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Nancy Red Star, daughter of the Cherokee, is a descendant of the Red Man, Vann, Parker, Mathews bloodline. A citizen of the Sovereign Republic of the Abenaki Nation of Missisquoi, St. Francis/Sokoki Band, she is the producer, writer, and director of the feature documentary films Star Ancestors and The Trap-Line Song presented by Willow Spirit Productions LLC.

Nancy Red STar has made a documentary of the Star Nation Teachings of the Southwest-

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APTN - Giant UFO in Yukon Territory 1996

APTN - Giant UFO in Yukon Territory 1996

"It Came From Heaven" Giant UFO in Yukon Territory, Canada APTN, January 21, 2007 "In December of 1996 approximately 31 people claimed to have witnessed a giant UFO along a 340 km stretch of highway in Yukon. We talk to a UFOologist who investigated the event and discuss with witnesses their experiences on that evening. We also discuss the aboriginal historical perspective on the UFO phenomenon in Yukon with a local Elder."

All about this case: Case 22: Index

Higher resolution of this movie you can download using eMule. .

Elders share information never before revealed to public
Click this link to watch 47:58mins Giant UFO in Yukon Territory, 1996
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Interview with Nancy Red Star by Brent Raynes


Nancy Red Star, author of Star Ancestors and Legends of the Star Ancestors, (and her newest release, Life with a Cosmos Clearance) is a daughter of the Cherokee, and a citizen of the Sovereign Republic of the Abenaki Nation of Missiquoi, St. Francis/Sokoki Band. Nancy has sought out indigenous people throughout the world for their experiences and knowledge regarding UFOs. She lives in New Mexico and her website is: Nancy Red Star - Star Ancestors Universe.



Editor: You were approached by a television producer in Woodstock, New York, to interview people from around the world about their beliefs in extraterrestrial influences on our planet for the 50th anniversary of the alleged UFO crash at Roswell, New Mexico.

Nancy Red Star: He was actually an events producer.

Editor: Okay. This was going to be called Roswell ‘97, but then there was the Heaven’s Gate suicide and it got cancelled, and it was an event that had a lot of corporate supporters like Pepsi, Budweiser, and Frito Lay - but anyway you were given I guess the associate producer job?

Nancy Red Star: Yes.

Editor: You were to go around and interview people from different parts of the world - indigenous people - about their beliefs in extraterrestrials and experiences - and you had started on that - and that really proved to be something that you just couldn’t let go of.

Nancy Red Star: Yeah.

Editor: You described in this book, Legends of the Star Ancestors, that it was like a genetic memory had been activated and there had been some sort of instructions that had been in your memory from long ago that suddenly was there in the forefront of your consciousness. And then, lo and behold too, just before you left for Roswell, you had a visitation. Could you describe what happened?

Nancy Red Star: I was all packed up to go and I had put everything in storage, and my partner and I were going to leave the next morning. It was before the sun had come up. We were at a place called Big Indian, New York. Had a little cabin on the river there. He was in the kitchen already - he was already up and I woke up and I was somewhat paralyzed actually. I could see these three luminous beings at the end of my bed, but I couldn’t really move or talk. They were quite tall and they were very slim. I could only see an outline, but they put their arms across their chests - you know, like how the Egyptians did? And each of their hands became a lotus flower and became a light there emerged from all three of their hands, on their chest, and came right into me and they literally raised me off the bed. And they said to me, “We’re not going to be in Roswell. We’ll see you in Hopiland.” And then they left. They pretty much dissolved. They didn’t walk out the door or the wall - they pretty much dissolved - and I could speak again and I ran into the kitchen and told my partner, “There’s not going to be a Roswell rock concert. They just told me they’ll see us in Hopiland.” But anyway we were all set to go and we weren’t going to change our plans. We went ahead and left. Started pre-production. You know, how you have to go out early and look for locations and I had to secure locations in Peru and Australia - and so I began working with a production crew - we started putting together the indigenous part of that event. :Red-Tailed-Hawk-Fea
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Editor: Okay, so you were going to be interviewing people live.

