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“Don’t underestimate the strength and unity of the Iranian people, if invaded or attacked, they will fight until the last person dies,” Rick Steves, an American traveler and blogger. Watch video below.

Israeli generals have admitted that Israel cannot stop Iran becoming a nuclear power. American ‘experts’ on Iran believe that a US-Israel military strike on Iranian nuclear facilities will delay Iran’s ambition to produce a nuclear device but will fail to stop country’s nuclear program. On the other hand, any such military action will push the anti-government population to support the government.

Tehran, on the other hand, has always denied its alleged ‘nuclear ambition’. As a matter of fact, Iran’s nuclear energy and medical isotopes are all accounted for in IAEA inspections with no rational evidence that Iran is using its nuclear program for military use. However, the Zionist warmongering gansters lead by Obama, Sarkozy, Markel, Cameron and Bibi keep parroting lies about Iran’s nuclear program without any shame.

Both the US and Israel are not worried about Iran becoming a nuclear power. What fears US-Israel the most is that Iran has become the most powerful country in the region which is threatening Israeli status as the “regional bully”.

Iranian president Dr. Ahmadinejad has said on several occasions that Iran doesn’t need nuclear bombs to defend itself as nuclear bombs did not save the US, USSR and Israel from military huliations in Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon. Iran has also held two International Conferences to create a nuclear-free Middle East.

The real power behind Iranians’ resistance to Israel and its western poodles is in Iran’s concept of asymmetric warfare, the ideological or ‘spiritual’ superiority of the community of believers is considered as important as any other factor.

Iran can cause immense harm, analysts say, without ever directly facing off against far superior conventional US forces. Even a few incidents – like mines laid in the Gulf, or Iran’s small-boat swarming tactics against oil tankers or a US Navy ship – could raise fears of insecurity to unacceptably high levels.

“Americans who beat the war drums by suggesting military strikes and regime change risk dragging this country into a new military calamity in the Middle East. Nine years ago, in the case of Iraq, a similar flood of rhetoric, fear mongering, and distortion overwhelmed good judgment, and led America on a course that defied common sense. It could happen again, this time in a way that could make Iraq look easy. US officials – particularly President Barack Obama – should ignore the recent cacophony of war talk,” say two former US hostages in Islamic Republic, L. Bruce Laingen and John Limbert.

Fariborz Haghshenass, an ‘expert’ on Iran and the Middle East, with Israel Lobby think tank, the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) wrote in his study paper: “In any future fight, Iran would likely avoid escalating the conflict in a way that would play to US strengths in waging mid- to high-intensity warfare – by employing discreet tactics such as covert mine-laying, limited submarine options, and occasional mobile shore-based attacks”.

Last year, Islamic Republic’s military budget was $7 billion as compared to Israel ($13 billion + $3 billion US military aid), Turkey ($15 billion), Saudi Arabia ($43 billion) and United States ($687 billion).

Watch Iran’s military might, Courtesy of daily Christian Science Monitor.