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Yesterday, former Afro-American US secretary of state, Gen. Colin Powell, generated a big Zionist storm by defending president Barack Obama and Chuck Hagel, his nominee for next defense secretary.

During an interview at ‘Meet the Press’, Powell defended both Obama and Hagel on Israel and Iran. He told NBC’s talkshow host David Gregory (a practicing Zionist Jew) that calling the powerful Israel Lobby (AIPAC), the “Jewish Lobby” doesn’t mean hatred toward Israel or the Jews. He said the term “Jewish Lobby” had been used by Israeli daily Ha’aretz on several occasions.

“There are people who are very supportive of the state of Israel. I’m very supportive of the state of Israel. So is Senator Hagel, and you’ll see that in the confirmation hearings, but it doesn’t mean you have to agree with every single position that the Israeli government takes,” said Powell.

Pro-Israel lobbying groups and the Israel-Firster Senators from both Republican and Democratic parties consider Chuck Hagel an American nationalist and dovish on the issue of Islamic Republic of Iran.

According to Israeli sources, there are over 50 Jewish organizations in the United States lobbying for Israel. The most powerful amongst those, according to the New York Times, is the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). AIPAC is a private American Jewish group that claims to be “America’s pro-Israel lobby”. Therefore, calling AIPAC, a “Jewish Lobby” is not a hateful statement.

The Zionist-controlled mainstream media is fabricating new ‘smoking guns’ about Iran, Syria and Hizballah – in order to provide Israel-Firsters in the Senate to demonize Hagel during the coming Senate hearing for his approval as Pentagon’s next Chief. The war hawks at the Pentagon are also not in favor of Hagel who has long campaigned for cuts in US military budget. The other day, the Pentagon released a report to Israeli and US Jewish media that Iran had been using Syrian territory to spy on Israel for Hizballah. The “report” is said to be prepared for the Zionis-occupied US Congress.

Former Republican Senator Chuck Hagel came under fire from Jewish media even before his nomination by Barack Obama. The Washington Post editorial page opposed him for not supporting sanctions against Iran.

Gen. Powell said Hagel doesn’t rule out the use of military force against the Islamic Republic. “I think what Chuck Hagel has said is that nothing is off the table. But he is one who believes the prospects for negotiations“.

Collin Powell during the interview also defended his lies at United Nations about Iraqi WMDs in 2003. “We were basing all of our actions on a national intelligence estimate that the Congress asked for and was provided to the Congress by the CIA. And all of us in the Bush administration at that time accepted the judgment of our 16 intelligence communities. I presented it to the U.N. Three months before I presented it to the U.N., Congress passed a resolution, also supported by Senator Hagel and many other senators that would give the president the authority to go to war. They weren’t half-truths is what we were being told by the intelligence community. We subsequently found out that a lot of that information was not accurate and that is very unfortunate but that’s the way it unfolded,” said Powell. According to independent media, the Iraqi WMD information like the names of 19 Arab hijackers who carried the 9/11 – were provided to CIA by Israeli Mossad.

While the Hagel smear campaign is loud in the United States – Netanyahu has not thrown punches at Hagel even though Hagel’s diplomacy approach toward Iran, Syria, Hamas and Hizballah is diametrically opposed to Netanyahu’s war agenda in the region.

“I don’t interfere in the political appointments of the US president. It’s his prerogative. Congress decides and confirms and we will work with whoever is chosen,” Netanyahu told Israel’s Army Radio. It seems, the Zionist ‘evildoer’ has leaned his lesson from betting on the wrong horse (Mitt Romney) during the last election.

Dr. Alan Dershowitz, the self-proclaimed defender of the Zionist regime, who supported Obama during re-election, said that he was disappointed with the nomination of Chuch Hagel. “I think it’s a mistake. The Iranians are celebrating this appointment in Tehran. This was a great appointment for Tehran. It’s a green light or at least a yellow light for them to pursue their nuclear program,” said Dershowitz.

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