Nancy Red Star: We were going to do a global telecast from the Roswell crash site actually. We had erected - a producer had erected these huge monolithic stones that were going to be put down there and we were actually going to do the event .... The executive producers were a company in New York called Track Marketing and they’re an events coordinator and they do big things like Michael Jackson and Pepsi. So it was going to be a huge event. So I went forward with the pre-production aspects for the indigenous part until Heaven’s Gate suicide and then the sponsors withdrew because they didn’t want to be associated with people who just took a recipe like that.

Editor: Right, it took on a very negative association.

Nancy Red Star: Yes. Which always made me wonder about that actual (event). That was a very strange event. There’s not only something spooky but also suspicious about it, so I always wondered if that was not orchestrated, because at that time they really - the people involved in controlling the information that actually is released to the public were not prepared to have a global telecast focused on an event that was debunked.

Editor: That would have raised the entire issue of the reality of UFOs to a mass public.

Nancy Red Star: Globally, because we had satellite link ups in Australia and Peru.

Editor: Well, just for a moment let’s return to this event with the three beings. You felt that you actually rose up out of the bed?

Nancy Red Star: Yes.

Editor: Physically?

Nancy Red Star: It felt physical to me. That was the way it appeared. I don’t remember dropping down either. By the time they left I was already down, because I got up off the bed. There was a certain amount of that light that seemed to be the controlling factor - the light that was emanating out of their hands - their hands had turned to lotus flowers on their chests.

Editor: And this illumination was all from the hands?

Nancy Red Star: Actually their hands were face down, crossed over their chests. It was coming out of the backside of their hands.

Editor: What color was it and did this light energy come into your body in certain areas?

Nancy Red Star: The light was bright and white, and it came from each of the six lotus flowers and covered my whole body.

Editor: Okay, so now you knew you were going to head down to Roswell, but before going you were told it would be cancelled. You got that message.

Nancy Red Star: I got that message but I didn’t believe it. I really wanted the event to happen.

Editor: And not to jump ahead. I’m just going by what I had read that interested me and I know there’s a lot of background. But you had described that once you had gotten down there, and I think Shiprock, New Mexico became a very important location to your work, and there was a reference to a rock that you somehow came to possess.

Nancy Red Star: I found this rock, on the ground, near where I was living. I still have it today. I show it to people. It’s a rock. It looks exactly like a grey. Has two eyes and no mouth, no ears, and then on the top of the head it has like a telepathic funnel, which almost looks like it’s carved into the top of the head - so it’s a circle, but there’s a nub in there. When I found that rock I was totally amazed because it doesn’t look...

Editor: It doesn’t look natural?

Nancy Red Star: Well, there’s a picture of it in my first book. It’s just one of those rocks that Indian people say is for special people and is a significant find. It doesn’t really look like it’s from this world. It looks like it materialized. That’s kind of what I’ve come to - after all the research I’ve done - this idea of materializing and dematerializing - that’s how I think that rock got there.

Editor: And did this rock - I’m reading in between the lines here - because you mentioned you began to pray down the Star Ancestors.

Nancy Red Star: When I found that rock I realized that I was on the right path and that I would be guided, no matter what happened. I would be successful in my journey, even if things fell apart around me. That this was a mission. That it would endure.

Editor: Of course, you had the experience in the pasture about 20 years before - with a UFO coming maybe just a 100 feet over your head - and you had a communication then about something that you were going to be doing, but you didn’t quite understand - and in between that time and this assignment here - Roswell ‘97 - there was a lot that happened in your life and you had traveled extensively around the world and UFOs was removed from your mind for quite awhile.

Nancy Red Star: Completely. Yes.

Editor: Then when you got this assignment and all these things happened you suddenly knew that you had a mission then.

