Truth feeder
Tears in Heaven is for those who desire the truth and have retained the potential to search for it. Illuminati conspiracy? New World Order (NWO)? Skull and Bones Society and the Bohemian Club? What is the link between ancient Egypt and the Pharaohs with early Christiality and the Church's cover-up today?

You have read the fiction (or near fiction) in the likes of "The da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown and "Holy Blood Holy Grail" by Michael Baigent. Now it's time to get the facts from archeologist and historian Ian Vayro. You won't be disappointed.

It is all here in a book which is a 'must read'!

Very few people, Christian and non-Christian, know why they are here on earth or where they are headed. Two thousand years of institutional religion has been less than successful at remedying this situation, simply planting seeds of further uncertainty and confusion.

In the past, the Church has been accepted as the arbitrator and authority on theology and learning but the facade is now falling apart as an absolute multitude of lies and deceptions are continually exposed. Despite a mandate of helping the people of this planet, the cleverly veneered assurance of the Church under a guise of 'goodness', have served only to create distrust, disharmony and religious wars. There is a reason that conflict is occurring.

n Tears in Heaven, the historian and archeologist Ian Ross Vayro will take you back thousands of years to ancient Egypt in search of the truth....

* The Allegoric Composite that became Jesus Christ
* Joseph of Arimethea and see him finally unmasked
* The Jews shaky claim to the promised land
* Infiltration of Darkness in our Religion and Holy Books
* The truth about 911 and the killing of Princess Diana
* The Roman Piso, Hoax perpetrated on the world
* Hiram Abif at the foundation level of the Masonic Craft
* Prehistoric Egypt at the Cradle of Christianity
* Evil, Monstrous, Brutal and Non-Christian Popes
* The amazing secrets of the Qumran Copper Scroll
* The Wisdom of King David and Solomon
* The Vatican Scam that still effects us all Today
* The Queen of Sheba located in Ethiopian Legend
* The Mystery of the Cartouche of Tutankhamen
* That Adolf Hitler was certainly an illegitimate Rothschild
* Inside Skull and Bones and The Bohemian Club
* The Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the IRS
* The Illuminati Manipulation of our daily lives
* Exposing the Leader of the N.W.O. and the Antichrist

Following on from They Lied to Us in Sunday School and God Save Us from Religion, Tears in Heaven is the third book by Ian Ross Vayro and is the culmination of years of investigation and discovery!

I bought this book at a Mind Body Spirit show in Brisbane earlier this year and can thoroughly recommend it.