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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Report of an interview with Barbara Hand Clow on Coast to Coast Radio, December 2007.

The famous Mayan calendar stone in Coba.
This is the stone that caused all the excitement. The erosion on the rocks is clear and powerful calculations on the conjecture in 2012. (Image: JD Murrah - Antiquarian Site: Mayan city of Coba)

Barbara Hand Clow is the author of 10 books and an international speaker and ceremonial leader who was trained in traditional Cherokee and Mayan traditions. She was the editor of Bear & Co. from 1983 to 1989 where she books some of the new paradigm Maya researchers published in the Maya Code "are described. She and her partner Gerry Clow led the Pleiadische Agenda Activations that travel through the 9 dimensions were based on the Pleiadische Agenda 'and' The alchemy of 9 dimensions.

For Barbara, the 25 years since they started. This work is because its climax, after having written many books, now everything comes together. Her first book came out in 1976. Barbara researcher has always been and always on the Mayan calendar, but now had the feeling that the true meaning of the Mayan Calendar has treated. She took the investigation of Carl Calleman, Swedish biologist, on, because there are various researchers to work with different views on the true meaning of Calendar have. When they Call Mans work discovered all the pieces finally fell for her and they were intelligent - what is the acceleration time in the Mayan Calendar is.

In terms of anthropology, history and examination, the Mayan Calendar at least 25,000 years old and he comes from the Mayan-Olmec culture far into the past back. The Calendar covers at least 16.4 billion years, so this is a very old calendar that intrigued people for many years. Now we come closer to the end, people are very interested in the meaning. The hieroglyphs were all over the Maya area found in temples (stone tablet / column). The oldest stone in the timeline is that of Coba, a Maya site in Yucatan. The real old dates of the calendar to realize that the Mayans had discovered something important.

How did the Mayans predict the future? That is of course the most interesting question, according to Barbara. In her case, she was trained as a child in the Cherokee traditions and as an adult by Maya teachers. She has a lot of time traveling and shaman travel experience and they believe that the Maya were able to right the Galactic Center and the time codes to decipher. One of the things we believe this agenda is that his source in the center of the galaxy has. They believe that the Maya had this gift, and that some in our current time, in fact, our awareness in the Galactic Center to bring to as the time codes end.

Dr. Calleman discovered during the investigation of the Calendar that the 16.4 billion years of evolution seems to express and that this evolution is in a process that we Worlds Under 9 mentions. Each of the 9 Worlds Under is 20 times shorter in length. Thus, the first 16.4 billion years, the 820,000 million years, which is divided by 20. So, each of the Under 20 Worlds and shared it 20 times shorter. But it seems also that each of the Worlds, by the fact that the time is shorter, even accelerate. When we in the most recent underworld which began in 1999, is that since 1999 we have experienced a radical level of acceleration time which is expressed by the technology.

If some astronomers believe that the Universe less than 14 billion years old, where do the remaining 2 billion years away? Barbara suggests that the dates of the science we always get between 13, 14 and 15 billion years and always fluctuated up and down. The fact that the first date on the stone pillar of Coba 16.4 billion years, and there is so close to, the Mayans are right and the scientists yet. But whatever it was the first to call attention Mans and he thought that something was going on.

The following underworld, the underworld Mammals that 800 million years, is very proportional to the evolution of the species, classes of organisms, of which science is only the last 150 years the relationship discovered. The 2nd underworld closer to our time is - (16.4 billion years ago is too far) - is 800 million years, here we start with some information on the Calendar to see where we can recognize.

Is the acceleration time is a feeling that everything speeds up? Barbara states that she noticed that even scientists a few weeks ago on an evolutionary acceleration spoke. She has been doing research and then to her students and when they explore the subject from time acceleration started - (as for example the most recent time acceleration in 1999, which was in 1755, the evolution of industrialization seems to cover, which was in 3116 BC, the development of the history and cultures such as the temple city of Sumer and Egypt) - had to fit in with the students when they are on their own body , but the difference in time of 5120 year historical cycle could feel the acceleration in the industry and the most recent acceleration in technology.
According to Barbara is the key to any theory, history or anthropology whether or not you believe . It is many years always feeling her heart and looking for it with her head. In addition to its own belief , this matter is with the people.

May 2012, in its sense a disaster for us? Barbara believes that this is a possibility, but is not that way because she thinks that things are to improve our species. When we closer to a critical leap to seem like everything is set. Personally, she thinks that we will prevail and that we are on the edge of one of the most difficult steps that we have ever taken. Where they on this research often does, is the first step that amphibians 315 million years ago have taken to the country in order to be reptile. Barbara believes that the importance of the step we now turn is similar to that of time. They believe that we will get, but we are also on the verge of a catastrophe there, so lots of things can happen.