Nancy Red Star: When I saw that UFO - and I was barely 18 or 19 in Roxbury, Connecticut, I actually first saw them in New York City and was told to go out in the country, in the middle of an isolated area, and I got up the very next morning and got a train out of Grand Central and went out to upstate Connecticut, to a place called Roxbury, near where I had gone to art school, and went out in the field, and there were three of them - you know, they travel in threes because of the electromagnetic field - how they can move through space in threes - they ride off each other.

Editor: That’s an interesting idea. Is that something you’ve heard from others?

Nancy Red Star: Actually I learned that in the military interviews I’ve been doing. I’ve been working on a couple of military books, and one is coming out this January called Life with a Cosmos Clearance, the story of an NRO agent - we have a radar picture of some UFOs that appeared out of Warner Robins, Georgia, in the late ‘40s - ‘49 I think - and he’s the one who told me - because he was a radar specialist - he told me that they travel like that because of the electromagnetic fields.

Editor: That’s interesting. Of course, for years there have been stories of electromagnetic effects, compasses being affected, electrical power that would be shut off, car engines stalled.

What do you think is the most important message for people in this global awakening to extraterrestrial visitations that you’ve been investigating?

Nancy Red Star: Between the indigenous people and the military people that were in that Disclosure Project, because I’ve been working with them, there’s a couple of messages. One is the idea or the premise that right now this planet is a burning mass of domestic violence and most of it is territorially inter-racial. The colors - the red man, the white man, the yellow man, the black man and the brown man - you could say the five root races - can’t accept each other. Now with that premise going forward, it’s very difficult if people can’t accept their neighbor to be able to accept other races from other realms, other planets, other universes, other worlds. This process is an evolutionary process for us. It’s not just a transition or a phase we’re going through. We’re actually moving into other dimensions of reality.

Editor: So a lot of people say that if UFOs exist why don’t they land on the White House lawn.

Nancy Red Star: Well in 1952, they did go over the White House, and I’ve got pictures of it on radar, so they have announced.

Editor: So they let the people in the government know their presence?

Nancy Red Star: Well they gave the government or the powers that be, or the powers that were involved in releasing UFO information a directive - which is termed a Star Wars directive - and what it is, is that as a race we will not interfere with another emerging race or population from another planetary system. Meaning that if there’s someone on the moon, we can’t go and occupy the moon. It’s already an inhabited area. And there was actually, in 1949, Oppenheimer and Einstein drew up a draft of laws to be presented to outline how we would deal with the sovereignty of a population coming here from another planet, and that was done after Roswell. I have a copy of the outline of how they would deal with it.

Editor: And this will be in your book this January?

Nancy Red Star: Yes.

Editor: Okay. Great.

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Nancy Red Star: So going back to Legends of the Star Ancestors - and it’s all tied in because the message in Legends of the Star Ancestors is the idea of this global peace - the idea from the indigenous people is there are only two paths to take now. The path of the one heart, or the path of the two heart. The one heart follows the spiritual path and the planting of the seeds, taking care of the earth. The two hearted follows the path of destruction and war.

Editor: And does this fit in - you mentioned in your book that the Four Corners area in prophecies was to have a special purpose for the survival of mankind in the future.

Nancy Red Star: Well, you know, the Four Corners is a protected area. I mean, there are designated area, and even as far back as when I started interviewing for the Star Ancestors, and I went to interview a Micmac man from Nova Scotia - he had studied under another elder for quite awhile before he went and started to do his instructions, and the elder was a Delaware Indian, and he used to tell him that whatever he does he must go to the mountains - to be close to the mountains - that it’s the elevation of the mountains that provides a refuge. There were certain places, cities, the coastlines, that were very vulnerable, and that in this purification, cleansing time that the place to go is to retreat to the higher ground.

Editor: Kind of makes you think of the recent evidence for melting at the polar ice caps.

