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The Zionist regime is so paranoid that it cannot differentiate between its Islamist enemies. For it all of them are equipped with WMDs and they all want to ‘wipe the Zionist regime of map’. Jewish army has always depended on western military and financial support to win wars against its Arab neighbors. However, there is one exception to that rule. The Jewish army failed to defeat Lebanese Hizbullah - both in 2000 and 2006. As a result, Jewish army is affraid to fight its only non-Arab Islamist foe, Islamic Republic of Iran. Israel’s deputy prime minister, Gen. Saul Mofaz, admitted last month that Israel would rather let the US fight Iran on its behalf.

Palestinian Islamic Resistance, Hamas, which has roots in Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, has ruled Gaza Strip since 2006 and have been under Israeli blockade since day one. Hamas has successfully withstood several of Israeli genocidal attacks – but has never defeated Jewish army as Hizbullah did, not once but twice. However, with the possibility of Muslim Brotherhood’s Dr. Morsi being elected the new president of Egypt – will certainly bolster Hamas position.

Keeping this in view, on Wednesday, Yoram Cohen, head of Israel Security Agency ( Shin Bet) informed Knesset’s committee on foreign affairs and defence that Hamas has an armed force to rival that of Israel’s Lebanese foe, Hizbullah.

“Hamas has military capabilities almost of a state. Some of its military capabilities are even better than Hezbollah’s,” he said.

Now, how can one educate Cohen that to qualify ‘state army’ – both Hamas and Hizbullah need at least a conventional airforce, army with tanks and helicopters – and a few old-fashion naval vessels – none of which they have. What Hamas and Hizbullah fighters have and the Jewish army don’t – is the moral courage.

Israel daily The Jerusalem Post reported on May 30, that Yoram Cohen told Knesset committee: “Iran is the central actor behind the world-wide terrorist attacks against Jews and Israel – most of which are not publicized“. He also claimed that Shin Bet, Mossad and IDF had been successful in gleaning enough intelligence about the terror plots and infrastructure to stymie their operations.

Shin Bet chief claimed that Iranian agents have also entered the Gaza Strip, imparting military knowledge to Hamas and Islamic Jihad groups. Cohen refereed to Gaza as a “giant arms warehouse,” with Hamas possessing some 8,000 rockets with a range of four to forty kilometers.

Interestingly, in January 2011 – Shin Bet’s retiring chief, Gen. Yuval Diskin, along with three other generals had warned defense minister Ehud Barak that an Israeli attack on Iran would be suicidal.

Israel: ‘Hamas as strong as Hizbullah!’ | Rehmat's World