Dr. Cons John Mulder, lecture March 10, the left side of vaccinations
Tuesday, March 10, 2009

TROS Radar:Uitzending: Uitzending 28-04-2008: Tweeluik farmaceutische industrie

TROS Radar:Uitzending: Uitzending 05-05-2008: Tweeluik farmaceutische industrie, deel II

(part 2, both provide information on the operation of the pharmaceutical industry)

Drs. Cons John Mulder, lecture March 10 in Heemstede on the left side of vaccinations (log: info@john-consemulder.com)

'Face and reveal'

Dear reader, this evening there was a Tros Radar program, which clearly showed that it is not shown that the HPV vaccine "against cervical cancer 'effective and safe, let alone at all will work! Finally we admitted that there is not even studied in the target girls vaccination (at the moment, in some places even have girls' to repeat 'because the vaccine was a little cold ...) will be. Also, one that is not longer than six years studied, it is also only been a few years. Also, we now only allow cancer to develop slowly, it can 10 to 15 years (or longer). 'Preventive' vaccinated without any further sexual contact is on these grounds is madness! And there is more going on than Radar is discussed.

80% of women will once in its life with an HPV infection, but most HPV infections heal in a natural way. Most infections do not lead to cancer. 10 percent of women who get an infection, get cervical cancer. Eventually die there 'but' 2% of all women with cervical cancer. How terrible this is, it remains a fact that this form of cancer simply rare! A rear of the many forms of cancer, other statistically (in terms health and prevention view) important types of cancer are not covered. But does this form of cancer, the vaccine must be infertility and / or sterilization can lead?

The number of deaths and serious illnesses will be higher, to lie down by the vaccination itself (especially as our children now by Radar actually be treated as guinea pigs!), Because the immune system in a serious way is weakened and the 'additions' (read: cheaper than many antigen added to the vaccine) vaccine often itself carcinogenic and neurotoxic and can lead to a variety of (auto) immune diseases. The natural protective system of the body is' mad 'and is the body cells ... You can choose from mercury, aluminum, ground monkey kidneys, quaint living or dead animal DNA, proteins of insects, but also made from oil-based additives.

I have an audio recording of the broadcast Radar today, I will tomorrow when I heard reading excerpts of the madness of the recording of vaccinations in the RijksVaccinatieProgramma confirm! I also want you to know that I have extra information and notes to my article, see the latest version of the 'Latest News' link on my website Healing Sound Movement.

In Haarlem is now in our beautiful country a vaccination plant opened, in addition to the existing factory headquarters in America. I do not know if we are so proud to be. I know that tomorrow I Heemstede (near So, fortunately supported by a beautiful full moon) will bring out information that goes deeper than the information from the Tros Radar broadcasts. Also, I will demonstrate that the sick, fraudulent and criminal industry that pharmaceutical hot (Pharmacopeia is Greek for 'sorcery', did you know that?) Actually and chronically our physicians, patient organizations, scientists and political decision-making influenced by extreme marketing techniques. Many scientists are 'advisors' (Medical Opinion Leaders, far more dangerous than the average "visitor doctors' with' free 'gifts for the family doctor, who ultimately prefer the extension should be the arm of the pharmacist if it is to them) and be paid by industry to promote their products.

Also the industry is no problem to study from unwanted medical journals to keep their pay and provide the final 'take' their own 'independent' research. It is also not shunned in leading scientific journals publish articles with a lot of power. Regularly to 'forget' to report that the senior scientific author whose name above the article states, not the actual author, but 'only' paid to do so to appear (this is called 'Ghost Writing')... The This kind of 'scientific' articles refers again to the doctor to prescribe, and if the following deceptive circle again.

Fortunately, Mr. Klink, our Minister of Health, well informed by our Health. Let there be just a few people are paid as a consultant and financial ties with pharmaceutical-our friends! These 'experts' get money from vaccine makers. And then there is a clear advice to our minister "Klink-eat 'contains nonsense and lies. The deception is really unbelievable. But if you and I such fraudulent and criminal activities would have, then we were now under lock and key. But not this industry, now the lives of millions of young girls in the marketing game continues!

If there are victims and / or loss of life is for them no problem, because just as in America, this industry with a special facility "protected" against claims of dying girls and parents desperately sad deaths would fall. With our tax money. The same money that we could be saved if we are not such high health care premiums would pay, because many drugs cheaper. Did you know that it is very usual that hospital pharmacies' discounts' get (up to 100% free of charge!), So that the pharmaceutical industry, our marketing their products can talk? In this way through the hospital specialist this means exactly 'in the pen of the GP, which is generally automatically takes over the specialist and the means to write.

And sick of this construction is that 'patients' duration should buy these funds. The same happens in America, where hypocrisy "generic resources" (read: patent expired, so cheaper for patient care and society!) Seriously opposed by the pharmaceutical mafia. The same deceptive industry that the costs of their 'me too's' (relatively insignificant imitation medicines competitor also sells, instead of producing innovative products that would be really good for our health without side effects).

I recently changed my article to a multitude of agencies, scientists and other parties sent.

