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    Hamas says NO to “two-state” solution

    Two days ago, several Israeli newspapers (Ha’aretz, YNet, Israel National News, etc.) reported that Hamas political leader Khaled Meshaal told King Abdullah II of Jordan that he accepts the so-called “two-state” solution to the occupied Palestine – Israel and Palestinian Territories. However...
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    Ex-Mossad Head: Jewish radicalization will destroy Israel

    London-born Gen. Efraim Halevy 78, has served as head of Israeli Mossad under three Zionist prime ministers and negotiated peace treaty with late King Hussein of Jordan in 1994. He also served as Israel’s national security advisor and ambassador to European Union in the late 1990s. Since 2011...
  3. K

    Things to remember that make life easier

    Everything is true. Be with everything. Breathe deeply. Clarity and peace are understanding and awareness. Listen to the voice. The heart opens to the center. Meditate consciously. Consume only when and what you must. Love bravely and generously. These are only some of the things I’ve been...
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    Iran-Armenia: ‘The Unkosher Alliance’

    Last week Iran received significant numbers of visitors from Israel Hasbara Committee. It began with the claim that Tehran is avoiding to meet P5+1 regarding US-Israel fears that Iran is in the process of acquiring a nuclear bomb to ‘wipe Israel off map’; followed up by the claim of a huge...
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    Jordanian King disappoints US Jewish delegate

    On Sunday, a 16-member delegate from Israel advocacy group, the American Jewish Committee (AJC), paid a visit to King Abdullah II of Jordan and his foreign minister Nasser Judeh in Amman. The delegate was headed by AJC president Robert Elman. Elman also met with ambassadors from Washington and...
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    British cartoon depicts Netanyahu a “bloodthirsty Jew”

    On the eve of the Holocaust Memorial Day, the British weekly, The Sunday Times, irked the Jewish groups for posting a cartoon depicting large-nozed Benjamin Netanyahu hunched over a wall building with blood and limbs of writhing Palestinians in pain (See the cartoon on top left). The caption...
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    An open letter to Israeli Knesset

    It’s reported that the incumbent prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to forge an alliance with second-runner Yair Lapid. Both have agreed on some ministerial portfolios which really bother me. For example, the selection of John Forbes Kerry as foreign minister, Chuck Hagel for minister of...
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    [Confused!] Terms of Law.

    As a total newbie, I have watched a number of utube and the such , tried a number of sites( Free Man Society , to get NO where) I have listen to terms like "Common Law". Yet when I now try to back check and read for myself, which I feel is my duty to do, due dilagance. I cann't get anywhere...
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    To my follow MAN

    I wish to say hi, I look forward to learning and hopefully adding to the site. With Respect and in Peace
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    French FM: ‘Assad’s fall is not imminent’

    French Zionist foreign minister Laurent Fabius (his both parents were Jewish) has now second thoughts about the US-Israel desired regime change in Damascus. On Tuesday, he told reporters that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s fall is not imminent. France was among the first western nation to...
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    Hebrew Playboy to improve Israel’s world image!

    Daniel Pomerantz, a US-Israel dual citizen has announced to launch the Hebrew version of famous men’s sexy magazine Palayboy. Like a typical Israel-Firster, Pomerantz too believe that his Israeli porn-filled magazine will help to improve Israel’s international image which has nose-dipped since...
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    Egyptian President says “Jews” control US media!

    The latest Israel Hasbara (propaganda lie) against Egyptian president Dr. Mohamed Morsi is hillarious. According to the Jewish Telegraph Agency (January 23, 2013), Morsi told US congressional delgate last week that “he gets bad US press because “certain forces” control the media“. The Jewish...
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    Bibi loses election but Israeli fascism stays

    Benjamin Netanyahu is set to form the next Zionist regime even though his warmongering coalition lost 11 seats. However, the election results show that the new regime would lack the necessary muscles to screw US president Barack Obama on the US foreign policy. Netanyahu called for early...
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    Obama’s ‘Jewish issue’ with Cuba

    R.M. Schneiderman, editor and writer for Newsweek and the Daily Beast, wrote in the Foreign Affairs Magazine (December 21, 2012) that the single biggest reason Barack Obama cannot make peace with Cuba – is Alan Gross, US Jewish citizen serving out 15-year prison sentence in Havana. Cuban...
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    Jewish groups want regime change in Malaysia

    Recently, writing in Malasia’s top daily the New Straits Times former PM Dr. Mahathir Mohamad (born 1925) accused several American Jewish lobby groups for funding opposition political parties ahead of parliament election due in April 2013 – in order to bring-in a pro-Israel regime change in...
  16. 100th Monkey

    Benjamin Fulford, January 14, 2013

    Signs of cabal defeat are proliferating Signs that the Satanic cabal is headed for a decisive defeat are proliferating. One clear indication is that even corporate media has begun to report on Satanic paedophiliac ceremonies presided over by the likes of UK media star Jimmy Savile...
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    Jewish Group: ‘No blank check for Israel’

    The Jewish Voice for Peace and several Christian, Muslim, atheist and human rights groups are planning to submit a letter to Barack Obama saying “No Blank Check for Israel” during a rally and march to the White House on January 19, 2013. These and many other patriotic American citizens are...
  18. Denise

    The Man Who Planted Trees

  19. Truth Vibrations

    Read The Oath Keepers Declaration of Orders We Will NOT OBEY

    rch 3rd, 2009 Declaration Of Orders We Will Not Obey Orders We Will Not Obey “The time is now near at hand which must probably determine, whether Americans are to be, Freemen, or Slaves; whether they are to have any property they can call their own; whether their Houses, and Farms, are...
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    Actual reality

    The prophet peace be upon him says: (day of resurrection will not come till money increases between you ... 1 - Prophet Mohamed peace be upon him told us about many signs for the imminence of day of resurrection as he said: (one of these signs is that money will increase and trade will...