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Noam Neusner, Dubya Bush’s former Jewish speechwriter, in an Op-Ed in Jewish daily Forward (August 29, 2012), claimed that ‘Mitt Romney is Real Tikkum Olam Candidate’. Therefore, he suggests that Jews who care for their Jewish values; individual freedom and prosperity (big banks and bailouts), should vote for GOP candidate Mitt Romney, a Mormon, whom Jewish editor Mark Ames of the Exile magazine calls The Curse of Joseph Smith.

According to Neusner; 45 million Americans were on food stamps in 2011, a 70% increase since Obama occupied the White House. Spending for the program was $72 billion as compared to $42 billion under Bush administration. In the first quarter of 2011, 49.1 % of America’s population was living in a household receiving government benefit.

After painting a very bleak economic picture of America under Obama administration, Noam Neusner wrote: “They hold these programs to be good examples of America’s cpacity to care for the ill, the poor, the destitute and the aged and they find in these programs America’s expression of the Jewish concept of Jewish Tikum Olam, “Repairing the world as it is, in the service of G-d and Torah“.

Now, only some fool will expect Mitt Romney to solve the current 1 percent vs 99 percent economic disparity. Mitt Romney started his multi-billion Bain Capital in 1984 with blood money from right-wing Salvadorans. Both Romney and Obama are products of financial and pro-Israel interest groups.

Mitt Romney’s foreign policy is even more anti-American than his opponent Barack Obama, especially when it comes to the Muslim East. Romney’s foreign policy revolves round China, immigration, and his attempts to lure American Jews with near-racist talk about Arabs and belligerence against Iran. The Washington Post’s Zionist Jew columnist David Ignatius says: “Other than his support for Israel and rhetorical shots at Russia and China, it’s a mystery what Romney thinks about major international issues and where he would take the country“.

David Efune, editor of Jewish magazine, the algemeiner (September 9, 2012) supports Noam Neusner’s choice of next US President. He, on the other hand, doesn’t hide the reasons behind his choice. He says Barack Obama has failed to bring a regime change in Syria and “the threat of a nuclear armed Iran carries with it the Ayatollah’s promise of Israel’s attempted annihilation“. David Efune quotes late Rabbi Menachem Schneerson of Zionist Chabad movement, who wrote in a letter to former United Kingdom Chief Rabbi, Immanuel Jakobovits in the 1980′s: “I am completely and unequivocally opposed to the surrender of any of the liberated areas currently under negotiation, such as Judea and Samaria (the West Bank). I have repeatedly emphasized that this ruling has nothing to do with the sanctity of Israel – but solely with the rule of pikuach nefesh (saving a life).” In other word, a Jewish life is more important than thousands of non-Jewish lives!

So what the Jewish Tikum Olam really means to Noam Neusner? Was it Tikum Olam that the British Jewish Lobby led by Lord Levy financed the Labour government that took Brits into an illegal War in Iraq? Is it Tikum Olam for the American Jewish Lobby AIPAC that is pushing US for a war against Islamic Republic that can escalate into a nuclear conflict? Was it Tikum Olam for 15 American Jewish groups who pushed Washington in the break-up of Sudan and steal $50 million out of ‘Save Darfur’ campaign funds to build illegal Jewish settlements in Israel?

Bradley Burston, a Jewish journalist with Israeli daily Ha’aretz disagrees with both Neusner and Efune. Burston has different ‘Jewish values’. He wrote that several of Mitt Romney’s policies are against Jewish Tikum Olam. He cites examples, such as; to ban all abortions without exceptions, Paul Ryan’s Wisconsin has sought to break, denigrate, undermine and eliminate the very unions which have helped the local Jewish communities and generations of immigrant Jews, opposing same sex marriage, ridiculing global warming – and supporting the 1% rich fatcats.

Recent polls show that Jewish voters which constitutes less than 2% of country’s total vote bank – are still in favor of Barack Obama (64%) versus Romney (29%). In 2008, Obama received 79% of the Jewish votes.

And finally, it’s also part of Jewish Tikum Olam to call for the assassination of Iranian President Ahmadinejad. The Jewish iVoteIsrael campaign has just put a new video which call Israeli pilots to make a suicidal attack on Iran to assassinate Ahmadinejad and call American citizens to vote for the presidential candidate who will defend the Zionist entity against all odds. Watch the video below.

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