Welcome to Breast Cancer Deception, an eye-opening special report by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger. This is a shocking, tell-all report that exposes the scam of today's breast cancer industry, aling revealing how conventional breast cancer detection and treatment programs are actually designed to ensnare women into a very harmful (but highly lucrative) system of toxic treatments that will only cause permanent damage to her health.

You've never read anything like this about breast cancer. It's the report the industry would prefer to censor, because it contains startling truths about how the cancer industry actually feeds upon the continuation of this disease while Censoring natural cancer prevention strategies that could halt 90 percent of all future cancers starting right now.

Here, you'll learn:

• The top 18 causes of breast cancer that you can control or change
• How breast cancer provides billions in profits for drug companies
• Why the breast cancer industry is not looking for a real cure
• Which simple nutrient Prevents 77% of ALL cancers
• The latest research on natural breast cancer prevention therapies that really work
• Names and web addresses of my top recommended anti-cancer herbs and supplements
• The real reason why cancer mortality is much higher in blacks than whites (and why you were never told the truth about this ...)
• The shocking truth about the miserable failure of over-hyped breast cancer drugs
• How chemotherapy causes permanent organ damage to cancer patients
• Why "pink products" are often just a marketing sham
• Why the cancer industry ultimately does not want people to prevent cancer
• How certain cancer non-profits are actually front groups for Big Pharma
• How the cancer industry victimizes black women by keeping them ignorant of simple cancer prevention strategies
• The truth about Deadly mammogram (and why Mammography Harms at times as many women as it helps!)
• The top 22 ways to prevent or even cure breast cancer
• Which anti-cancer foods work best to halt tumor growth
• How the male-dominated cancer industry exploits women for corporate profits
• Which breast cancer non-profit you can really trust!
• Which herb from the Amazon rainforest shows powerful anti-tumor activity
• Why your geographic location on the planet impacts your breast cancer risk (includes graphs)
• Why running in circles to raise money for a "cancer cure" is a complete waste of time
• How top cancer non-profits have abandoned cancer prevention in favor of screening and "treatment"

You'll learn about all this and much more in this exclusive report from Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.
Controlling Women
Throughout human history, tension virtually every culture and continent, women have been systematically denied the right to access information that could EDUCATE and Empower them. Keeping women ignorant was a way for men to control them and treat them as personal property. From ancient Rome to 19th century America, women were considered sub-class citizens and intentionally denied the right to learn information that might give them more control over their own lives.

In this report, you'll learn how the cancer industry - which is dominated by powerful men - uses the same tactics today to control women while pretending to serve them. You'll learn truly shocking information about how the cancer industry exploits women's bodies to generate profits for pharmaceutical companies while systematically those same Denying women access to information that could teach them how to avoid breast cancer (and other cancers) in the first place. A single nutrient, for example, has been shown to prevent 77 percent of all cancers, and yet the cancer industry - including top cancer non-profits - refuse to recommend this nutrient.

And unlike virtually every major cancer group in existence today (with a few exceptions that will be noted later), this report was not funded by a pharmaceutical company. That's why it tells you the truth about an industry that prioritizes profits over public health - an industry that works hard to keep women ignorant about the real solutions to breast cancer (cancer-free women are no longer revenue-generating patients for cancer drug manufacturers .)

To truly GRasp the magnitude of the highly unethical, exploitive behavior of the conventional cancer industry and the way it treats women, you'll need to Widen your scope and consider other systems of medicine that exist in the world today.

That's where this story begins.

World medicine
There are numerous systems of medicine that exist in the world today: Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, Tibetan medicine, Western herbalism, American Indian medicine (with all its variations), rain forest herbs / Amazonian medicine, Australian aboriginal medicine, Hawaiian / Pacific islands medicine , etc.

Every such system of medicine is primarily based on the medicinal properties of plants that grow naturally in local regions. Australian aboriginal medicine, for example, is based on the numerous desert plants native to the Australian continent. Tibetan medicine is based on the medicinally-potent plants that grow in the harsh, high-altitude environments of Tibet. And Amazonian medicine is based on the abundant biodiversity of natural medicine found in rain forest botanical.

Realize that every system of medicine has a treatment for breast cancer. In the Amazon rain forest, such treatments might include the one of the Gato herb (also known in Western herbalism as "Cat's Claw" and widely used as a potent anti-cancer medicine). In the regions we now know as the American Southwest and Mexico, treatments for cancer utilize Chaparral bush tea made from leaves (also known in modern times as the "creosote" bush, from which leaf oils were extracted in order to coat railroad ties). In Chinese Medicine, cancer was approached from a different point of view: the Five Element System, rather than the traditional allopathic paradigm of the West; treatment protocols might include a "recipe" of various medicinal herbs with a Synergistic effects that work to strengthen and INNATE support the body's anti-cancer protection mechanisms.

