Visualization: The best chance for happiness

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Do what you want. It was the title of the book can be another motivation. But both life experience and have many sources to Ode editor Tijn Touber led to explain how our thoughts affect our lives. How to make your dreams?

In my neighborhood are not replacing broken windows, but boarded up. When people move, they throw the furniture down the street. Integration of cultures here means together in peace and avoid any possible contact. I want to leave, but am not rich. Now I know there are people who say, you can create a new house itself, if you believe enough. Not only that: new jobs, lovers, health and money would come naturally - by simply wanted to visualize. The big question of course was that if I could. I decided to take the sum test.

My dream house is high. From my room I look out at sea, from the other side forests. It lies on the edge of a big city. It is spacious, with many windows and is in a quiet neighborhood where people greet each other kindly. It is representative, cozy and affordable. Every morning I visualize my dream house. I walk through it, stand at the windows and smell the sea and the woods. I hear the cries of the gulls on the other hand, the cooing of pigeons. I see myself in the soothing, bright room - sometimes alone, sometimes surrounded by loved ones.

Three weeks passed. One morning I "accidentally" in one appointment Kijkduin. I'm too early and ride around. Suddenly my eye falls on a nice flat. Very top I see a poster for the windows. For sale? Rent? It is highly unreadable. Even the name of the broker is not shown. The logo is something vaguely familiar to me. The next day I drive to Stowe and see a poster on the same mark. I call, the flat is free, I can immediately come and watch. "Coincidentally", the price dropped just over one ton, as per the owner immediate cash needs. I only have "yes" to. I say 'yes' and now living in the house so that I actually knew.

One of the people to visualize an art form has elevated, the American author Shakti Gawain. She says: "Creative visualization is the technique of using your imagination what you want really to establish. There is nothing new, strange or unusual about creative visualization. You already make every day, every minute of use. It is your natural imagination, you always used. " Everyone imagines and visualizes. But not everyone does so consciously and with it the belief that you shape your own future. Could this be the reason that some people are better than others in meeting their dreams and ideals? Would the people who create jobs and houses the laws of the universe better understanding? Gawain Having pointed out that the entire universe is energy. Also apparent matter consists of particles smaller and smaller until you finally just energy, or vibration, takes over.

We - humans - are so energetic beings in a world that consists of energy. We influence the world and the world affects us constantly. As Albert Einstein said: "A human being is a part of the whole universe that we call. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as things separate from the rest. A kind of optical delusion of consciousness. " And his colleague Niels Bohr wrote: "Isolated material particles are an abstraction, because their properties are definable and observable only through their interaction with other systems." From this perspective, the only difference between an idea and given it a rock, the frequency of the thought many times higher than that of the rock. Hence a rock and a hard and rigid thought formless and everywhere permeate.

The second mechanism is that energy of a specific quality or frequency tends to attract similar energy. Thoughts and feelings are "magnetic". You meet 'by chance' to someone who you just thought, if you save an open book to any page and find the exact information you want. Ode to the editors of magazines and books are hundreds of which are regularly lost. After exhausting just another hunt, we decided just to sit quietly and our focus on the book. After one minutes one of us went to a cupboard and took the book out there without hesitation. It is like a vibration, a resonance when you tune.

Creation, each creation begins in the mind. You see a building for you, make a sketch and build the Taj Mahal. Even if an idea is not directly a shape, the thought alone is often enough to bring things moving. Especially if the idea behind such a desire is. The greater the desire, the greater the chance that the thought is true. Napoleon Hill did early last century of research into the success of the top three percent of the most successful American entrepreneurs. He examined the success of the great pioneers of industrial revolution, such as Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell. In 1937 masterpiece Hills Think and Grow Rich (translated: Think big and become rich), recently in the United States have been named one of the top five business books of the twentieth century. The main force that Hill repeatedly looked at successful people is that they take seriously their dreams, those dreams into clear visions and visions then repeat itself every day, so the subconscious will believe it. Once the subconscious accepts the vision, the vision reflects the person naturally, letting the dream early or late in the substance is manifested. Hill: "Wealth begins with an attitude, with resolute purpose. It is hardly necessary to work hard. " Thinkers raise money for itself, as luck or misfortune to others to join shelves. The deeper the desire, the "magnetic ruler" thought.

