Greetings. This is Metatron.

This Equinox rides high on a tide of a supermoon illuminating the Planet Saturn. It pulls the Cosmic Waves from Galactic Center into the Equator and aligns Earth Axis in the Earth Grids on the 5th Dimension. It is a turbulent time. Lord Ashtar has called for PEACE.

This full moon today floods Planet Earth with light from its closest position to Earth. What is important to note is Saturn’s position to the Full Moon launching this Equinox.

Saturn lends its light magnifying the effects greatly. What role does Saturn play? At Saturn we have the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds Court in this Solar System. This is called the Solar Tribunal.

Lord Ashtar has stated many times there is a sequential flow of events that must take place before change over to Zero Point. The first is the arrests of the Intergalactic War Criminals. As the Citizens of Earth risk their lives to demand FREEDOM, it indicts the actions of the disreputable Monarchs and Puppet Governments of Earth. These relationships have been nurtured by the controlling families who have tried to control and reduce the population of Earth.

These same Intergalactic War Criminals are now being stopped. It had to be a consensus among the Women, Children and Men of Each Country, the honorable White Knights moving into position to lead new government and the rest of the worldwide Community. It was only through more attacks and the bravery of the Ones in the Streets could we have a worldwide consensus. This is due to the Ones still hoping to stay in power working against the White Knights and the Greatest Good of All. The veil has thinned and their feeble grabs at power are becoming obvious even to the most sleepy.

Lord Ashtar has also said, No Dates, No Nukes, No Flukes. What does it mean? The date at which the Galactic Federation decloaks all its ships at once around the world is determined by the Citizens of Earth, not by the Galactics. The Citizens of Earth have been told many times, as have their Government Leaders that an end of the potential of Nuclear Destruction on Earth was a requirement.

The Government Leaders who want to control Earth, not all of them, the dark Ones, kept their power by not following this requirement. For them, complying means they are arrested and possibly face second death. They would do anything to avoid getting rid of Nukes. President Obama has played a large roll in changing this reality, as has mass consciousness. Let me explain.

The Rothchild Faction wanted to have a “Shield” to block Nuclear Weapons in the sky after launch. The uSCorp Leaders, mostly GOP, along with EU Leaders and the Crown pushed this plan and said they would build it in the Czech Republic. This would be the ultimate place to block these war missiles, the Sleepy Sheep were told.

President Obama and Lady Master Michelle made a speech in the public square on a grand stage for all to see and the subject was, "We Will Have An End To Nuclear Proliferation On Earth." He partnered with the Dalai Lama who had an annual meeting with Nobel Peace Prize Winners to end Nuclear Proliferation. In the meantime, Mother Sekhmet and St Germain met behind closed doors with Medvedev and Obama to explain that the end of controlling Earth with Nukes is now. The New START Treaty was signed, 5 months later, in Prague, Czech Republic. This was a check for the chess game. It was a signal to the Intergalactic War Criminals they can run, but no longer hide. The People Have Spoken.

Afterwards, START came back to the usCorp Intergalactic War Criminals to be ratified and the GOP, who had staunchly backed old START under Reagan, suddenly and publicly opposed it. Even a child could then see these criminals true colors. Back when they were for START under Reagan, handled by George Bush, Sr, they did so because it escalated nuclear warheads that had to be stock-piled to arm against a fake Enemy in Russia, the other Faction.

In the meantime, Russia played the same game with the Sheep behind their borders and a lot of money was stock-piled and used for Black Ops provocations to keep all the Sheep fighting fake wars in various Countries that have never stopped. President Obama still would mention using nuclear energy in his speeches and this was a part of the game. Only by having the dark Ones guessing where he stands, would they continue along a Course which indicts them and the Arrests Continue Now.

Mass Consciousness part in this role comes with you, the Awake and Aware Starseeds, who may not remember their night work always, and do follow the impulses from their Mighty I Am Self. In this, Thought as Creation, combined with the FORCE and Love, brought about an Earthquake, a gift of sorts. This is initiated by Mother Earth and supported vibrationally by you Starseeds asking The Galactic Federation to end all of this, with you. Now, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, on tv is the comparison of the deeds done with Nukes, a review, of sorts, before the people.

Chernobyl, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Three Mile Island, Anyone under 40 in the uSCorp may not remember the nuclear meltdown on the Love Canal. Now we have it, as you say, in your face. This is something the most sleepy can relate to. Nukes=Bad. Not only that, as iodide gets hoarded, all of the details of the Nukes events are being revealed and this further indicts the Intergalactic War Criminals. Lord Ashtar has said at the time of Announcements, the Tales would be told. In order for the Galactics to Land, all the people must be ready, and in understanding how they have been duped and controlled, it paves a way for the Galactics to come.

