China - In the year 1981, has what was called the first UFO sighting for their country. In this pdf of the official report what is called a 'ufo' sounds very similar to the spiral over Norway

written by witness 'Long Ruyi' and translated by Randy Dorsey

picture of spiral

source: NOAH'S ARK - Verification of Alien Contact
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Norway Spiral: Wormhole of the Angel of the Apotheosis or Russian Missile?

this article is written by William Henry
In my December 1, 2009 article, “Warning: The Apotheosis is at Hand,” I discussed the Copenhagen Conference and its ultimate plan to bring world government. If a dictatorial one-world government is coming soon, then, I asked, is the fulfillment of the Christian prophecy of the appearance of the fast-talking Antichrist who runs it (and us) in Christian prophecy also at hand?

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This video is essentially a visually presentation of the brilliant work of researcher and ufologist Colin Andrews, who investigated the ongoing strange and mysterious weather and aerial anomalies over the skies of Australia from January 15 to February 5.

The evidence derived from the extraordinary happenings truly points to the HAARP facility in Exmouth, Australia. It has been observed and documented that serious weather modification and engineering occurred there. It is quite possible that the Norway Spiral, Haiti earthquake and a series of other mysterious planetary anomalies could be emanating from HAARP's worldwide facilities.

That said, the answer could still lie somewhere else.

This video was done with the view to open your mind to this new reality so that you will be able to understand and discern any future manifestation that runs parallel to this one.

The ALIEN Project
The ALIEN Project

Special thanks for the hard work and research of Colin Andrews. Please visit his site at Colin Andrews Official Web Site for more in-depth analysis.



Joseph P. Skipper

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this quote is discussing the spiral - go to above link for full article and photo

When ancient man started banding together the focus in most places was just on survival and his growing art and doodling's on cave walls and rocks reflected that with emphasis on depicting animals as a survival resource. In some places the resource was plentiful enough to offer some a little spare time allowing time for the contemplation of more abstract concepts. Part of that was observing the heavens with wonder in the evening hours. Over time that familiarity with what is familiar as well as unfamiliar in the heavens became more entrenched and part of everyday life. You can I'm sure imagine what tribal man's reaction would be to something out of the ordinary occurring in night sky like the Norway spiral.

That brings me to my point. What if an inexplicable glowing and turning spiral formed in that ancient's night sky. Just as in our time, in his time it would be extremely rare yet extremely obvious and quite extraordinary to his and his tribe's experience. You can imagine his sense of astonishment and wonder because he knows from long experience that such a display isn't common in the heavens. It would likely imprint in any mind that can entertain abstract concepts and then be reflected as a mystery in his art and might even turn into a belief system and/or religion as ancient's also try to force round pegs into square holes.

this is a fascinating article which has tied in with other threads here on the a matter of fact .,,, we are not alone in connecting the dots -- ill post some links to the threads that are coming together with J.P. Skippers article
The Chinese government made a documentary about a mysterious display of spiral lights that appeared over the country in 1988. The display was seen by thousands of people and lasted for several minutes. The display was just as baffling to the Chinese as it was to the Norwegians.