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Rachelle Marshall, a free-lance Jewish editor living in Mill Valley, CA, wrote an interesting review about the Israel’s elections in January 2013 – titled Israeli elections come and go, but Israel remains an outlaw state.

During his recent pilgrimage to the Holy Land, Barack Obama, twisted Netanyahu’s arm to apologize to Turkey for murdering nine Turkish aid workers aboard the Gaza flotilla in cold-blood in 2010. As result, both Netanyahu and Erdogan agreed to normalize relations between two old friends and return ambassador to Tel Aviv and Ankara. However, on Israel-Palestinian issue, Obama assured Netanyahu that Washington has no intention of twisting Zionist regime’s arm – but it would support Israeli policy in the region.

Professor Necemettin Erbakan (died 2011), the first Islamist prime minister of Turkey (1996-97), once told a visitor that Tayyip Erdogan was a very pro-Zionist. The later has just proved that.

Any political-aware person who is aware of the fact that Barack Obama’s political career was groomed by Chicago’s Jewish crime mafia, is not surprised by his blind support for the Zionist entity and his despise for the Muslim world.

However, some US lawmakers still believe that Obama can bring Netanyahu and Israeli Ziofacists to their senses by stopping all kind of military, financial and moral support to the outlaw state. One of such lawmaker is former congressman Paul Findley who wrote a few weeks ago:

“President Barack Obama, acting alone, can extricate Palestine, Israel and the United States from the seemingly inescapable quagmire in which all three are sinking. Neither Congress, Palestine, nor Israel is able and willing to act. To make peace possible, Obama must issue an executive order suspending all types of U.S. aid to Israel and Palestine until a two-state solution is effected.

This powerful act of tough love will promptly bring Israel unprecedented peace and security at home and abroad. It will also right a terrible wrong by rescuing Palestinians from nearly a half-century of oppression. But Obama must act promptly, as his power may soon dwindle,” said Paul Findley.

Phyllis Bennis, in reviewing president Obama visit to Israel, commented: “Obama recognizes injustice and need for two states but does nothing to pressure Netanyahu to make concessions to Palestinians“. Watch the video below.

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