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The future American historians will call Barack Obama “the most Israel-friendly US President“. Within months Obama was crowned as the “First Jewish President, he received 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, for continuing Zionist “War on Islam”. Obama owes his political career to Chicago’s Jewish crime mafia. Ben Rhodes, deputy national security adviser, confirmed this by saying: “He came into office with a deeper understanding of Jewish culture and Jewish thought than, I would argue, any president in recent memory“.

On June 13, 2012,Barack Obama awarded Israeli president Shimon Peres the Presidential Medal of Freedom at a dinner at the White House. Peres was elected the 9th president of the Zionist entity in 2007. The award was established by President JFK in February 1963.

Interestingly, Israeli-born Jewish author and blogger Gilad Atzmon don’t agree with Obama’s praise for Shimon Peres whom he called a “war criminal’. In September 2008, Atzmon wrote: “Truth must be said, I do admire fierce President Ahmadinejad almost as much as I despise war criminal Shimon Peres“.

Shimon Peres received Nobel Peace Prize jointly with Gen. Yitzhak Robin and PLO Yasser Arafat in 1994. Peres was responsible for developing Israel’s nuclear weapons arsenal, and later for the Qana Massacre. The Qana Massacre occurred in 1996 when the Israeli military shelled a villiage of 800 Lebanese civilians who had gone there to escape the fighting. 106 were killed and around 116 others injured. Four Fijian United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon soldiers were also seriously injured.

In March, 2013, Barack Obama along with his new secretary of state, John Kerry (with Jewish family roots), is scheduled to visit Israel for the first time as US President. Shimon Peres’ office announced on Monday that Peres would bestow on Obama Israel’s Presidential Medal of Distinction for being “the best friend Israel ever had”.

“It will be the first time in history that a serving president of the United States of America will receive an award of this kind from the president of the state of Israel,” said the statement.

Peres created the Presidential Medal of Distinction in 2012. Two Jewish US secretary of state Henry Kissinger, who won the 1973 Nobel Peace Prize and Madeline Albright, who cried over the death of three Israeli Jews but called the death of 500,000 Iraqi children “war necessity) - received Peres Award last year. Israel-Firster Christopher Hitchens (with Jewish family roots) called Henry Kissinger a war criminal.

On February 20, 2013, American Jewish writer and blogger, Stephen Lendman, posted an article, calling it a circus in which a war criminal honors other war criminal.

“Peres ia responsible for decades of crimes of war and against humanity. He did so as Knesset member, deputy defense minister, defense minister, foreign minister, other ministerial positions, vice-premier, prime minister and Israeli president. He is responsible for colonialism, apartheid, militarized occupation, and regional wars of aggression. His rap sheet includes no-holds-barred state terror. He helped institutionalize Israeli belligerence. He ordered innocent victims slaughtered on his watch. He is serial killer multiple times over. He bears direct responsiblity for crimes too great to be ignored. He never once said he’s sorry. He’s a shameless example of rouge leadership, ” says Lendman.

Regarding Barack Obama, Lendman has this to say: “Obama did what supporters thought impossible. He surpassed the worst of George Bush. He spurns inviolable international, constitutional, and US statute laws. He does so with impunity. He’s unapologetic. His rap sheet includes betrayal and failure, governing for the monied interests that own him, and waging war on humanity. He’s heading America for full-blown tyranny and ruin. He mocks democratic values. He’s waging daily terror war on Afghanistan. He’s doing the same thing in parts of Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Mali, and elsewhere. In 2011, he ravaged Libya. He’s destroying Syria today. He’s got other targets in mind. He wants pro-Western puppets replacing all independent leaders. He wants Iran’s government ousted. He’s willing to wage war to do it. He’s complicit in Israel’s worst crimes. He prioritizes war over peace. He enforces permanent war as policy. He wants unchallenged global dominance. He’s willing to destroy humanity to achieve it. He’s a war criminal multiple times over. He’s guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. He appointed himself judge, jury and executioner. He wants anyone he wishes killed on his watch. He institutionalized lawless domestic spying. He’s waging global cyberwar.”

Read Lendman’s full article, here.

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