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Over 3000 American scholars, writers, film-makers, anti-war activists and civlians have signed a petition calling for a stop to the US drone war inside Pakistan which was delivered to the US embassy in Islamabad the otherday by US-based ‘Women for Peace (CODEPINK)‘ organization. The signatories included Jewish Americans, such as, professor Noam Chomsky, author Naom Wolf, and Hollywood director and film producer Oliver Stone, whose son Sean Stone converted to Islam in February 2012. According to several American sources, 884 Pakistani civilians have been killed by America’s drone war in Pakistan since 2004.

The founder-president of Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI), Imran Khan said yesterday that his planned anti-drone ‘peace march’ is set to go to the country’s semi-autonomous tribal area of Wazristan. Imran Khan is Pakistan’s world-renowned cricketer and former son-in-law of British Zionist Jewish billionaire Lord Goldsmith.

The PTI plans to take Western journalists and campaigners on the march, including the British head of charity Reprieve Clive Stafford Smith and 30 American anti-drone campaigners including Pam Bailey from ‘Metta Center for Nonviolence’.

In addition to the US, both Britain and Israel is known for carrying on drone wars in Somalia, Yemen, Occupied Palestine and Afghanistan. According to British advocacy group Drone Wars UK, the British government has spent over £2bn on drones since 2007. All Britain’s drones are currently made by US, Israeli or Norwegian companies. The 12 Hermes surveillance drones used by the British Army in Afghanistan are owned by an Anglo-Israeli company and the MoD leases them on a ‘pay-by-flight’ basis.

Each drone costs American taxpayers $200 million.

Islamic Iran is the only Muslim country which has developed the technology to shoot down or capture a drone while flying over country’s space. On December 4, 2011 – Iranian Army’s electronic warfare unit announced that it downed a US-built RQ-170 Sentinel stealth aircraft after it crossed into Iran’s airspace over the border with neighboring Afghanistan.

Pam Bailey has documented her experience under the heading ‘From Palestine to Pakistan: Connecting the dots‘. She claims that Pakistani civilians are as much victims of American drones as Palestinians living in Gaza are victims of Israeli drones.

“Here is where we come to the parallel with Palestine, where the drones of our staunch ally Israel regularly target what it calls “militants,” killing many innocents in the process and breeding hatred along the way,” she wrote.

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