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A recent poll sponsored by two Canadian Christian organizations opposed to the exhibition plans of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR) to have a separate Jewish Holocaust gallery from the rest of world’s Christian, Muslim and Roma genocides (7 million Ukrainian, 1.5 million Armenien, 65 million Russian, 1.7 million German, 100 million Native Indian, 80 million Blacks, 2 million Iraqis, gays, lesbians, but less Palestinian, of course) gallery.

The poll results show that 83% of Canadian are in favor of a single exhibition for every genocide or ‘Holocaust’, whatever one wants to call it.

The poll conducted by the Nanos Research was paid for by Canadians for Genocide Education and the Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association, the last being one of the most vociferous opponents of the CMHR’s current plans.

Angela Cassie, the director of communications for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, said the Holocaust is given particular prominence because it acts as a template to understand the broader idea of genocide wherever it occurs, a kind of window into how genocides begin in the first place. If she had studied Jewish history, she would have known that the first Jewish genocide was carried out by the Crusaders in Spain in 1492, killing 500,000 Jews along with 3-5 million Muslims.

Jewish Professor Arthur Schafer (University of Manitoba) says that Jewish sufferings during the Nazi era are unique and cannot be compared with other genocides: “The very rationale for killing Jews was part of the official ideology of Nazism while forced starvation of Ukrainians was not the official ideology of communism. What makes it unique was that it was the end result of planned dehumanizing of people. It was an ideology that said Jews were sub-human, they were toxic and the world needed to be freed of them.” I wonder if this self-denying dude read Israel’s top Rabbi Ovadia Yosef who declared recently that non-Jews have no right to live.

“Does a unique feature of a genocide then warrant its being placed in an entirely different category from all other genocides. The American genocide of the Native American population, in my view at least, has quite unique features and actually interestingly unique features – for example, it was a genocide that was carried out by what were considered to be the leading Enlightenment figures of the time so the assumption normally is that in order to execute a genocide you need a genocidal ideology,” Dr. Norman Finkelstein, March 22, 2010.

The Winnepeg-based Canadian Museum for Human Rights is a $310 million project funded by Canadian taxpayers plus $22 million per year for its running cost. According to the CMHR plan – the museum will give primacy to the murder of six million Jews during the Second World War, through a dedicated “zone” to the Holocaust.

Holocaust memorial and education centers already exist in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

In 2009, Israeli professor Yeshyahu Leibowictz had called Holocaust as the new Jewish religion.

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