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After learning the true nature of the state of Israel hiding behind the ‘Jewish facade’ – more and more Jewish intellectuals are searching for their ‘Jewish identity’. Rabbi Michael Lerner (Beyt Tikkun synagogue in Berkeley), Gilad Atzmon, Roger Tucker, Israel Shamir, Hilda Silverman and Professor Richard Falk being among them. Incidently, all of them have earned the title of ‘Self-Hating, Israel-Threatening (S.H.I.T)‘ Jews from Israel lobby groups.

Rabbi Michael Lerner, the editor of Tikkun Magazine, is torn between his ‘Jewish conscience’ and his loyalty to the state of Israel. The Rabbi explained the difference in his feelings about Israelis compared to his feelings about Palestinians by saying: “On the one side is my family; on the other side are decent human beings. I want to support human beings all over the planet but I have a special connection to my family“.

Unlike Rabbi Lerner, Roger Tucker doesn’t show his dual allegiance when it comes to Jewishness vs state of Israel. “Semite is a linguistic term denoting peoples who spoke Semitic languages. Israelis are not Semites in spite of the fact that they speak Hebrew (it’s an adopted language of far too recent a vintage). The Zionists who created Israel and still run it are descended from the Khazars, linguistically a “Turko-finnic” people. The vast majority of Semites speak Arabic as their native language, making tribal Jewry, particularly the Israelis, the only people in the world who are truly “anti-Semitic” – and they’re virulently anti-Semitic,” says Tucker.

Gilad Atzmon who was born into a prominent Israeli Zionist family – even gets angry when called “an Israeli Jew”. He offers a perfect example of how ex-Zionist Israeli Jews can liberate themselves from the shackles of a brutal, abusive, and ultimately doomed idealogy and identity. Gilad Atzmon has been subject of several of my posts.

Israel Shamir in disgust has said goodbye to both Judaism and Israel. Eleven years ago, Israel Shamir wrote: “Israel is disgusting to the Arabs, the French, the English, even to herself. The red-hot intifada is the fiery river, into which melts and sinks to the bottom another myth of the 20th century – the theory of Zionism. According to designs of Herzl and Jabotinsky, a small geopolitical monstrosity was created on Arab lands. Its settlers have imposed on America and Germany the annual tribute of five billions dollars. They pour napalm on the mosques and transform whole nations into homeless refugees. They brainwash the whole world by their ashes of Auschwitz”.

Hilda Silverman (d. 2008), a human-rights activist believed that Jewishness was absolutely not a bar to criticizing Israel, in fact her Jewishness compelled her to do so. She met Yasar Arafat in the 1980s and even wrote a poem in memory of Rachel Corrie who has been named Mother Teresa for Islamists by Dr. Steven Plaut (Haifa University).

Professor Richard Falk, international jurist and UN Special Rapporteur for Occupied Palestinian Territories also wrote on his Jewish identity in January 2011.

“As someone who is both Jewish and supportive of the Palestinian struggle for a just and sustainable peace, I am often asked about my identity. The harshest critics of my understanding of the Israel-Palestine conflict contend that I am a self-hating Jew, which implies that sharp criticism of Israel and Zionism are somehow incompatible with affirming a Jewish identity. Of course, I deny this. For me to be Jewish is, above all, to be preoccupied with overcoming injustice and thirsting for justice in the world, and that means being respectful toward other peoples regardless of their nationality or religion, and empathetic in the face of human suffering whoever and wherever victimization is encountered,” says Dr. Falk.

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