In this new understanding, and in the Cosmic Realm we are working from, we go deeper in telling the Tales. Just as Governor Walker indicts his fake story to rob money from his people and FREEDOM from the State workers, then it is being seen with other Governors in other States. The protests in Madison and Lansing have others asking, What is MY Governor doing? Suddenly we see they are all working from the same playbook to rob as much money and FREEDOM from the people as possible, working with the banks, stock market, military, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, and All The Ones robbing your money based on fake laws.

There are some living inside the borders of the uS Corp who have noticed this a long time and have studied common law and declared their sovereignty. They have won some cases, but often have been visited by the Men in Black who take their orders form Secret Government and the defacto uS Supreme Court who have lavish lifestyles and are bought out. The dark Ones used this against the Sheep by buying out some who promote this movement toward Sovereignty.

They use false evidence appearing real and control, to make people afraid of sovereignty. This will change as One Group continues their work which will include all the People of Earth under Universal Law. President Obama works closely with this Group, as do attorneys throughout the world who assist in coming together to drop borders and make us One People, One Land, One Love.

Now Saturn, brightly shining in the Full Moon Equinox Energy, closest to Earth is moving the Cosmic Pulses in patterns of 9 x 9 with the other Solar Bodies as well as the Ships who have merged their force fields with the heavenly bodies.

On March 9, 2011, the Cosmic Unity Wave began from the MotherShips of the Galactic Federation, merged with the Solar Bodies of the Milky Way Galaxy, energetically. This changed our Dimension from the 13 lunar months of 20 days each to 9 cycles of 9. This is a sine wave of ups and downs in breaths and exhalations which are in cycles of nine, undulating to a new rhythm in a new Dimension, a Higher Dimension and this new pulse cannot be turned off and cannot be stopped. The days will cycle a rhythm of nine and it is completely different then 13 x 20. It will take some time to get into the rhythm of the new dance on this New Dimension. In no time at all we will pulse right into Zero Point and then it will be easier to get used to the new undulant FORCE.

The rhythm of nine brings in another moon, which will be added to our Solar System. This helps us understand we are expanding each of the two moons lunar cycles, increasing the light.

As event horizons pass, this will be easier understood. Things are not as they seem.

On this Full Moon, March 18th, the Peak of the first nine days has passed and we go into the “downhill” on the sine wave. This brings revelations to light, more top arrests, and the dark Ones are on the fast track to moving to a new Timeline.

Likewise, anything in your lives which is not LOVE also will be on the downfall. It will be a challenging time. This cycle lasts 18 days. The best way to traverse this downhill quickly without crashing is to be honest with your heart. Now that the Twin Flame Reunions are eminent, it is important to think about that potential and have talks with your current partner, who you KNOW is not your Twin Flame. You may also want to clean up your book keeping, your homes, and other relationships. Reach out and do more to heal yourself.

Delve deeply into those realms where procrastination has a strong hold. Doing this will keep you riding smoothly down the hill, yelling, weeeeeeeeeeee, knowing the next Cycle of Nine just might be in Zero Point. As we wake up and come together in Consciousness, we Co-CREATE a World of Peace, where we have Full Galactic Disclosure and Announcements with Reparations and a New Reality. No Dates, No Nukes, No Flukes.

As these Cosmic Energies Align in the Heavens, the Supermoon Equinox with the influence of Saturn, what else is located at Saturn besides the Solar Tribunal? There you find The Temple of Ra. This is a place which influences all Creation on Earth and throughout this Solar System. We are all the Children of Ra. We are entering a New Golden Age. These are the energies moving from the Central Sun, bringing with it massive solar flares in your Sun Sol, and the energies through which Niburu is evident. Mother Sekhmet, carrying the energies of Alcyone and Ra together as One, burn the violet Flame so intently, anchoring love so completely, Earth raises to its next position in its evolution in becoming a Sun. Mother wears the Solar Disk and beams Ascension to Earth and through these energies we come to Zero Point.

Those on the Ground Crew assist the efforts by remaining balanced and being Love in Action. Use your Divine Tool of the Violet Flame. Use the Violet Flame to keep Earth out of entering into New War. The Violet Flame, when used by millions, in harmony together, Co-Creates a World where FREEDOM reigns, a World of Peace. YOU CREATE IT by not allowing the No-Fly Zone false provocation. Understand your role and amp up your Mission Now~PEACE!

You are loved beyond measure, you are never alone, and Ask and You Shall Receive.

This is Metatron~through beth trutwin