In other words, if you were to travel the world in search of treatments or cures for breast cancer, you would find hundreds, if not thousands, of such diverse cultures stress treatments, Geographies and medical paradigms. And these treatments really work: modern scientists are increasingly discovering that these native cancer remedies contain identifiable anti-cancer compounds that work in a Myriad of ways. They might cut off the blood supply to cancer tumors, promote cancer cell apoptosis (cell death), block the replication of cancer cells, boost immune system function and so on.

There are literally thousands of different treatments for breast cancer used in various cultures around the world. Many, such as those in Chinese medicine, are meticulously documented and are based on thousands of years of research and clinical experience. Count Lessines lives have been saved by these cancer treatments and cures from around the world. Yet the western cancer industry, comprised of cancer clinics, drug-company-funded cancer non-profits, pharmaceutical firms, hospitals, doctors, medical schools and medical journals, actually goes out of its way to deny women access to this information and wisdom about treating or preventing breast cancer. The only thing women are taught is the conventional view, which is based primarily in harmful treatments: chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

Censored solutions
Everything not controlled by conventional medicine and the profit-seeking drug companies is discredited as quackery. All the supporting evidence is thrown out, and even conventional doctors scare women away from therapies that could help them by, for example, convincing all chemotherapy patients to avoid pursuing antioxidant nutritional support based on the utterly false medical myth that antioxidants "interfering" with chemotherapy treatments. (In reality, they merely protect healthy cells from the toxic effects of chemotherapy.)

Overall, the cancer industry, through its false authority and Reverend ring posture, has not only discredited all systems of medicine other than its own, it has long succeeded in outlaw most competing systems, transforming experienced Re (who retain the knowledge of countless generations of native medicinal wisdom) into criminals. This is why all the cutting-edge cancer clinics in the world are located outside the United States. The practice of curing cancer - a common outcome in alternative cancer clinics - has been outlawed in the United States. It is actually illegal for a master Re, for example, to even attempt to cure a patient of cancer. Such an act could land them in federal prison.

This strategy by the cancer industry effectively keeps women in a state of ignorance about cancer solutions that could actually cure them. It disempowers women, turning them into victims of treatments dictated to them by people who, as CEOs of the top cancer institutions and drug companies, profiting handsomely from every round of chemotherapy, radiation or cancer surgery prescribed to a woman.

Because of all this, the symbol of the breast cancer industry in the United States - the pink ribbon - is not at all a symbol of compassion or caring. It is not a symbol or empowering women, or Educating women about so-called "treatment options." The pink ribbon is a symbol of male-dominated control over women. Turn the pink ribbon upside down, and it looks more like a noose. It is from this noose that innocent women everywhere hang themselves through ignorance, submitting to a treatment system that intentionally denies women access to a world of information that could help them prevent, treat and even cure breast cancer.

Chemotherapy, you'll soon learn, actually causes heart failure, brain damage and permanent kidney damage. Submitting to conventional chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer makes you a patient for life due to all the organ you're likely to experience problems as a result of the chemo.

Pink Washing
"Breast cancer has been transformed into a market-driven industry. It has become more about making money for corporate sponsors than funding innovative ways to treat breast cancer." - Health Studies researcher Samantha King, author of Pink Ribbons Inc..

Wearing pink for breast cancer, or buying pink products is a demonstration of your support for the Enslavement of women by a highly-unethical industry that seeks to turn women's bodies into profit centers. Wearing pink shouts, "I support the ignorance of women! I support Big Pharma! I support male-dominated corporate control over the health of women's breasts!"

Buying pink products sends the same message. Whether it's a can of soup, a pair of pink batteries or even a pink "vacation" (yes, they do exist), these products are jumping on the pink band wagon for one reason only: consumers buy it. Painting any pink product results in a sales surge.

The marketing push for pink products is so strong now that many companies selling products that actually cause cancer have jumped on the pink band wagon! It's a practice called "pink washing," and when you see things like toxic chemically-manufactured cosmetics and personal care products sporting the Pink Ribbon and pledging to support breast cancer research, you have to stop and ask yourself the obvious question: Do not these products actually CAUSE breast cancer? Yes, many of them do.

The truth is there's no accountability in the vote donations from the sales of such products pink. Buying a can of soup branded with a pink ribbon, for example, may generate a whole or two cents in donations. And where do those donations go? Are they spent on nutritional education programs for women? Of course not - they often go into the pockets of pro-pharmaceutical non-profit groups (like the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation) that have very strong ties to drug companies and actually receive much of their funding from those companies. In effect, these are drug company front groups "that engage in disease mongering and push mass screening in order to multiply the number of people being" treated "for breast cancer. The only treatments allowed, of course, are those that Financially benefit the drug companies and conventional medicine practitioners.

The solution? Think before you pink! See the website or the honest non-profit, Breast Cancer Action, at Think Before You Pink to learn more.