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On Thursday, Israel’s war criminal president Shimon Peres while opening Europe’s largest Holocaust Museum (est. cost $60 million) in Moscow asked president Putin and Barack Obama to join together “to put an end to the dark terror and threat posed by Iran’s quest for nuclear bomb“.

I could not find what was Putin’s response to Peres’ prayer – but the American Zionist poodle, Barack Obama’s, first foreign policy business after his re-election was to put new ‘crippling sanctions’ on the Islamic Republic as a payback for the 70% Jewish votes he received.

On Thursday, Obama administration announced it had sanctioned four individuals and five entities for censorship including jamming satellite broadcasts and blocking internet access.

I doubt very much if the new sanctions would put an end to the accusation that Obama’s senior Jewish adviser Valerie Bowman Jarrett had been conducting secret negotiation with Iranian officials concerning Iran’s nuclear program, lifting of sanctions and possibility of re-opening diplomatic relation.

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesperson Ramin Mehmanparast while commenting on Obama’s re-election said that Tehran will judge Obama by his actions and not by his words. “Any evaluation of the promise of change will be based on the actual policy and performance of US officials,” he said.

Early this year, when Obama awarded Shimon Peres America’s highest civilian award, the ‘Medal of Freedom’ – Miko Peled, son of Israel’s 1967 war hero Gen. Matti Peled wrote:

“Peres heads a state that in the West Bank routinely kidnaps children from bed in the middle of the night. Subjected to beatings and psychological terror, the child’s “testimony” is then used against other Palestinian defendants.”

The US, Russian, British and Israeli intelligence groups believe that Iran is not involved in using its nuclear program for military purpose. On the other hand, it’s a common knowledge that Israel has a stockpile of 240-400 nuclear warheads.

The IAEA report in August had stated that Iran turned much of uranium that enriched to the higher – 20% levels into reactor fuel plates that difficult to retool into warhead material.

On Thursday, Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak in an interview at Israel Channel 2 TV stated that Tehran had “slowed” its efforts to enrich enough uranium to build a nuclear bomb by at least eight months. He also added that he doubted negotiations meant to pursuade Iran to halt its nuclear program would be effective.

Israel Lobby controlled US lawmakers are working on additional sanctions against the Islamic Republic which would target every sector of Iran’s import and export industry.

Yesterday, the officials from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) announced that they would meet Iranian officials in Tehran next month in an effort to restart stalled nuclear talks.

The Associated Press has reported that Obama administration in its second term, is considering a new approach toward Iran that would ease economic sanctions followed by one-on-one talks between Washington and Tehran.

A 2008 report of the IAEA by the then Director-General, Mohamed ElBaradei, thanked Iran’s honest cooperation in removing ambiguities about its past activities and confirmed that Iran has answered all the six outstanding questions of the world body about the nuclear material and activities that it had had in the past.

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