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Judging by Israeli Mossad’s past record in pulling false-flag operations in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan – it would not be a ‘conspiracy theory’ to conclude that it also carried the latest bombing in Mumbai with the full cooperation of CIA and Indian RAW.

It’s reported that the three bomb blasts in a crowded districts of Mumbai during rush hour on Wednesday, has killed 21 and injured another 141 bystanders. On November 28, 2008 Mumbai was hit by Mossad terrorists who used Nariman House as operation center. Nariman House is operated by the radical Chabad Jewish organization as half-way for Israeli tourists. Chabad is known for its close relation with Israeli Mossad. The terrorist attacks killed 172 people and injured over 250.

The purpose of this latest false flag operation is part of Israel-India continuos efforts to impose a western backed war against Pakistan, the only Muslim nuclear power.

On July 27, 2006 – Mumbai’s Urdu Daily had reported that Israeli Mossad was behind Mumbai train bomb blasts which killed 190 people and injured another 600 people.

In February 2010 – Mossad in cooperation with Indian intelligent agency RAW – bombed a German bakery, killing nine people and injuring another 60 people.

Wayne Madsen reported in January 2011 that CIA-Mossad-RAW trio was behind the assassination of Benazir Bhutto and the Christmas Eve Nigerian bomber. “The purpose of the covert KHAD, RAW, CIA, Mossad operations is to destabilize Pakistan. The IMF plan to de-fang Pakistan in 2000 did not work, but provincial autonomy will make the center bankrupt triggering an implosion,” wrote Wayne Madsen.

On October 18, a little less than a month prior to the attempt by the syringe- and chemical-armed Somali to board the Daallo Airlines flight from Mogadishu, Shaykh Muqtaar Abu Zubeyr, the leader of Somalia’s radical Al Shahab Islamic Movement, warned Somalis in leaflets distributed in Mogadoshu’s Bakaraha market and other points in the city not to fly on Daallo Airlines, Somalia’s largest carrier, because he said the airline had “close ties” with the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia, the United States and the “Jewish government” of Israel.

A recent declassified document of RAW has finally brought the CIA-Mossad-Raw skunk out in public. According to the document the trio planned a covert stratagem code name “CIT ‘X’ Operations“, to be executed through the ‘Dragon Policy (terrorist operations)’ to destablize Pakistan.

The Zionist-controlled western mainstream media is soon to claim that the latest Mumbai blasts are by some Pakistan-based Islamic terrorist group to avenge the recent attack on Pakistan’s Mehran Naval Base, which was carried out by foreign agents to start a war between India and Pakistan – And destroy Pakistan’s nuclear deterrent and destroy Pakistan as a viable player in World and Middle Eastern International affairs.

Mossad behind Mumbai blasts? | Rehmat's World


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Actually a game is being played in world.No one have sure that who is honest and who is not.You can expect any thing from any body infact from your bosom friend too.


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Lol - You may have changed your ID - but your brain is still hanging between your legs - just as before.