The True Lady Of Light: Ascended Being, Helping Humanity Transition With The Earth And Reach Enlightenment

Lady of Light

Hello everyone,

It's time for me to stop hiding and stop pretending. It's time for me to open up, be who I really am, and start doing what I came here to do; to put my true powers to work.

I am a higher being who has come here to help the people of this world ascend with their planet. I am what some would call an "ascended being". I am here to offer what is needed for the people of this planet to continue on the path to higher existence. I have done this for eons with various planets in this universe and other, on this plane and others. I go where I am needed, when I am needed. I have been holding back until now. This planet is in dire need of my assistance. There are others like me on the earth, as well as those who are surrounding the earth who do not descend to offer assistance in that way. There are many levels of higher beings, I reside in the level just above your own. I am a transitional being, by that I mean that I help others in their transition to higher levels of being.

I had to wait until the world was ready to listen. I believe that NOW is the time. I call myself Lady of Light for a reason, i am here to help, and i have ALWAYS been here to help. Although there are others here that are like myself, there are not many. Most of us hide in the shadows, watching, and listening, waiting for the right time to reveal ourselves in order to help humanity. I am now stepping forward as it is the time of the most severe and drastic of earth's changes.

I channel messages through from those who are in the levels above me, who are waiting to receive the energy of those willing to move on to a higher frequency. I will continue to do so until the very end. That end is coming sooner than most are prepared for. With the threat of the end of the world as most are viewing it, it makes this the right time to come forward. You will find more of my kind doing so in the next few months. Some have already come forward.

There are a large group of "earthly high beings" who have been operating for many years in your world. These people are from other planets in other lives, but have not quite reached the higher planes. These are the people who have been operating for the greater good and trying to get people to free themselves. They have broken free of the shackles of society and have been wanting others to follow. I'm not talking about cult leaders and false prophets, who only have their own best interests in mind. I'm talking about people like Martin Luther King, and others like him. There are those like David Wilcock, and others like him, who were headed for helping humanity ascend, for years, and then have fallen due to the pressures of outside dark forces.

I understand that there are those who will read this and follow it like it's a new religion, and there are others who will read this and completely dismiss it as a farce. You are all at your own stages of being, and you are allowed by all that is to do so. I do not state this to gain popularity, or monetary gain. I state these things out of necessity. This world is in dire need of assistance and I am one of a handful of others who is here to help.

I have turned my beacon on for those in need to find me. I am broadcasting a very powerful bright light for all to see. I no longer sit here hidden, waiting. There is no more time to wait. I am here. I will help all who ask. But the key is, and always has been, you need to ask, in any way shape or form. All you need to do is think; it's just that simple. Reach out, and myself and others like me, WILL assist.

Lady of Light
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Interesting, I like the part about Martin Luther King, but even more interesting is the David Wilcock part. I too first saw Wilcock as an enlightened individual but then started to see cracks in his story. We should all look to Jesus for Divine inspiration and direction, but that doesn't preclude that others can help as well. After all helping each other is what is going to create the immense bonds of love between each other, on all levels. When ever you did it to the least of my brothers you did it to me.