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Recently, Islamic Republic’s Fars News Agency held an International Occupy Wall Street Cartoon Festival in Tehran to draw global attention to Americas’ popular protest movement against capitalism which only serves 1% of country’s rich and powerful minority (mostly Zionists).

The International Wall Street Downfall Cartoon Festival committee received over 1,000 cartoons from artists from 50 countries. The committee slected 99 art works in the first phase and then the jury selected the top 10. The 10 best cartoons were arbitrated again by Iranian and foreign juries and the top 3 artworks were then introduced as the winners of the festival.

Mahmoud Mohammad Tabrizi from Iran won the top prize (5000 euro, a letter of appreciation and the festival’s statue), and Alexi Kostofsky from Ukraine and Farhad Rahim Qara-Maleki from Iran stood the second and the third (4000 euro, a letter of appreciation and the festival’s statue, and 3000 euro, a letter of appreciation and the festival’s statue, respectively).

The 4th to 10th winners each received 500 euro, a letter of appreciation and the festival’s statue. Meantime, all the 70 finalists were granted letters of appreciation.

All the artworks sent to the festival committee were released in the book of the festival. The 99 artworks selected in the first phase went on display. Watch them below.

The pro-Israel Jewish groups have been running a vicious smear campaign against the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement since day one. The movement has been labeled as ‘anti-Israel’, ‘anti-Jewish‘, ‘pro-terrorism’, ‘pro-Hamas’, ‘anti-Zionism’ and having links to Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic regime in Tehran. Interestingly, a Jewish group, called ‘Occupy Judaism” has been participating in the OWS mass protests.

Pro-Israel groups’ bad dream came true when tens of thousands-strong protest on October 29, 2011, showed influence from the OWS movement by such signs as “we are the 99%” and “Occupy Oakland”. This proves that as the vast majority of Americans are not happy with Capitalism, many Israeli Jews have got fed-up with Zionism. Israel has a capitalism-based economy in which 18 Jewish families own 60% of Israeli economy.

A recent survey conducted by law firm, Labaton Sucharow, among Wall Street executives showed that 24% of them believed it kosher for the financial employees to engage in unethical or illegal conduct in order to be successful. In December 2010, Newsweek, had boasted that Jewish Talmud is a Business Guide in China.

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