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On Tuesday, Israel-Firster Hillary Clinton apologized to Islamabad for the November 2011 US airstrike which killed 24 Pakistani soldiers managing a border-crossing between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has accepted the apology and one truck carrying essential supply for NATO troops in Afghanistan has crossed the border from Pakistan after Islamabad ended a seven-month blockade.

Pakistan had insisted on an apology from day one – but Washington had previously only expressed regret – something Erdogan has failed to extract from Netanyahu for murdering nine Turks on board Mavi Marmara on May 31, 2010.

Reportedly, the apology comes as result of Putin-Obama deal. Russia, China and other members of SCO and BRIC are all interested in seeing the US and NATO out of Afghanistan for good.

Humayun Gauhar, a frustrated patriotic citizen, blasted Pakistani government in an article posted on his blog on July 7, 2012.

We are better than the whore who claimed she was raped because her client’s cheque ‘for services rendered’ bounced. Our cheque has finally been honoured. Bravo!

Seven months of false bravado ended with a whimper when Pakistan reopened its supply routes to help the US and its stooges continue their ‘NATOcide’ in Afghanistan. We reverted to the old terms and sold our honour for $1.1 billion ‘for services rendered’, just as our native potentates sold their honour to the British in return for fiefs, titles and gun salutes. Britain ‘honoured’ them with knighthoods; America has invested us with ‘major non-NATO ally’ status. It’s in our genes that we that we are underlings, dear Brutus, not in our stars.

Our creed is Islam: so says our constitution. It is our state religion. That this document made by a rump assembly is rived with hypocrisy and contradictions reflects badly on Pakistanis, not on Islam. “No law can be made that is repugnant to the Quran or Sunnah,” says our constitution grandly. Which also means that no action can be taken that is repugnant to the Islam of the Quran. To help an occupier is un-Islamic in the extreme and anti-Jihad. To help an occupier exit is to help end occupation, which is truly Islamic and pro-Jihad. We should have opened only NATO exit routes, not supply routes. But what is the point of saying this in a state that is full of Muslims but empty of Islam?

The notion that it is the first duty of governments to protect their own people, properties and the State becomes an excuse to justify wrongdoing. Protect them, certainly, but not by helping occupiers. It is like destroying your neighbour’s house to save your own, not realizing that it gets destroyed anyway. It comes easily to us because that is our pathetic history: if we hadn’t helped the British to occupy our homeland just to settle personal scores, India would never have been colonized. Why don’t we admit that we have neither spine nor faith, that our independence is just a myth, and come out of our misery and into our reality?

Our American stooge members of the Langley Club claim that many good things will happen now. Milk and honey will start flowing. I can bet that it if any milk and honey flow, it will be on American streets. Only blood flows on ours. Such people upgrade ‘pragmatism’ to the art of surrender and ‘realism’ to an excuse for surrender. Our realism is to follow the reality created by someone else’s idealism, not our own.

Idealism is the stuff reality is made of. Dreams are the raw material of revolution that creates a new, native and contemporary reality in consonance with global realities and changing times. It called the status quo, not static but dynamic. Our Prophet (pbuh) was initially regarded as an unrealistic idealist, a romantic, a dreamer. He struggled and succeeded and changed the world for all times to come. When he was offered the wealth of Mecca, he replied: “If they place the sun in my right hand and the moon in my left hand, I will not betray my mission.” We have betrayed ourselves for pennies.

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