It was surprisingly quiet after I actually many important professors, doctors umbrella organizations, pharmacy organizations, patient organizations, cancer research, politics, media and newspapers, industry, our RIVM, Ministry of Health and others have shortly. Actually only 1 fierce response from a scientist (which I know that he is a pharmaceutical company in Bilthoven and paid by the pharmaceutical industry as a consultant ...). To be clear: no comments that all it is easy or not, I do not hear that cause unrest, no response that I am crazy, no response to refute what I write ... just silence ... Actually a very sad silence, but also significant. Calm before the storm perhaps consciousness? I hope so, because I suspect that we are ultimately up to us. "We are the ones we've been waiting for" said the Hopi Indians (perhaps referring to the RIVM with updated information on their website on the 'Indian stories' through chain letters were distributed, who will say). We have the right to refuse disease and health needs. Politics, science, our patients' associations, all of them are affected and / or paid by the industry that it is not so much about our health. It is time for change and it is time that we collectively us right back to health requirements. Anyone willing to make this choice, is welcome to my morning reading.

Tomorrow I will highlight the left side, with the hope that this time you can be informed choice. I believe in a beautiful world where love, happiness, compassion and good heart good. But you must not only fit but also VIT. VIT stands for me as follows: Accountability, Integrity and Transparency. You'll notice that tomorrow unfortunately many of these key moral issues is lacking in the pharmaceutical industry, where the main (and growing) for marketing and money. The morning promises a crowded and important reading, but there is currently enough space and the space is large enough for you at the last minute to sign. If you really give your health and that of our children, then book a seat for tomorrow in Heemstede. The lecture is accompanied by beautiful music with impressive live vocals and dance of Renske Skills.

With warm regards, John Mulder Cons

Healing Sound Movement

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Tuesday March 10, 2009

Lecture Cons John Mulder

About the influence of vaccination, self-healing ability of the body, structured water and the true meaning of our DNA "

Note: Due to the dangerous HPV vaccination 'Cervarix', which is now being 'offered' to innocent girls, I will this evening extensively with this issue, read my article on WantToKnow.nl | Vaci-Nazi’s.. Een uitgesproken John Consemulder! nazis-one-out-john-cons mulder /!

By Drs. Cons John Mulder

Date: Tuesday, March 10 from 20:00 to 23:00 (Doors open 19.30)

Location: Havikweg 1, 2106 AR, Heemstede

Cost: We ask a contribution of 10 euros per person (including coffee or tea)

Parking: available

Public Transport: From train station.
run the 1st street right is Havikweg (2 minutes)

Would you be sure of a place is recommended to reserve via e-mail at: desire.blok @ planet.nl (please also cc to info@john-consemulder.com) ovv your name, phone number, email address and how many people you comes.

Our physical reality, the world around us, is a blueprint consisting of a fundamental reality of movement and vibration. The blueprint of the physical reality and matter is formed by sound, light, water and energy! Our reality is a translation of that vibrant energy world, where everything is. The seen and unseen worlds of sound and value, light and electromagnetism, DNA, water and biological communication and virtual (but very real!) Processes are all inextricably linked in the (all penetrating and binding holographic and multi-dimensional) zero energy. But this also applies to our thoughts, feelings, emotions and intentions, that our world to help create and manifest!

During this evening will be very relevant information for our health and spiritual awareness are central, such as the impact of vaccinations (including information on vaccination against cervical cancer), supported by new information on the actual (electron-genetic and facilitating sound and light! ) part of our DNA and 70% water in our cells.

It will also be information from the psycho-neuro-immunology (PNI), a field that scientifically proves that thoughts, emotions, intentions, beliefs, biofeedback, hypnosis and suggestion actually affect our physiological (and psychological) function.

All information will be clear, understandable and out of the spiritual essence be, there is no prior knowledge necessary.

The book 'Blueprint' and the various healing music albums (including the album 'The Mothership' with live images in the temples of Egypt and the latest "Sacred Mantras of the New Creation 'albums with multi-dimensional trance medium and healer Judith Moore) this evening sale.

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Drs. John Cons Mulder is the author (of the book "Blueprint"), neuropsycholoog, self-consciousness researcher, sound healer and international composer / producer of modern healing music. On the Music page Healing Sound Movement you can listen to self-produced music with inspired intentions and frequencies. Here you will find a calendar of lectures, workshops and performances and available music cds (such as the CD 'The Mothership' with live images in the temples of Egypt and the latest 3 'Sacred Mantras' CDs with 13-dimensional Arcturians trance medium Judith Moore, USA)

Furthermore, he lectures in the field of science in relation to spirituality and esotericism, including the multi-dimensional and holographic actual reality, sound and light, (scalar) electric and magnetic fields, sound healing, cymatics, the essence of healing, crop circles, quantum mechanics, intention and consciousness and other topics. He works at the moment including a new book on anti-gravity. Also, he collaborated with Renske Skills live music performances, Sound Healing Movement sound healing workshops and interactive QiDance and Qigong workshops. For more information, see: Healing Sound Movement