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The fall of Qaddafi regime - engineered by the hidden Zionist hands controlling the western puppets and the international bandit aka NATO – has met success. The anti-West terrorist regime is gone and has been replaced by the people of Libya, though, none of the 140 Libyan tribes participated in the revolt against Qaddafi. The world witnessed the pictures of these ‘Libyans’ celebrating the fall of Qaddafi regime in the Green Square in Tripoli – aired by the Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya. A few days ago Russia Today (RT) published an excellent analysis proving that the film could have been shot in Qatar with the help of actors.

A few days later, Mustafa Abdeljalil, one of the NTC leaders, told journalists that the images were fake. Then he added that they were useful in misleading Libyan Army troops. He claimed the video montage raised the morale of the rebels, made 11 countries recognize the NTC as the Libyan government and shifted the allegiances of 13 Libyan embassies to the NTC. Proud of his lies, he summarized: “All those advantages were the result of these lies previously studied and broadcast smartly to cheat Muammar Al Gaddafi”s followers.”

However, even after succeeding in destroying another Muslim-majority country through their deception – now the same Zionist-controlled mainstream media and think tanks are spreading the lies that some of members of NTC especially Tripoli commander Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi are in fact radical Islamists who had links to the phony Al-Qaeda in the past. One wonder, people who were not ashamed to kill their fellow Muslim men, women and chidren in the sacred month of fasting (Ramadan) could be ‘Islamists’ or even Muslims!

However, the Zionist Islamophobes have never felt shame in lying against Muslims. For example, Walid Phares, an adviser to the anti-terrorism caucus in the Congress has claimed that the leaders of the National Transitional Council (NTC) controlling Tripoli are not much different than the leaders of Muslim Brotherhood and may eventually establish a theocracy in Libya which will be hostile to the US and Israel. Michael Rubin, a Zionist Jew senior lecturer at the Naval postgraduate school added a pinch of his Israeli hasbara; “It’s not a risk – it’s certainty”.

Conveniently, none of the mainstream media wants to let the public know the truth that NTC is in reality has been an ‘Israeli Project’ from the very begining. The truth was spilled out by Ahmad Shabani, the founder of Libya’s Democratic Party allied with NTC, in an interview he gave to Israeli journalist Yossi Melman - published by Israeli daily Ha’aretz on August 24, 2011.

“We are asking Israel to use its influence in the international communities (the ZOGs in the US, Canada and Europe) to end the tyranical regime of Qaddafi and his family,” said Shabani.

When Shabani was asked if NTC government will recognize Israel, he replied: “That is a very sensitive question. The question is whether Israel will recognize us”.

Ahmad Shabani is son of King Idris’ former cabinet minister. King Idris fought against Germany in alliance with England during WW II. As a toddler, Shabani has lived in London with his family since 1969. He had no memories of Libya until March 2011 – when he was picked up by Israel-Firster David Cameron to become a spokesperson for the anti-Qaddafi mob.

In the meantime, the Chairman of the US-backed National Transitional Council (NTC) and Qaddafi’s former Justice minister, Mustafa Abdul Jalil, has already invited British-Israeli dual citizen Jewish Raphael Luzon to return to Benghazi and participate in the post-Qaddafi government.

Let us see if NTC fulfils its duties as promised to Zionist media that the new government in Tripoli will do its best to stop smuggling of arm to Gaza from Libya via post-Mubarak Egypt.

Today, Moscow has giving his blessing to NTC and has agreed to join the ‘Friends of Libya’ group meeting in Paris to redistribute the spoils from post-Qaddafi Libya. It’s reported that France has already received 35% share of country’s oil reserves. Now, the remaining 65% oil reserves and $30 billion Tripoli’s foreign reserves are on the table for grab.

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