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What is Lucid Dreaming?

It is an altered state of awareness that occurs when you realize you are dreaming. This enables you to consciously control your dreams.

In normal dreams, your self-awareness is shut down. That’s why they are hazy and don’t make much sense. But by practicing certain mental exercises, the conscious brain wakes up. This causes you to wake up inside the dream.

When you know you are dreaming, you really can do anything in the alternate reality of the dreamworld. It's a truly incredible feeling to control your dreams.

Discover Lucid Dreaming and Turn Your Dreams to Reality!

Lucid dreaming is a fascinating mental phenomenon that anyone can enjoy. It is scientifically proven and can yield amazing personal growth benefits.

Once you know how, you can have conscious dreams whenever you want. The more skilled you become at entering altered states of awareness, the easier it is to enter your dream playground at will.

Just reading this will put the idea in your subconscious mind. You could have your first one tonight!

Discover an Alternate Reality

Conscious dreams are nothing like normal dreams. They are like an alternate reality... as different from unconscious dreams as they are from real life.

Imagine a virtual reality world where everything you see, hear, feel and even taste is as vivid as real life. Except in this world - you can do anything you want.

The standard laws of physics don't apply in waking dreams. You have instant super powers that allow you to explore new horizons:

* Teleport to distant locations... with the power of thought
* Travel through time... by stepping through a mirror portal
* Have out of body experiences... by transferring your awareness
* Paint a beautiful sunset... with the sweep of your hand
* Fly to the moon... on your invisible wings
* Shapeshift into an animal... and run through the jungle
* Create super strength... to move planets and suns
* Swim without oxygen... to the depths of the ocean

You are limited only by your imagination!

Here is a comprehension guide on how to have lucid dreams
Lucid Dreaming/Induction Techniques - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks


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Thanks for the link, Carlos Castaneda and David Wilcock both talk about dreaming awake or lucid dreaming. I think they both reccomended keeping a dream journal. and really this is part of our birthright!


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deffinitly intresting thats for sure, but what about waking up accidently in your dream? or say a nightmare, and you dont really know what your doing yet, can any harm come to you from it?


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Cheers reunite i have been woundering on how to dothis for several nights now and keep just waking up lol:), gonna watch some david wilcock see if i can master this most sacred of practises;);)


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:wideeyed:The Lucid Dreaming: Induction Techniques book has been removed do you think it has been supressed:O??:1zhelp:
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Just the thought itself of lucid dreaming is fascinating. But, when you actually experience it, it's unbelievable. Although I have not yet 'mastered' this, I have on and off throughout my life entered into lucid dreams. Lately, I find myself having a really hard time getting back into it, but when I do, I really have some fun with it. Like say I 'wake up' or start lucidity when something bad/unpleasant is happening inside the dream, I immediately change what's happening and 'fix' whatever is going wrong. I like it. I just wish I could enter lucidity more often. I try, but it just doesn't work. I guess I just need to try harder and work at it EVERY night. My main problem is, I'm sooooo tired by the time I get to bed, that I'm not focusing on anything but closing my eyes.

Hopefully, by sitting here writing this, I'll go into a nice lucid dream when I get to sleep.

Here goes! :)

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Lucidity doesn't come easily to most people. You just have to keep trying. Like with anything else, practice makes perfect! Keep trying SUNGAZER, you'll get there!
The technique I use the most is to repeat to myself as I'm falling asleep "I am dreaming". This has worked the best for me, but everyone is different and therefore need to use different techniques. Just find the best thing that works for you once you achieve lucidity again. I hope this helps!

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