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The visiting Brazilian Foreign Minister Antonio Patriota told Israeli president Shimon Peres that Israel’s threats of military action against the Islamic Republic (just propaganda barking to force Obama to attack Iran on Israel’s behalf during the election year) over its nuclear program are dangerous to the stability of the Middle East. In response, Shimon Peres, whom his fellow American Jewish writer, Stephen Lendman, called a war criminal - told Patriota that his government should boycott Iranian President Dr. Ahmadinejad.

“We expect Brazil to boycott future meetings with Ahmadinejad. When we met in 2010, I told former president Lula that it was a mistake to sit and talk with Ahmadinejad. Do not be mistaken, Iran is developing nuclear weapons. The Iranian nuclear threat casts a heavy shadow over the whole region,” Peres told Brazilian foreign minister.

“All the options must be on the table, we would all prefer to solve the problem through negotiations or economic sanctions but if those methods fail the military option will remain and will be serious and credible,” Peres added.

Patriota also stressed in his meeting with Peres the need for progress in the diplomatic process with the Palestinians. “We are very aware of the tensions in the region; this is a source of great concern for Brazil. We look at some of the situations around the region with concern. We would also like to see peace between Israel and the Palestinians,” he told Peres.

In 2010, Brazil set an example for several South American nations by recognizing an independent Palestinian state on Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Patriota also met PM Benjamin Netanyahu and FM Advigdor Lieberman. He reassured all three paranoid Zionist Jews that Brazil’s friendly ties with the Islamic Iran don’t mean Brazilian government is anti-Israel.

During the Rio+20 conference in Brazil (June 20-22, 2012), Peres called Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff not to meet Dr. Ahmadinejad who attended the conference. Walter Feldman, lone Jewish member of Brazilian Congress told the lawmakers that Ahmadinejad was “a danger to Brazil and South America“. He demanded that Dilma Rousseff should not allow Ahmadinejad to enter Brazil. Presidents Ahmadinejad and da Silva exchanged visits in 2009 and 2010.

In September 2009, Brazilian Vice-president Jose Alencar had suggested that Brazil should acquire nuclear weapons as deterrent against any foreign country in attempt to capture its offshore oil fields. Brazil’s nuclear activities goes back to 1930s. Brazil carried out weapon program for two decades, which was abandoned in 1980s after Washington succeeded in installing its puppet government in the country. It’s believed Brazil has already achieved nuclear ‘capability’. Thus, Brazilians understand the reasons behind western pressure on Iran to abandon its peaceful nuclear program.

In order to understand Dr. Ahmadinejad beyond Zionist propaganda lies about him and the great Iranian nation, read here.

Peres tells Brazil to boycott Ahmadinejad | Rehmat's World