Peres: Palestinians don’t need to accept Israel as ‘Jewish State’


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Zionist president Shimon Peres and prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu hold totally opposite views when it comes to dealing with Palestinians or Iran. However, both are considered war criminals by many independent commentators. For example, Israel-born Jewish author and Jazz-player, Gilad Atzmon wrote on October 4, 2009: “Truth must be said, I do admire fierce President Ahmadinejad almost as much as I despise war criminal Shimon Peres“.

On December 30, Shimon Peres addressed a large gathering of Israeli diplomats at the presidential palace. He told the diplomats that Netanyahu and his hawkish allies are out of touch with the realities on the ground in asking Palestinians to recognize Israel as a “Jewish state” before starting next round of talk between Israel and Palestinian Authority (PA).

“I do not need to define the nature of a Palestinian state – and they do not need to define our character. It’s undeniable,”said Peres.

Peres also praised PA president Mahmoud Abbas as the only friend of Israel among Palestinian leaders. “I have known him for 30 years. No one will change my opinion about Abu Mazen, even if they say I cannot express it because I’m the president,” said Peres.

The Islamic resistance groups Hamas and Islamic and secularist Fatah, have one thing in common – they all refuse to recognize the Zionist entity as a “Jewish state”. Their stand has nothing to do with Jewish hatred – as US president Harry Truman, also, refused to recognize Israel as “Jewish state” on May 14, 1948. See the proof at top-left of this post.

Nathan Jaffey, writing at the Jewish daily Forward (December 30, 2012) said: “Peres knew the significance of what he was saying, and Netanyahu won’t take it lightly. It’s a demand that many observers deem unrealistic but one that Netanyahu is standing by. He may well know it’s unrealistic, but it’s part of his starting position on the peace process, and one what he wants the international community focusing on“.

Shimon Peres believes in a “demilitarized” Palestinian state over Gaza and part of the West Bank – but without East Jerusalem as its capital.

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