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Re: The Mayan Calendar awakening of theglobal Consciousness: Part two

Part two:

Solar flares. Picture below
(Image: NASA)

There is a large movement by Calleman launched. Barbara wrote the book because Calleman biologist and scientist, and his work can be somewhat mysterious. Because it is a more general writer wishes they matter more accessible to a wider audience. The book came out in May / June 2007 and became a major bestseller in France. The book also resoneert with the people. The important basic foundation of this theory is that when we are on the verge of a critical step in our evolutionary development are, everyone will be participating and we consciously and intentionally to our own evolutionary leap to participate, and this seemed to many here help.

December 21, 2012 is the date when everything will take place? It is first and foremost not on a day. Some researchers of the Mayan Calendar in 2011 regarded as the end of the Calendar and others December 21, 2012. Barbara works with two dates because they believe that the evolutionary acceleration in 2011 will complete in 2012 and that the different seasonal cycles, the equinoxes and zonnewendes very important. She is astrologer and wrote about the astrological transitions associated with this theory. The universe in which they live is as astrology shows nothing, probably nothing to the hand. The astrological transitions since 1999 are absolutely incredible. First she wrote a very detailed appendix on this because it is so complex and also gives them on its website the people advice on every New Moon and the seasons because everything in the sky so extraordinary.

What happens after 2012? Here it was very detailed. According to Calleman we reach the Enlightenment, what we as a people to a different level of potential will bring. She thinks this is a possibility, but it is not possible without peace. She pulled the achievement of world peace from 1999 to 2012 and to think that this will occur. This is perhaps the most radical of the Maya Code, "including how it could happen. One of the issues is the exopolitiek, what to do with aliens on the world. Without peace we can not get from the current dilemma. They went after this is how the calendar could be established.

In the autumn of 2006 she brought the manuscript in and said explicitly what 2007.2008, 2009 would take place and so far they have been surprised at the accuracy of its predictions. One of the things they predicted that in the autumn of 2008 would be peace in Jerusalem. When they book inleverde Israel bombed Lebanon and this was just the dumbest thing anyone could say. And yet, according to its movements over this. She is no idealist, but usually there will be peace because people are exhausted and the weapons. They give it up and give just about.
And those who do not want to fight ...? From anthropological view, man is not always like this. We only since 4000 or 5000 years, a violent, warlike species. That we were not and so we need not continue.

Is it possible that in 2011-2012 by huge solar flares and coronal injections will be hit? This is not a possibility but probably 100%. We go to a maximum Solair that not only one of 11 years, but also one of 60 years. 2011-2012 We will certainly receive intense solar flares. However, solar flares very interesting and Barbara is very sensitive. They are the sun each day. If a solar flare, and they do not know, she gets very upset. If they know it calms and relaxes them. Solar flares affect us tremendously, and it seems logical that they act with the critical crossroads and the next stage of evolution to make them. That seems the case in the past to have been.

Connect an impact of an asteroid, and that the Maya could have predicted such a thing? In 1989 there was an asteroid, 1989A, which came very close to the planet and the Maya (and Barbara) were 3 weeks in Yucatan large ceremonies because of this asteroid. The ceremonies were the highlight of the spring equinox at Chichen Itza in 1989, when the asteroid into the ocean next Yucatan landed. She heard him fly through the air, it sounded like a vacuum sucking in air and no Maya-parent we spoke with or who they knew had ever seen.

Were the Maya's afraid of the future when they claimed this calendar together? This is a difficult question. They know their way of thinking, but they were very obsessed with the period of time and cycles. This indicates there is certainly something that they were greatly concerned about.

Why end the Calendar? He seems actually the end of a long evolutionary progress following this she wrote in her book. She thinks that the Mayan calendar ends, not we and the Earth. What does that mean and what happens then? Maybe they just felt that what was taking place just would end? She thinks that the Maya felt that what they emulated a peak and we would reach a critical crossroads in our evolution and this would not only would reach - according to her is wonderbaarlijkste of the current era in which we live that we own evolution and what is happening with us, would understand. There go the Maya Code "and Call Mans research.

Was there ever a population omvraag made about 2012? No, the people have read many books and there are many movements such as the Evangelists, Pentecostal Churches and many other movements who believe that the end of the world has arrived.

Barbara wrote in a 2001 book, "Catastrofobie known. It was a study with several scientists from Oxford. Even though she was not a scientist, she was interested in how the Earth Changes Human Consciousness influenced. It is in fact a study on how the Earth changes the Human Consciousness the last 11,500 years have been affected. These scientists believe that 11,500 years ago, in 9500 BC, a huge disaster has occurred. Fragments of the veil of the supernova occurred in our solar system and affect the whole solar system, like the Earth. Some know this as the fall of Atlantis or the end of the mastodon and the saber tooth tiger. But it seems that we somehow have almost completely erased on the planet. After this we had 2, 3, 4 thousand years of survival ism (survive) and we started to recover. When the opportunity is offered to the Mayan Calendar to write, she was glad that she already had written this book, because this major disaster in fact largely a part of what we experienced. The reason is that when the theory of acceleration time work, the basic theory that what we do today, the process of the past. In her last book she came to the conclusion that we are a multi-traumatized species. The reason that we as a species on this planet so violent, that we have the trauma of major disaster have not yet processed. So says the Mayan Code Time Acceleration that our forces to this process and inner trauma that is one of the reasons why our planet is now so violent and was in poor condition.

