Everything is OK on the New York Subway

Luke & Charlie reminding people that everything is OK on the NYC subway (tube)

Both tracks by the Vitamin String Quartet, covering Coldplay, and Staind.


Grand Central Commercial Station

Meeting and helping the Commercial crew in Grand Central Station, NYC.

Marlena needs a hug now: NYPD Blues
FAQ: Why didn't you hug her Charlie at the end?
Answer: We hugged just after I finished filming
She asks me for a hug at the end - she is asking you all for a hug! Hug her!
different tactic, slightly different result.
Times Square, NYC, January 2010

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G20 Toronto -- Charlie Veitch Arrested and Luke Rudkowski Denied Entry into Canada Part 1 and 2

[video]G20 Toronto -- Charlie Veitch Arrested and Luke Rudkowski Denied Entry into Canada Part 2 of 2[/video]

G20 Toronto -- Charlie Veitch Arrested and Luke Rudkowski Denied Entry into Canada

Written by Dan Dicks

On Thursday June 24 I was joined by Charlie Veitch of The Love Police in downtown Toronto to document the G20 summit. This is Charlie's first time in Canada so we took him on a Toronto G20 tour. While using his megaphone to inform the people of Toronto about G20 related issues we were surrounded by police who demanded our identification. When Charlie stated that he wishes to remain anonymous he was immediately detained and placed under arrest. The officer stated that Charlie was being detained under the "public works protection act" for failing to identify himself.

Meanwhile Luke Rudkowski was detained at the Canadian border and denied access into the country. He has been targeted by the Canadian government because of his work with wearechange.org and infowars.com Charlie and Luke are true patriots who's tireless efforts have inspired truth seekers worldwide. I am ashamed of the Canadian government and their treatment of these law abiding citizens who's only intentions were to educate the masses and to voice their displeasure about the G20 summit.

To learn more about the works of Luke Rudkowski and Charlie Veitch visit: The Love Police We Are Change | Be the change you wish to see in this world


Former VP World Bank spreading there globalist agenda if people would just open there eyes and see what is now here and being sneakily ushered in weather you like it or not people wake up and fight the fight........ricklbert

The Love Police vs. The Globalist (Ian Goldin, former VP World Bank)

cveitch | July 25, 2010

Filmed 23rd July 2010 at Secret Garden Party 2010 in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom.

I was giving a speech at this festival and realised they'd invited a globalist as well. The Love Police go to investigate. As usual, the minions of the borg stand by their mainstream man.

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.


Love Police: Adventures in Security at the CRC (Cambridge Regional College)

cveitch | November 11, 2010

There is a malaise in the world. It is the drive towards uniformity, control, and a suppression of the wild side of man which makes us human....and fun.
Wearing ID around your neck? Am I a Dog?
Special thanks to the Freemason Security Manager for adding a special conspiracy flavour to my film.

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.


This is a film about civil liberties ad the right to film on the streets of London.



It's A Trap Ep1 Charlie Veitch admits of being paid 50k to control the truth movement

Well it is time to move on and forget Charlie there are real genuine people out there that will make this all change and we will win...........but we will prevail....... with or without Charlie the shill..........



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I can not believe this, I first heard of Charlie because of you Ricklbert, and I thought it was great what he was doing....

I search for all his videos and watch them all, as well as subscribed to his YouTube channel.

This is a big blow to the truth movement. However he will not be the last one to be exposed, I expect more.