Nancy Red Star: Yes, I think that’s part of the reason. It has to do with the quickening, this cleansing by fire actually. That’s what the Indians have always said. That the purification would be a cleansing by fire. So even though we’ve had a lot of fires up here, it’s fire and a combination of elements as well. When you think of volcanoes you think of earthquakes. And that’s one of the reasons I wrote the book, to announce to people that this has been prophesied, and to try and gather those teachings - almost to a fulfillment of a prophecy of all of the races coming together with one voice.

Editor: One of the quotes you used, I think at the beginning of Star Ancestors, which I haven’t read it, and on your website you’ve used this quote: “They said they’ve been abducted; we get visited.” Which I guess is from one of your interviews of a Santa Clara Pueblo, and that seems to embody a message from indigenous people to the people who are having the abduction experiences perhaps? Perhaps something to do with the path they are on in their lives?

Nancy Red Star: The Mayans, the Olmecs, the Hopi - the earth has been visited by extraterrestrial beings for thousands and thousands and thousands of years, and they’ve left their relics behind to show their monolithic structures, their cosmology, their technology, and I think they’re intrinsically involved in our evolution. In a way, Star Ancestors means that we’re related.

Editor: Well as you study the science it sounds like all of the elements that are out there are here - and we’ve got meteors and asteroid fragments and things that have come here - a lot of our material on this planet is from out there - there’s talk that our DNA may have come from out there. When we say that we’re looking for extraterrestrial life maybe we should look in the mirror.

Nancy Red Star: Well, it seems to make sense to me. It seems very logical that when you look at the relics they left behind it doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out that it would be real hard to move those faces on Easter Island, and where did they come from? They’re huge. How would you move them? They left relics all over the globe.

Editor: I’d like to go down to Peru and visit places like Machu Picchu. I’ve read that the stones are so perfectly fit together that you can’t even get the blade of a knife in between them. How did they do that?

Nancy Red Star: Well they had this light technology. One of the reasons why the UFO information hasn’t been - I mean it has leaked out in some form - it has leaked out now in such a way that you can’t even - it’s a maze - I mean, it’s not that there isn’t enough information. There’s way too much.

Editor: Well it’s a tremendous struggle. What do I believe? How do I understand this?

Nancy Red Star: It’s been created that way so that you really can’t come to any conclusion, but the main reason why this information - part of the reason in the ‘40s - was because of the sheer impact of it on people - but the main reason was that electromagnetic propulsion systems, zero gravity technology - you can’t tax it - there’re no moving parts - it never wears out, and it’s free, and there goes the fossil fuel industry. That’s the main reason. Because they have used devices from extraterrestrial vehicles to upgrade our own technology. They’ve retrieved the craft, they’ve brought them down. The Roswell craft came down because out of White Sands they were shooting 500 million megawatts of radiated energy. When those craft move slow and low it effects their stability and so that’s why they crashed, and the reason they wanted their technology is because of fiber optics, laser plasma rays, mylar vests, night vision - I mean, the technology - the Stealth weaponry. The list goes on and on, and this is where the real question comes in about bypassing the Constitution because humanity has been kept out of the loop. So my purpose for doing Star Ancestors and Legends of the Star Ancestors was to try to get the most accurate history of contact that I could, in it’s real form, from indigenous people, all over the world really.

Editor: A few years ago, I did an interview with Brad Steiger and he’s written over a hundred books on UFOs and unexplained events over the years, and he described to me that back in the ‘60s and ‘70s it was a real struggle for him to get Native American people to talk about UFOs. It was something people shied away from back then, and now, he said, everything has changed dramatically - there’s conferences - people are much more open about it these days. There’s been an awakening or something.

Nancy Red Star: I think I was on the cutting edge of opening up some of that, although I didn’t want to interview people who were on a circuit for this type of information. It was clearly told to me that I had to go seek out the people that were not getting paid to talk about this. I had to seek out the people that were true to the spiritual path and I think that’s why the authenticity of the book is so powerful.


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