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“Omar Suleiman is the choice of Israel obviously you know of the long history between Netanyahu and his government and the proceeding government and Suleiman is a bad choice, but it shows you where the power of politics lie in this. That is why the Americans and Israelis want him,” Professor Franklin Lamb (American University of Beirut) told Press TV on Friday.

The new military strongman, Gen. Omar Suleiman 74, has asked the country’s prime minister Ahmad Shafiq to appoint a deputy prime minister from the unelected ‘Wise Men Committee’. The so-called ‘Wise Men’ – appointed themselves, early this month, as the representatives of the anti-Mubarak protesters to conduct dialogue with the ruling military-civilian establishment.

The group includes the secular individuals who had supported Hosni Mubarak’s policies in the past or made billions of dollars under his 30-year reign of terror. The group includes prominent figures like Amr Moussa, secretary general of the Arab league who has mentioned his desire to be a cabinet minister in the new administration, Professor Ahmad Zwail, laureate of Nobel Prize in physics, Coptic billionaire Naguib Saweris, Ahmed Kamal Aboul Magd, a lawyer and Amr Hamzawy, a political analyst among others. The last two have already asked Omar Suleiman to assume Mubarak’s post and powers, as President of Egypt.

Contrary to the praise of the ‘Wise Men’ by the Jewish-controlled western mainstream media – Spokesperson of the April 6 Youth Movement, Mohamed Adel, said the ‘Wise Men Committee’ does not represent the movement nor the people demonstrating in Tahrir Square in any way.

“We don’t know anything about the ‘Wise Men’ and the resolutions and statements they’re making,” Adel said.

Former director-general of the nuclear watchdog (IAEA) Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, is not among the ‘Wise Men’. Though a secularist nationalist – is not considered a ‘friendly Muslim’ by the ZionisMafia. Five opposition movements – including the Muslim Brotherhood – have mandated ElBaradei to negotiate the formation of a transitional “national salvation government”.

“The mass protests in Egypt is not an Islamic revolution, like Iran in 1979. It’s the economy, stupid. Islam in Egypt today is essentially split between two currents; non-politicized Salafism and the Muslim Brotherhood – decimated by decades of repression and torture, and ultimately also without an explicit political program apart from providing social services neglected by the state,” wrote Pepe Escobar in Rage, rage against counter-revolution, Asia Times, February 1, 2011.

Egyptians have freed themselves from one Zionist puppet (Hosni Mubarak), but Egypt is not free as yet. The old pro-Israel regime and its apparatus are still very much in place and waiting for the protesters’ energy to die.

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Again we will see who will win out and who is Wise. I'll wager you it will be the money, that is the God of the Middle East.

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