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Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) improved his chances at New Hampshire’s GOP primary race by gaining the second position (23%). Israel-Firster millionaire Mitt Romney gained the first position (39%). However, the big news is – Rep. Ron Paul, angered the Zionist Lobby by greeting anti-Israel Rabbi Yishrol Dovid Weiss, who told him that “Judaism is a religion and it should never be transformed into nationalism“. To which Ron said that the suggestion was “good advice“.

It’s just possible that Ron Paul did not know that Rabbi Yishrol Dovid Weiss along with several other Jewish scholars had attended Tehran Holocaust Conference in December 2006. During the conference, Rabbi Dovid emphasized the mass murder of Jewish people by Nazis during WW II – but affirmed that Holocaust should not be used as a pretext to strip the Palestinian people, either as individuals or collectively, of their property and land.

On his return home, every Zionist-controlled mainstream media, from A-Z, blamed the Rabbi for making friends with the so-called ‘Holocaust deniers’ like Iranian President Dr. Ahmadinejad and American writer and activist Dr. David Duke. None of the 70 academic, historian and medical researchers who participated the conference disagreed with Rabbi Dovid’s statement about the exploitation of Jewish miseries in Christian Europe from where they had been expelled 108 times.

Rabbi Yishrol Dovid Weiss is leader of NY-based small Orthodox Jewish group which believes that Jews can only establish a state when the Messiah arrives, not before. Rabbi Weiss whose grandparents died at Aushwitz, is not a Holocaust denier.

Ron Paul has made several ‘politically wrong’ statements during his campaign. He proposed that Washington should stop its $3 billion annual military aid to Israel, for which Ron was called “a crackpot and vicious anti-Semite” by Islamophobe David Horowitz.

Later, speaking at the Iowa State Campus in Ames, Iowa – Ron Paul claimed that Bush administration was happy after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

“Think of what happened after 9/11, the minute before there was any assessment, there was glee in the administration because now we can invade Iraq and so the war drum beat. That’s exactly what they’re doing with Iran“, said Ron.

During Christmas holiday – Ron Paul’s former senior Jewish aide, Eric Dondero , in a statement had claimed that Ron Paul is certainly not a Jew-hater (anti-Semitic) or racist or even anti-gay, but just “anti-Israel in general“.

“Ron Paul remains the only major candidate, Democrat or Republican, who has taken a stand against our endless wars (including the war on drugs) and the authoritarian national security state – the most urgent, dire threat to individual liberty today. He has, for example, spoken and voted against the ‘anti-American Patriot Act’ and recent amendments to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act that expanded federal domestic surveillance power and immunised telecom companies for enabling the Bush Administration’s illegal spying. It should be but it isn’t a shock to realise that Paul is the only major candidate to oppose presidential power to assassinate summarily American citizens – power exercised by President Obama when he ordered the killing of Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki,” says Wendy Kaminer.

With such anti-Establishment credentials, I suspect that even if Ron Paul does succeed in getting GOP nomination – the Jewish Lobby will make sure he doesn’t win against Israel-Firster Barack Obama.

See Rabbi’s picture with Ron Paul and Dr. Ahmadinejad here.

Rep. Ron Paul greets anti-Israel Rabbi, Ouch! | Rehmat's World