Our - often unconscious - desires and thinking patterns create our daily reality, whether we like it or not. It is the familiar self-fulfilling prophecy. Thoughts have a much greater range than you realize. The two sons of doctors and coach Roy Martina regularly went fishing. It caught the oldest consistently greater than the youngest. They exchanged rod and place, but that does not matter. When asked Martina further revealed that the youngest was a bit sad for the fish. That he did not really catch fish. There lay the statement. Martina: "But the big question is how the fish know. They finally see two identical brackets to squeeze almost identical. "

If you go watch it, you constantly see examples of how you based on your thoughts create your own destiny. Napoleon Hill: "We know that eventually everything a man repeats what he believes, whether true or not. The subconscious does not distinguish between constructive and destructive emotions. The subconscious is working with the materials we provide with our thoughts. It will be a scary thought as well as converting an idea into reality with courage and faith. It performs just out - manifested - what we tuck them day after day. " If that is so suspicious, then you constantly unreliable against people - "You see!" - And people trust you less and less. If you love your subconscious particular feeds, you have more love and you're also increasingly popular.

The subconscious is programmed. Emotions and feelings play a big role. Thoughts filled with emotion and strong colors to create awareness among the powerful images, so the more you start believing in the idea. An emotion fills the mind as with vitality and (an) effect. Hill compares emotions with yeast in bread, because a passive mind active. The biggest killers on the manifestation of your inner desires are so weak makers as doubt, fear and cynicism. That was among the German Bärbel Mohr, who has been everything they need "just to order the universe": lovers, homes, jobs, money, but also - unwittingly - a crisis. If they doubt, it will not work, why Mohr recommends a wish to make it and then more or less forgotten. When you come back every day, feeding you because you want to doubt: "Is it my message here? Will I remember? " Who does not suffer from these doubts, the 'order' but as often as he wants to affirm, the subconscious will only become more convinced.

Another principle: always visualize what you want, you do not like doing what you do not want. The subconscious recognizes or accepts the word 'not' and 'no' is not. Visualize or affirm that you are a non-smoker means that you constantly think about smoking - according to the known principle of non-polar bear-a-white-thinking. The secret of creation is that you radiate what you want and nothing you want. If you visualize and affirm, do so even from the present tense. If you want to be happy, right now already see yourself as happy. When you say: "I am happy about one years', say implicitly:" At this moment I am not happy. Something like only in the future, is confirm that you do not have now and that is the best way not to win. If you want something, you experience what it is like to possess it, for it to be. When in that condition, is what you want - but no longer need - easy on you.

Go for gold! If you visualize a home, then make it as beautiful as possible, do not make any concessions. According to Martina goes with every e-mail to the universe "always a certain percentage lost. Oh yes, expect opposition! All the great minds who wanted to realize a dream, to love and have worn much resistance to overcome. Henry Ford went bankrupt five times, Walt Disney was once fired by a newspaper editor for lack of creativity and Fred Astaire in his first screen test was refused by saying that he could not dance and could not act. But am especially open to coincidences and miracles. If you continue to stick to your daily energy and deep desire to give, will be manifested by a combination of conscious effort and some remarkable coincidences. This is what Carl Jung 'synchronicity' calls.

Perhaps you think that visualization is primarily a handy trick. But it is deeper than you think. If a user visualize new job, his negative beliefs about themselves and about life from. Anxiety, apathy and inferiority vultures through your head. Confrontational and possibly painful, but helpful, because these - often unconscious - programming that dissuade you from fulfilling your deepest desires. The question is what to do with these emotions to be. Marinus Knoope, inventor of the creation spiral that makes wishes come true (see Ode 39), speaks from experience: "There is only peace in your head as you're willing to what hurts - what repels you or against state - to received and to live through. " The acceptance of emotions, and disposal of old pain, opens the way for creation power. For visualization relaxation is very important. Only from relaxing your deepest desires and dreams come to the surface. Consciously Creating your own destiny is not difficult if you stop fighting against yourself and following the natural principles of creation lives.

Roy Martina has experienced at first hand. She started career with hard work and struggle to maintain themselves. Great successes were interspersed with painful defeats. According to Martina this is due to the male creation method. The female has been more subtle approach: your toils and fights less and rely more on intuition. The easiest method is the spiritual path, Martina that the "way of effortlessness' calls. This entails not only the intent, belief that you radiate. You start from the assumption that everything is already there and you just have to get to you by the strong desire to display - really like Michelangelo sculptures 'liberated' from marble pieces.

Unfortunately for many people so hard to see or believe. Therefore they send conflicting signals. We tend to think from scarcity rather than from abundance. We wish on the one hand, a beautiful home - the universe is in Wassenaar to work - then send the message that we do not really believe in and not worth it - the universe looking in the Schilderswijk. The net result is a weak imitation of our deepest desires. Believe it! Be sure, before you see it, otherwise you do not even need to start. Or, as Yoda in the film The Empire Strikes Back Luke Skywalker against saying: "Try not. Do or do not. There is no try. "

Anyone who walks away from trouble-free creation, has also frequently feel in touch with what Luke Skywalker The Force calls. Napoleon Hill puts it: "Through creative imagination, the finite mind of man direct contact with the Infinite Intelligence. With that power we can receive impulses or inspirations. All basic or new ideas find their way into humans through creative imagination. "

Positive visualization is not only important for your future, but also for you today. The picture which determines the rate you got momentum: the decisions you make, the steps you take. The stronger the future is - how powerful the visualization - the clearer it is what you do now. Who has no clear vision, has no purpose to live for. This destination crisis - which is preceded by an identity crisis - is rudderless. You wavers and constantly distracted. You hang it on TV and what you feel listless. You're not alive, but you lived or will you survive. You do not create, but only reacts to what it toward you.

