what is meditation and what is it intended to accomplish?


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2. What are the two general categories of meditation? Please describe.3.What are the effects of meditation?
1. Prayer is: (a)either asking of God to do sth.(b)thanking God For sth.(c)or glory God. Meditation is letting the Divine to address you. 2.One categorization could be:(a)the tense posture, where the body is forced to keep a straight vertical position of the spine,(Hindu & Buddhist Yogi's)(b)the more relaxed posture (Tao meditation of China) Although a better categorization is: meditating lien, sitting, standing, in motion, and during sex. 3.The effects vary between relaxation and intense spiritual experiences. Always best to have an authentic instructor. My piece of advice to someone who starts meditation is:Even if you see God telling you: ''You Are The One''... don't ..
the two general categories of meditation are ; meditation and mental exercises.There is really only one state that is when the attention is separated from the mind and it becomes aware of itself. It is a fundamental shift in awareness. Other 'meditation' techniques that are usually sold in new-age style packages are business opportunities for entrepreneurs in the spirituality markets of the new age movement. health effects of meditation http://www.researchingmeditation.org/other information about meditation http://www.freemeditation.ca/
with practice ( 10 to 20 years) you can walk on water, fly in air and travel long distance in a very short time. and you can perform miracles. people have done it you can do it too. You need to stay away from the city and live in jungles. You should not have any worries and you should give up everything. there are some real divine people who do not accept money for their help.