What does Time Acceleration correct?

According to Calleman, we have been 16.4 billion years ago 9 In Worlds and each of them is 20 times shorter, so the after 16.4 billion years, 800 billion years long. But this time breakdowns are difficult for us to understand and when we come to a later time, we had 100,000 years ago, a time acceleration, which was paleolithisch era, when we for the first time that we were something like 'human' considerations. 5125 years ago we had another, as the beginning of history. The next was in 1755 AD and 1999. The idea here is that each of these Worlds Under 13 stages and each of these phases has a certain way it operates. And when we are in the middle of a certain phase of our current underworld are, since 1999, the Galactic underworld is, is what we now find the area met so we can handle. And this is surprising turn prophetic, because the period in which we now find corresponding to 1932 AD or 434 AD. So when we go back to 1932, we are amidst a depression, very dark times. If we go back to 434 AD, this is just after the fall of the Roman Empire and it was Europe in the Dark Middle Ages fell. The special of this theory is that Calleman says you can see where you are located, from 1999 to 2011, and this time you can take in time and back in the past can see what they have done in this book to predict what could happen. Therefore, the most accurate predictions for Barbara to be. It is a technique, but it works.

Repeats the time is?

This is interesting. Calleman and Barbara do not regard it as a cycle or circle, but as a spiral of growing smaller. It is not as if the time is repeated, but the Time Acceleration Factor just intensifies the issue should be addressed. If you go back in time will get the same issues in 1932 or 434 AD against, but the difference is that we are now in one year time period to get this instead of 19 years or 396 years. If this Under Worlds further back in time, these longer periods. So it seems to an ever smaller set of spiral that forces us to the next stage of our evolutionary potential to go.

How does this work on astrology as a kind of science behind cross?

This work is very scientific and Barbara, it is also astrology, and some others here agree. Astrology is circular, where the planets circling around and around the solar system revolves Galaxie. It is not spiral system. When she astrology are concerned they did this to Call Mans theory test, because its experience with people when there is no astrological transitions, the people do not change. A classic example is how people change their life for a Saturn-transition. If we look to this astrologer transitions to see what the change is to the people takes place. If Calleman is right with his theory, the astrology can show and do it. It took a long appendix attached to this in detail to explain. So we are now in a very intense time because Pluto in the Galactic center was. And we had a few weeks ago just Pluto in conjunction with Jupiter in the Galactic Center.

What has this little something in life to do?

First, the basic assumption here that the evolutionary time factor comes from the Galactic Center. In addition, Pluto, according to astrology the planet that the largest level of depth, change and transformation in our trigger. Then Jupiter is about expansion of consciousness and when Jupiter in conjunction with Pluto on the Galactic Center is, this implies that a thorough and radical level of the expansion of consciousness to which they most certainly in the people watching.

As the predictions of this: there are some things from the past that they can tell how accurate it may have and then to the future?

The first question would in fact: Under these Worlds really? Can you here to see proof? If you would go back 100,000 years and any anthropology book in hands, each of them will say that the hominoïden suddenly changed. Suddenly changed the proto-humans, he was spiritually and began to bury its dead, etc. If you then go back to 316 BC, about 5000 years ago, and you any history in the hand will say that civilization suddenly appeared everywhere. So there is an enormous amount of evidence for what actually Calleman says. Additionally started there is scientific evidence to come since his material was published.

Looking at the strict future, how far can we go? 100, 500, 10,000 years?

This is very difficult for her because of their intense work on this issue for 2011 and 2012. She sees us within 5 years very different, that they feel that we endlessly for entertainment, but it is difficult for us now to propose. We found ourselves really deep erik. According to the Mayan Calendar in 2008 is the hardest year of all.

Why the hardest?

If you return from 1932 to 1952 and the Depression, Hitler and Mussolini and look what's happening in the world at hand, and you get further how it went off, it is quite easy to believe that 2008 of these dark energy works. You can see that this year could be exceedingly difficult. Another thing is that the agenda the whole issue with the financial collapse of the nail on the head hit. From her point of view there is no doubt that we are really in financial trouble in the housing and liquidity crisis.

There is no doubt about it.


- Translation: Ulla Mertens --

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Solar flares.
(Image: NASA)
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