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First urinating on dead Afghan bodies, followed by Holy Qur’an burning and latest massacre of 16 Afghan civilians by a homicidal western Christian slodier – show that some interested anti-Muslim hands don’t want the western occupation of 100% Muslim country to end.

As expected, Taliban leaders have suspended peace talk with United Stated negotiated by Qatar’s western-puppet Al-Thani dynasty . Earlier, Pakistan closed down two US-NATO supply routes to Afghanistan.

Last week, Gen. James Mattis, chief of US Central Command (CentCom) held talks with high-ranking military and government officials in Islamabad seeking Pakistani cooperation to get 23,000 US troops out of Afghanistan later this year.

To the great surprise to Obama’s Zionist-controlled administration – US appointed Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai demanded this week that NATO withdraw forces from the small, rural outposts that are the heart of its war of terror against Afghan population.

“Afghanistan is ready right now to take all security responsibilities completely. To speed up this process, authority should be given to Afghans,” Karzai said in a statement issued shortly after he met with visiting Defense Secretary Israel-Firster Leon E. Panetta.

This week, British prime minister David Cameron told his host Barack Obama in the White House that under public pressure, his government has decided to pull out British soldiers from Afghanistan.

“If we maintain a steady, responsible transition process, which is what we’ve designed, then I am confident that we can put Afghans in a position where they can deal with their own security,” Obama told reporters after his meeting with Cameron.

Occupation of Afghanistan was planned by Bush administration early 2001 but they needed a major attack on American interests to bring the US public on board its evil scheme. The Israeli Mossad and local Zionist elites provided that opportunity on September 11, 2001.

These evil people needed Afghanistan under USrael control for the following reasons:

1. to increase opium cultivation in Afghanistan .

2. to construct a oil pipeline from Caspian Sea to Pakistani port of Gwader and from there to Israel’s Haifa refinery by shipping.

3. to establish military bases near Iran and Chinese borders.

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