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Early this month, the only Black GOP presidential hopeful, Herman Cain, suspended his campaign facing allegations of infidelity and sexual harrassment. In March, in order to gain some extra points with the pro-Israel GOP caucus, Cain told Christian Today: “Based upon the little knowledge that I have of the Muslim religion, you know, they have an objective to convert all infidels or kill them“.

According to GOP pundits, Herman Cain’s fall helped Newt Gingrich, a White Islamophobe who is also known for infidelity and divorcing his 3 terminal ill wives. However, Zionist-occupied mainstream media never talk about Newt’s dark sexual adventures. On the other hand, the Casino mughal, the Jewish billionaire Sheldon Adelson plans $20 million donation to Gingrich for claiming that Palestinian are invented people. Interestingly, in 2008, an Israeli historian, Dr. Shlomo Sand (Tel Aviv University) had claimed in his book: “The idea of a Jewish nation – whose need for a safe haven was originally used to justify the founding of the state of Israel – is a myth invented little more than a century ago“.

The US first Black secretary of state, Dr. Conoleeza Rice 56, is being discussed by GOP to take-on Obama’s possible running-mate Hillary Clinton in November 2012 election. Her selection would certainly mute the long-held views that most Republican leaders are racists toward Blacks and religious bigots against women.

Condi has several other sellable credentials – She is a pro-Israel Christian Zionist. When she visited Israel in 2000 for the first time, she told Israel daily Yediot Aharnot: “Ihave a deep affinity with Israel“.

Condi can beat every GOP hopeful and Joe Biden plus Hillary Clinton when it comes to hating Hamas, Hizbullah and Islamic Republic. In June 2008, she told Israel Lobby (AIPAC) that any dialogue with Iranian leaders are pointless until they suspend country’s enrichment of uranium. In November 2011, in an interview with Zionist Steve Gill show, Condi called Iranian regime “illegitimate“ which must be removed, by military force if needed. However, she cautioned that Israel cannot do it without the active collaboration of United States. She also blamed Tehran for supporting Hamas and Hizbullah – and carrying out covert operations forcing the US occupation forces to withdraw from Iraq. Watch her rant video below.

Condi is known for lying from both sides of her mouth. For example, in September 2002, she had claimed that the high-strength Aluminum tubes “are only really suited for (Iraqi) nuclear weapons programs, centrifuge programs“. In May 2006, she said:

“I understand that Americans see on their screens violence. They continue to see Americans killed, and we mourn every death. These are very hard things to do. But I would ask that people remember why we are there. We are there because we are trying to – having overthrown a brutal dictator who was a destabilizing force in the Middle East, we’re trying to help the Iraqis create a stable foundation for democracy and a stable foundation for peace.”

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