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The veteran British journalist and author, Rupert Cornwell, has angered the pro-Israel Jewish groups once again. In his recent Op-Ed in UK daily The Independent (July 22, 2012), entitled Today, Jerusalem. Tomorrow, Washington?, he has repeated the ‘forbidden truth’ – that’s the two percent Jewish population decide who should be the President of the United States or who should sit in the Congress and the Senate for that matter.

In fact, Rupert has not said anything new. Every political-aware person knows how strong grip the Jewish Lobby has over America’s political and financial institutions. so much so that US-British blogger, Dr. Lasha Darkmoon, has called the US an Israeli colony.

GOP’s expected presidential nominee, Zionist Mormon Mitt Romney, is on his way to meet his old friend from 1970s, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday, to convince the Israeli leaders that he will be a far better Israeli stooge than Barack Obama. In order to pull rug under Romney’s feet, Obama signed a bill on Fridayto strengthen US-Israeli military cooperation further. Israel already receives $3 billion annual military aid from Washington.

Romney, on his way to Israel, made a stop in UK to voice his concern about the safety of Israeli team at the 2012 London Olympics and received $2 million in return for his election compaign. America’s popular TV host Stephen Colbert on Thursday called Romney “America’s crown prince of running for president”.

“Remember, your next stop is Israel. Keep up the charm offensive. I say you open your speech to the Knesset with, ‘America will always stand behind you and so will Jesus Christ. Now where can a boy get some baby-back ribs in Palestine?,” joked Colbert.

In 2008, Sen. Barack Obama, also visited Israel to seek Jewish votes for his presidential bid. But he has not visited Israel as President so far. However, his campaign spokesperson, Dr. Colin H. Kahl, Obama’s former Jewish deputy assistant secretary of defense for the Middle East, told reporters that Obama will certainly visit Israel if re-elected.

According to latest Gallop Poll Romney will receive 84% Mormon votes vs Obama’s 13%. However, 64% of Jews will vote for Obama vs 29% for Romney. Both TIME magazine and Businessweek have predicted that Romney is not going to win American Jewish hearts no matter how many times he accuses Obama for “throwing Israel under the bus“.

”Ronmey is fulfilling what has become an obligatory rite of passage for aspiring US presidents: a public appearance on Israeli soil, to display undying solidarity with the Jewish state. Jewish groups have long been major campaign donors, but in the age of the Super Pac and unlimited personal donations, their importance has only increased. Newt Gingrich’s 2012 White House bid, for instance, was bankrolled by the Jewish casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson, for whom support for Israel is the most important issue (and which may explain why Gingrich breezily dismissed the Palestinians as an “invented people”), wrote Cornwell.

“The spider at the centre of the web, the Lobby – in other words AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Of the many Jewish groups, AIPAC is the most influential. No fewer than 13,000 delegates attended its 2012 annual conference in Washington, addressed by President Obama and every Republican presidential candidate, outbidding each other in declarations of fealty to Israel. Its influence on US Middle East policy is legendary; if America’s inbuilt bias towards Israel is the biggest obstacle to a Palestinian settlement, as many contend, then AIPAC is probably the biggest reason why,” added Cornwell.

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