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“The claim that 5,7 million Jews were murdered, is not true. The numbers of Jewish victims can only range between 1 and 1.5 million, because there were not more Jews within Hitler’s reach,” French Army Colonel Ferdinand Otto Miksche, The End of The Present, Munich 1990.

Last month, a Chicago court agreed to hear a petition by American Jewish groups seeking billions of dollars from the Hungarian State Railroads (also known as the MAV) as compensation for the property it took from its Jewish employees and passengers.

Lost in Zionists’ memory is the Hungarian Jew Rudoph Israel Kastner, who with the help of Adolf Eichman, senior Nazi Crypto-Jewish official, was able to save the lives of 1685 fellow Jews from Hungary. Kastner became a spokesperson for Israel’s ministry of trade in 1952. On March 15, 1957, Kastner died as result of an assassination attack by a fellow Israel Jewish terrorist, Zeev Eckstein, for collaborating with Adolf Eichman. Four years later, Adolf Eichman was put to death by the Zionist regime for collaborating with the World Zionist Congress.

In October 2010, a similar case was dismissed against the French National Railroad based on sovereign immunity and thus protection from suits in the US courts.

Germany’s national railway, Deutsche Bahn, has hired a law firm and PR agency in the United States to prepare for legislation being considered by AIPAC-controlled Congress that would allow Holocaust survivors to sue European railway companies for damages in US courts. The Deutsche Bahn fears American Jews could sue for millions if the legislation passes. Since 1950s, Germany has already paid over $93 billion as compensation.

In June 2012 – East Lancashire Railway’s Wartime Weekend, to mark the Diamond Jubilee, dozens of people participated the event wearing full Nazi uniforms with swastikas and other regalia. Some even dressed as Nazi officials with whom the European Jewish Zionist terrorist groups, Lehi, Stern Gang, Haganah and Irgun – Adolf Hitler, Eichman, Goering, etc. had collaborated in the past. The event attracted close to 100,000 visitors (reported by Jewish-owned British daily Mail, June 6, 2012).

Read a research article on the Zionist-Nazi collaboration, written by William James Martin, a lecturer at the University of Maryland, College Park, here.

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