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The US-NATO and its 27 ‘willing partners’ met in Chicago on May 20-21. The Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emnuel, Obama’s former Zionist Jew White House Chief of Staff, who had turned Chicago into a seige city ahead of NATO smmit – boasted for holding the event without troubles. According to The Update website, Chicago police used their bicycles as weapons against the protesters on Saturday. Police has confirmed that 45 protesters had been arrested and four police officers suffered minor injuries. Six people were reportedly charged for planning to bomb the summit site.

A day after thousands of anti-war protesters clashed with the police near NATO summit site – NATO leaders agreed on Monday to hand US-trained Afghan forces the lead for security from mis-2013 as they rush to end the failed and costly military adventure in Afghanistan – with the hope that the country doesn’t fall under Pakistan or Iranian influence.

The summit also confirmed that the US-NATO alliance has been throughly defeated by the rag-tag Afghan resistance groups, aka Taliban. So what they talked about at the summit other than US-NATO next adventures in Syria, Iran and Pakistan? They also talked about Washington’s interests in the region for which Afghanistan was invaded and occupied by the US-Alliance – the exploitation of Caspian Sea oil reserves and harvesting of poppy - and encircling Iran and China.

Just ahead of Chicago summit, Israel-Firster Gen. Martin Dempsey said he believes “the path we’re currently on with Iran is the best path.”

Obama called upon the 27 nations to “stay the course” in Afghanistan and even chip in with money to pay for the US-trained 352,000-strong Afghan army. However, most of the “willing partners” have lost their will to continue fighting a lost war.

France’s allegedly first Muslim President, Francois Hollande (born to Jewish parents), who took office Tuesday, campaigned on an early pullout from Afghanistan and reiterated Friday in a visit to the White House that he will withdraw French combat troops by the end of the year.

“I told everyone I spoke with that this was not negotiable because it was a question of French sovereignty and everyone understood,” he said, adding France would continue to train Afghan forces after 2012.

On Monday, the 28-allies met with Pakistan’s President Asif Ali Zardari to discuss the re-opening of two strategic NATO supply route to Afghanistan needed for the withdrawal of US-NATO, starting by the end of 2012. Islamabad shutdown the two routes in November 2011 – as result of US-NATO rocket attack at Pak-Afghan checkpost, killing 24 Pakistani soldiers.

Rep. Keith Ellison (Minnesota), last week, voted against the National Defense Autorization Act (NDAA) which provides $88.5 billion for the unpopular Afghan war. In a recent interview with The Update website, Keith made some anti-Semitic remarks. He claimed that the US doesn’t nuclear weapons or maintain 174 military bases to protect some foreign countries. “We don’t need to protect Europe. We don’t need to protect Japan (South Korea and Israel). Let’s move toward a partnership instead of us monopolizing things. We spend more than the next 14 countries combined,” says Keith.

US-NATO hides its endgame at Chicago | Rehmat's World