Saint Germain Gift of the Violet Flame
Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Violet Flame is the essence of one of the "seven rays". Like a ray of sunlight that passes through a prism is broken into the seven colors of the rainbow, spiritual light manifests as seven rays. Each ray has a specific color, frequency and quality of God's consciousness. The violet ray is known as the seventh ray.


When they call in the name of God, they fall down like a beam of spiritual energy and bursts into a spiritual flame in your heart as the quality of mercy, forgiveness, justice, freedom and transmutation.

Saint Germain is known as the Lord of the Seventh Ray. Every time we pray to him, he brings us many gifts of Spirit - his joy, diplomacy and creativity. He can inspire us with his innovations in science, literature, religion, government, philosophy, education, healing, alchemy and other fields.

Over seventy Saint Germain has prepared us for the Aquarius Era to enter an era of peace, freedom and enlightenment. He appeared to Guy Ballard in the early years of 1930 and gave his first teachings on the violet flame. Saint Germain said that after centuries of knowledge of the violet flame to have kept secret, the Masters had decided to continue its use for the public to release during this crucial time. Saint Germain has said,
"The use of the violet consuming flame is more valuable to you and all mankind than all the wealth, all the gold and jewels of this planet." (The Voice of the I AM January 1941 p.20)


The violet flame works a little soap. Soap gets dirt out of your clothing by the positive and negative charge of atoms to use. It works because each of its molecules has two sides - one side is attracted to dirt and a side who are attracted by water. The dirt-loving side attracts the dirt, like a magnet attracts paperclips when a box is drawn. The water-loving side sticks to the water, and bears the dirt with them.

When we invoke the violet flame is a polarity between the nucleus of the atom and the white-fire core of the flame. The nucleus, which is matter, the negative pole to the white-fire core of the violet flame, which is Spirit, the positive pole on.

The interaction between the nucleus of the atom and the light in the violet flame is a vibration. This vibration isolation is the density that is trapped between the electrons surrounding the nucleus spin. When this hardened substance that the atomic charge is discharged, the one in the violet flame and carried away to sea.
But unlike soap, surrounding the violet flame and remove the remains not they transform it into pure light energy. Freed of this debris, the electrons begin to move more freely, and zodus to increase our vibration and drives us in a more spiritual state of being.

People notice a spiritual and physical difference when they use the violet flame. But what happens when we the words of a violet flame decree again? I can give you two perspectives on this - the spiritual perspective as I open beard was resurrected by the Masters and a scientific perspective based on recent developments in physics and medicine. Both statements include the concept of vibration.

In physics the speed of vibration is something vibrates forward and backward, or vibrates. As I understand it, is vibration on the spiritual level, the speed of rotation of the electrons around the nucleus while the nuclear motion. As we will see these defenities not far from each other removes his.

We each have four bodies that the envelope of our soul: (1) physical body, we can see and touch (2) the desire, or astral, body, which includes our emotions, (3) the mental body, that our conscious mind is, and (4) the ethereal, or memory, body, the memories of our past lives include. The violet flame works on these four lower bodies by the speed of their vibration to change. Saint Germain has given us the violet flame decree provided:

"I AM a being of violet fire!
I AM the purity God wants! "

(listen to this decree in Real Audio format)

When this and other violet-flame decrees denounces the violet flame through every cell and atom of your body, your spirit, your emotions, your subconscious and your memory.

What does the violet flame when the atoms penetrate you? The Masters have the following explanation. We all know that atoms are mostly empty space. If an atom the size of a basketball had its nucleus would still be small for the naked eye. Yet 99.9 percent of the mass of the atom is concentrated in the nucleus and the rest of the basketball as empty space, inhabited solely by electrons that are very few roads. All that empty space between the nucleus and the edge of the atom is where discord and negative energy can remain trapped.

On the cellular and molecular level, this substance appears as dust, soot, tar or cement. The Masters have used the illustration of someone who takes a bucket of molten tar and a barrel full of marbles cast. The space between the marbles is vastgekoekt by descending tar and soon the whole mass is welded together.


The Masters tell us that when our physical and spiritual bodies vastkoekt by negative energy and karma, the vibration of the electrons in our four lower bodies slows. Then we begin to resonate more with negativity and less with the pure cosmic energy that our God-Presence, and eventually we can become ill. The more substance in our four lower bodies, the lower our vibration speed and the more we get taxed. Spiritually, this is why people die.

If you have studied acupuncture and yoga, you know that optimum health comes when spiritual energy freely flows through our bodies. When karmic substance hardens, it is as if the arteries of our spiritual bodies harden. When we resonate with this negativity, we will gradually be unless we do something about it to ourselves to run.

The violet fire trans mutates anything negative anywhere where stuck in your spiritual or physical being. This keeps everything in pools of self-hatred to physical viruses. When the violet flame to work pass the attached spaces between the electrons and nuclei. The cast these particles dense substance in your body and dissolves them. This process trans mutates the negative energy into positive energy and restores it in its natural purity.


Source: Monthly reports