the vids etc) and my profession (singing) are dependent on my voice !

I feel that I have been forced (by myself and life) to look inside more; to evaluate where I am at. What I do on the streets is a very external process and for me it is so much easier to look outwards than to look within at the cobwebs and addictions that seem so ingrained.

So I am in that process now.

To the police, I have this to say. I have at times lost my compassion for you. I know in my heart, that you guys on the whole mean the best and are 'just doing you job' often unconscious of what you are really doing. In our last encounter (after the Stock exchange) unlike what Charlie wrote at the end of the video 'Humanitys Playground', I felt quite broken. The police (all 7 of them) behaved unlawfully once again. After they had searched us under the anti terrorism laws (what a joke) and I refused to give my details, they spent ages trying to find a way of forcing us to. They found one albeit unlawful - threatening me with arrest for 'anti social behaviour, even though all I personally had done is film 1 minute at the stock exchange. So I say to the police, it is possible that you have broken me. I have a wife and kids like some of you and I feel more frightened giving you my details. But is that what you really want ? Do you want to live in a country where the police crackdown on anything innovative ? Anything creative and out of the box , anything that challenges the status quo ?

If you want to see a longer piece about which is more personal, go to dannyshine


Everything is OK (Update: Love Police Compilation)

October 25, 2009


Man's struggle for freedom is one of the greatest tests and gifts we have as
a Sentient species.Nothing feels as good as fighting the good fight.
Some things really are worth life itself. An ideal, a Belief, and a Love.

The Resistance is Now. You are a Free Human Being.

With special thanks to the brave souls Charlie, Danny and Olly.
Youtube Broadcast Channel YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. / user / cveitch

A compilation of clips by the "Love Police" (Also known as the 'Everything is OK guys ").

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
Special thanks to:

Operation Illusory Control

The Resistance is Now. You are a Free Human Being.

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

Everything is OK 1 (WJW) - Warsaw, Poland

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Inspired by our precursors from London, who initiated the action "Everything is OK" - inspired by their action we present you POLISH version "Everything is OK (WJW). Totally spontaneous - which is felt in a funny way - but somehow it is not the best (mobile phone filming), it is fun and ironic message, make you start thinking.

This is just the beginning, we expect similar action in your town! :)

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.