It is essential to your deepest desires, wishes and dreams seriously. Your deepest desires and dreams are the answer to the question: what inspires me, where I live? They show you the essence of who you really are and inspire you to get the best out of yourself. Dreams are not always the same as goals. Goals are measurable, they are the steps that make dreams possible. An added benefit of your dreams seriously - by their example to write or make public - so that you attract people who can help. Marinus Knoope recognized the importance of the rule - provided at the right time - your deepest desires. "People always ask:" What do you think then? "Try not to answer that question above. Of course you know that yet. You know that you only for the realization of your wishes need help from others. So rather say: "Gosh, that's a very interesting question, perhaps you have an idea?" And if that other than saying: "Well, no not me.", Then simply say: "What do I mean?" "

For Knoope began his career as a writer and also an inspiration visualization experience. "I was at a seminar on the power of thought and you can create your own reality. I believe it's not that, but decided to risk. I told the Instructor: "If anything goes, do but guru". I said more or less for fun, but realized afterwards that I had always wanted, but because I wish not seriously, he could not manifest. I began to visualize the case and began to roll. I wanted to write a book, that book is. I wanted large rooms are, I succeeded. "

Roy Martina sees himself on his eightieth of the New York marathon run. Important in such visualization is that it happens all the senses. You see yourself running, the buildings around you, you hear the frenzied crowd, you feel the cramp in your calves, but nevertheless goes by, you smell the sweat and feel the drops on your spine. If you have such an event quite clearly have "seen", he is "anchored" in the subconscious. You do not just daily but also to think about the new image to life.

Imagination is to provide excellence perhaps more important than willpower and technology. This is shown by a survey of Russian athletes who were preparing at the Olympic Winter Games in 1980. The athletes were divided into four training groups. The first group trained purely physical. The second group has trained 75 percent physically and 25 percent mental. The third group did half and half to the fourth group was 75 percent mental and only 25 percent physically occupied. The results were shocking: the last group recorded the most progress. The group had gone ahead the least, was the only group that had physical training. The outcome was exactly the opposite of what many experts - especially the adherents of the "no pain, no gain' theory - had expected. The interesting conclusion of the investigation, that by means of visualization and mental training are able to unlock your physical potential or improve. Could it be because in your mind never misses a free throw?

Pure willpower could even be an obstacle to your goal. Consider the example of willpower in trying to quit smoking. Often leads to frustration. In the book by Jose Silva, founder of The Silva Mind Control Method, states: "When will and imagination are in conflict, it is always the imagination which wins. Think about your bad habit to stop and strong decisions, would you ever even further to that bad habit can bind. It's like with great force decisions that you go to sleep: the very force of this decision keep awake. The contrast imagination takes you directly to your goal, especially if you train your imagination to visualize the target at a deep level of mind. You must see your goal, feel, hear, taste and touch. Then you get what you want. "

Your whole life is the result of your own thoughts, desires and wishes. Consciously and unconsciously. Sometimes you even forget what you once again thought or even wanted. The Director of the Bijlmerbajes where I gave meditatieles drug offenders, took bike rides with his father as a child. They drove past often an institute for maladjusted children. "Dad," said the boy always, "later when I grow up, I am director." When the prison director ever wanted to know exactly what I did to his prisoners, told him I tried to contact them especially with their dreams and ideals of yesteryear. "How do you do that?" he demanded. I did a visualization exercise and brought him back to his childhood dreams and desires. Suddenly the director himself realized that his childhood dream come true! A big grin appeared on his face.

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I remember as a young girl, I saw a Jeep and I told my Mum: "Some day I am driving that kind of car." Never ever thought of it. Then a few month ago I got back to my parents and I drove a Jeep.

My Mum was standing near the garage with a big smile on her face:" It is exactly the same modell, the same color and the same interior design like the one you watched as kid."

All I know is, every night in my dreams I drove that car - I never even drove a Mercedes or a BMW in my dreams. It was always the same Jeep.

The day I went to the dealer to buy a car, I just saw that Jeep, got inside, felt home and bought it.


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One can endure happiness of varying degrees based on his level of visualization. Sometime restlessness of life can make us overwhelming. Other conditions like discomfort and anxiety can't always bring our best behavior.


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I do believe visualization can help us to get through much and for those who are really tuned in, it can bring good things. My ability isn't that good, but it will get me through trauma sometimes.