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Merlin Miller, an American filmmaker and American Third Position Party presidential candidate visited Tehran to attend ‘New Horizon - The 1st. International Independent Filmmakers Festival’ held in Tehran from September 2-7, 2012. Over 120 movies from diffrent countries competed in the festival. Filmmakers from the US, Germany, Brazil, France, Argentina, India, Bulgaria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Greece, Denmark and Hong Kong took part in the festival.

Merlin Miller went to Tehran to promote his movie ’False Flage’ which is based on Israeli attack on USS Liberty. Miller also met Iranian President Dr. Ahmadinejad and told him Zionists control both Republican and Democratic parties. Ahmadinejad presented a copy of ‘Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam’ to each of the participating filmmakers.

I don’t agree with Merlin Miller on the US being promised to the White race only, or immigration, or racial marriages – but Miller being called “racist” by pro-Israel Jewish racist groups such as ADL and SPLC , does make one wonder who is the lesser racist. Historically, the natives of Americana were not all Whites before Christopher Columbus ‘accidentally’ dicovered the continent in early 16th century. All Europeans who occupied the ‘newly-founded land’ and later the non-Europeans who came here – were all immigrants. As far as the ‘racial marriages’ are concerned – it’s freedom of choice.

Merlin Miller has written his impression of Iran, its people and their leader Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in an artitle, entiled ‘As The War Drums Beat‘. Read the article in full here.

“I found President Ahmadinejad to be a humble man with a firm handshake and intense, intelligent eyes. Despite his courteous and dignified bearing, he has been regularly berated, and routinely misrepresented, by a controlled western media. Is their demonization justified, or has he been targeted as the lone political figure standing against Zionist powers? This is my attempt to represent truths, such that the world might have a better understanding of Iran, its people, and its leadership,” wrote Miller.

“The Iranian people are similar to Europeans in appearance – a beautiful people, poised and kind. Their women wear clothing which modestly cover them, but in elegant fashion and with serene faces that are usually exposed. They return smiles and are not treated as second class citizens, as we have been conditioned to believe. In fact, they outnumber men in higher education enrollments. There is no profanity and women are safe on any Tehran street – at any time of day or night. The influences of western civilization have not been totally removed, but the Iranians resist the decadence of cultural-Marxism. I attribute this largely to their faith and love of family. I was surprised to discover that the Islamic faith actually honors Jesus and Christianity. However, through Zionist media control, policy dictates, and other manipulations, the Christian world is incessantly convinced that Muslims should be our enemies and that we should be theirs,” added Miller.

“Muslims look with jaundiced eye upon the outrageous media lies and perpetual assaults on their faith and culture. Hollywood’s promotion of twisted films can provoke extremist reactions, and we are then led to believe that Muslims are all radicals. We never question the bizarre promotion of these divisive, Zionist inspired productions, or the actions of multinational interests in the internal affairs of sovereign Islamic nations. Were we to look honestly at the many false portrayals, we would see remarkable similarities to how our Christian communities have also been assaulted – increasingly with contempt and disrespect by these same Zionist and Cultural Marxist propagandists. They seek a globalist new world order – devoid of the diversity and freedoms associated with independent nation states,” says Miller.

Jason Smith, another American explorer, visited the Islamic Republic last year. His impression of Iranians can be read here.

Watch Miller’s interview with Iran’s Press TV below.

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