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The latest Ziocon rumor is that Riyadh is planning to construct 16 nuclear plants at the cost of $300 billion during the next 20 years. There are not many idiots who will believe that Saudi ‘royals’ are arming themselves to ‘wipe off Israel from map’. In the past, Riyadh has purchased $300 billion armament from the US, Britain and Russia to protect US-Israeli interests in the region and further suppress their subjects.

However, the joke is that Saudis are also being helped by the same Israel-hating Pakistan which transferred nuclear technology to Iran and N. Korea in the recent past. Question is why the Saudi ‘royal’ would ask for Pakistan’s help to counter Iran’s phony nuclear bomb threat when Riyadh’s patron-in-chief, the US is a nuclear reactor producer and Pakistan is not?

Furthermore, Pakistan’s western puppet, President Asif Zardari, a Shia, is much closer to Tehran than Riyadh. In recent months, he has visited Qom twice to pay his respect to Ayatullah Khamenie, the Spiritual leader of Iranian nation against Riyadh’s objection.

The western leaders and media know very well how to squeeze money from Saudi ‘royals’. After frustated by Pakistan-Iran increasingly closer relationship in oil/gas sector (IPI) and other fields – Riyadh has been sucked-in for another $60 billion arm deal with United States which under Israeli pressure refuses to impart nuclear technology to Riyadh. Instead, Tel Aviv has given its blessing for Washington to sell 84 US-built F-15 combat aircraft and an upgrade of 70 existing Saudi F-15s. The arms deal is also said to include an upgrade of the Saudi Patriot short-range missile defense in favor of a system to defend against higher-flying, medium-range ballistic missiles. Interestingly, none of the existing F15s is piloted by a Saudi citizen.

In February 2011 – The Washington Post had reported that Pakistan quietly become the world’s fifth largest nuclear power, surpassing both Britain and France. According to my ‘Nuke Handbook’ – the international nuke stockpiles go like this - Russia (11,000 nukes), the US (9,000 nukes), Israel (240-400 nukes), France (300 nukes), China (240 nukes), Britain (225 nukes), India (90-110 nukes), Pakistan (70-90 nukes) and N. Korea (4-7 nukes). In addition, NATO bases in Turkey, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Netherlands have nuclear bombs stored there.

Now, the above WP count should give you an idea, how some idiot came up with the ‘Six Million Died’ numbers!

Afeef Khan writing for the Media Monitors Network (July 30, 2011) said: “Pakistan needs to be extra careful, at home as well as in its diplomatic overtures to its neighbors. The Israelis will not countenance Washington “giving” Saudi Arabia any kind of nuclear technology, not the least after Obama’s obsequious call for a nuclear-free world. The new calculation in Washington is that Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal would be far safer in Saudi hands — a lifelong friend of Tel Aviv and Washington, and a lifelong obstacle to Islamic self-determination. If Pakistan willingly or surreptitiously gives the Saudis any nuclear capability after the Saudis hang a suite of carrots in front of it to relieve it of its economic and endemic energy problems, then Pakistan will be immediately ravaged by the “international community” as the king of rogue nations.”

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