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“This Israeli state had its origin in a brilliant conspiracy that leveraged the power of the very peoples who hated the Jews. The Zionists made a compact with their ancient tormentors: We will rid you of your Jews if you help us to establish a Jewish colonial-settler state in Palestine. In addition, the Jewish state could serve as imperialist Europe’s outpost in the Arab world. Western anti-Semites found the offer irresistible. Britain first signed the compact in 1917, but when it wavered, the United States stepped in to establish Israel, and since the mid-1960s it has been its chief protagonist, softening the Islamic world for Israeli hegemony with wars and bribes,” Professor M. Shahid Alam (Northeastern University).

I have just finished reading a dialogue between Raphael Shultz, Israeli Ambassador in Spain and Agustin Velloso, a Spanish University Professor and a blogger (in Spanish). Before I deal with the ‘Clash between a Spaniard Jew and a Khazarian Jew’ – I like to mention that the Zionist-regime maintains a very friendly relation with Madrid. In fact, Spain’s former Prme Minister, Jose Maria Aznar (1996-2004), who is listed as an “Author” on Israel Hasbara Committee’s list – wrote an article for The Times (June 17, 2010), claiming that “If Israel goes down; we all go down”. The 2004 Madrid train bombing which was first pinned-down on ETA and then Al-Qaeda – was in fact a Mossad false-flag operation.

It seems the Ambassador of the Zionist entity got pissed-off by a recent article in which Agustin Velloso had claimed that he is anti-Zionist due to the fact that Zionist Jews coming from foreign lands have occupied Palestinian land and are treating the Natives like the Nazis treated the Jews in the past. Raphael Shultz sent an invitation to Agustin Velloso to meet him at a venue of his choice so he can teach him what Zionism is all about. He wrote in his e-mail: “The classical Zionism to which I belong is nothing but our right, the right of the Jewish people, to self-determination in our own state. If you are against this right, we have nothing more to talk about, but you should ask yourself -and I hope you do it with sincerity- why you are against this right when many other people around the world do enjoy this right, and why you deny the existence of approximately 50 Muslim countries but negate one single national state for the Jewish people. That is all for now, it is up to you to continue further discussion”.

Raphael Shultz, in his Israeli self-denial and ignorance calls Israel “our own land” – a country which never existed on the world map for over 2,000 year before 1948. Furthermore, the numbers of Muslim-majority countries registered with United Nations are 57 and not “50″. That’s enough to show the Zionist’s stupidity.

While rejecting the invitation to meet the Israeli Ambassador, which Obama, Cameron, Sarkozy and Markel would have felt honored – Agustin Velloso wrote back:

“As Ambassador of a state that violates international law since it was established, disobeys United Nations’ resolutions, illegally occupies and colonises Arab territory, attacks defenceless civilians causing thousands of dead and injured, subjects the entire population of the Gaza Strip – more than half of whom are children – to a siege which hardly varies from that imposed by the Nazis in the concentration camps, you are of the same opinion as the people responsible for those crimes, your superiors Mr. Netanyahu and Mr. Lieberman.

The Zionists take great effort in convincing the whole world that Israel is a decent country. The dialogue to which you invite me is standard procedure employed by Zionists to appease the moral repulse Israel provokes daily, namely the incarnation of this way of thinking in the Middle East. I am acquainted with this too.

Perhaps this way of proceeding works with some misinformed people and maybe successful with those expecting to benefit from supporting Zionism, but for most people, myself included, no empty slogan, such as “peace process”, “fight against terror”, “Palestinian extremism”, “painful concessions”, “constructive dialogue” and others of similar contents, can even remotely conceal the reality I have mentioned above and which can be summarised as follows: Israel is a stubborn delinquent state whose existence is an affront to humanity and a danger to world peace.

I have conversed with Jews for many years, but you are the first person to approach me for dialogue. Up to now, it has been me who has approached them, because I needed to make sure I was not making mistakes in my contribution as a professor and writer to the cause of “justice and, as a consequence, peace” (Isaiah) in Palestine.

I have conversed, and I still do, with Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein, Ilan Pappé, Michael Warschawsky, activists of the Israeli Committee against House Demolitions, Israeli Doctors pro Human Rights, Israeli Women against the Occupation, the Sarvanim, and other Jews opposed to Zionist policies.

Although I do not consider the possibility of continuing as you suggest at the end of your letter, I have no objection to you knowing I am anti Zionist in today’s world, as I would have been anti Nazi had I lived in Europe during the Thirties and Forties of the 20th Century, and anti Spanish had I lived during the Edict of Expulsion from Granada.

In any case, I will always be pro Jew, pro Palestinian, pro Human Being. My Jewish blood, which according to Tarbut Sefarad is mine through my mother (my second surname is Santisteban), has no influence in this attitude.”
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The other site happen to be my own blog and without link to it - the readers cannot find a support of my point of view. However, if you don't agree with that point - I have no point posting on this forum.


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The other site happen to be my own blog and without link to it - the readers cannot find a support of my point of view. However, if you don't agree with that point - I have no point posting on this forum.

I'd have to agree, They should be able to get his perspective as well.