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Mumbai police is investigating blasphemy charges filed against Sanal Edamaruku by the city’s Catholic community leaders for insulting a recent Jesus’ miracle. Since March 2012, thousands of Catholic devotees have been visiting the Church of Our Lady of Velankanni in Vile Parle, Mumbai to witness the miracle of the ‘weeping Cross’. It’s reported that a statue of Jesus’ crucifixion began to drip ‘holy water’ from its toes.

Mumbai’s (India) Sanal Edamaruku is known for exposing the religious-based ‘Miracle Industry’. In March 2012, Edamaruku was asked by an Indian TV channel to investgate a crucifix in front of the Church of Our Lady of Velankanni. The crucifix had water dripping from the feet of the statue for several days. This water was being given to people to drink and claims of its healing powers had already begun to fly. When Edamaruku investigated, he quickly identified the the source of the water as a drain from a nearby washroom and explained the capillary action that caused the water to reach Jesus’ feet.

Edamaruku accused the church of exploiting people for money. The pastor of the church, Father Augustine Palett, has filed a blasphemy complaint against Edamaruku in three police stations after Edamaruku refused to apology for denying the miracle.

Both Christianity and Judaism are based on miracles. The Jewish Bible (The Old Testament ) narrates some of events in early Hebrew history as ‘miracles’ – such as Chanukah, Passover, Purim, etc.

German Christian-turned-Atheist philosopher and author, Friedrich Nietzsche (d. 1900) was a strong critic of religions especially Christianity for destroying Islamic civilization. In his 1888 book ‘The Anitchrist’, Nietzsche wrote:

“One needs but read any of the Christian agitators, for example, St. Augustine, in order to realize, in order to smell, what filthy fellows came to the top …… Christianity destroyed for us the whole harvest of ancient civilization, and later it also destroyed for us the whole harvest of Mohammedan civilization. The wonderful culture of the Moors in Spain, which was fundamentally nearer to us and appealed more to our senses and tastes than that of Rome and Greece, was trampled down…. Let us put aside our prejudices! The crusades were a higher form of piracy, nothing more! The German nobility, which is fundamentally a Viking nobility, was in its element there: the church knew only too well how the German nobility was to be won . . . The German noble, always the “Swiss guard” of the church, always in the service of every bad instinct of the church–but well paid…..“

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