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On Friday, the UN Security Council approved the revised British-drafted resolution extending the mandate of its observer mission in Syria for another 30 days with a possible renewal of the mission. Originally, both Russia and China, which vetoed all previous anti-Assad resolutions, had supported Pakistan-drafted resolution which called for 45-day extension with no conditions and a provision for a further extension. But after closed-door consultations called by Pakistan, all 15 council members reached agreement on a revised British text.

On Thursday, both Russia and China vetoed the resolution on Syria by the US, France, Germany and Portugal at the UNSC. This is no surprising, as Russia and China have been consistent in their opposition to any form of UNSC mandate being deliberately misused or misinterpreted by the Zionist-controlled western powers to justify an eventual military intervention in Syria – as had happened over Libya a year ago.

The UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon has announced on Saturday that he will be sending undersecretary-general Herve Ladsous, a French diplomat, and top UN military adviser Senegalese Muslim Gen. Babacar Gaye to lead the mission in this critical phase.

Syrian army retook control of five border crossings with Turkey and Irq from western-supported rebels and terrorists. Eye-witnesses in Damascus said that those areas in the capital city which were the scene of heavy clashes between the terrorists and the governmental forces, experienced calm on Saturday and safe trafficking of citizens is now possible.

Various pro-Israel western think tanks have been spreading propaganda lies about Syrian President Bashar al-Assad even before the current bloody insurgency against him started over a year ago. These include the US Institute for Peace (USIP) headed by Zionist Jew Dr. Steven Heydemann; Michael Weiss, author of ‘Blueprint for Western Military Intervention in Syria Approved by Syrian Ex-Pats’, James “ex-CIA boss” Woolsey, Michael “homeland security” Chertoff, William “PNAC” Kristol, Robert “PNAC” Kagan, Joshua “Bomb Iran” Muravchick, Richard “Prince of Darkness” and Alan Mendoza, chief adviser to the all-party parliamentary group on transatlantic and international security.

However, July 18 assassination by a well-planned Mossad-CIA-MI6 bombing of the National Security Headquarters in Damascus, shows that the western powers are not interested in a negotiated peace between Syrian government and the rebels - but a pro-Israel regime change in Damascus. The bombing killed top Syrian officials including the deputy minister of defense and brother-in-law of Assad, Asef Shawkat – former Syrian defense minister Gen. Hassan Ali Turkmani and defense minister Gen. Daoud Rajuha, the first Christian to hold the position - also seriously wounding Interior Minister Mohammed Shaar and National Security Department head Maj. Gen. Hisham Ikhtiar.

In Asef Shawkat, both the Palestinian resistance and Lebanese Islamic resistance Hizbullah, lost a dear friend and supporter. Asef played a major role in resisting Israeli occupation in Palestine and around Palestine. Right to the end, he took practical charge of meeting the needs of the resistance forces in Palestine and Lebanon, and their members and cadres in Syria. He oversaw everything from their accommodation and transporation, to their training camps and provisions, and arranging for cadres from inside Palestine come to the country secretly for training.

Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak has threatened Dasmascus that the Jewish army will attack Syria if Damascus tried to transfer missiles or chemical weapons to Lebanese Islamic resistance Hizbullah. In May, Israeli daily Ha’aretz has quoted a former Syrian army official in Turkey as saying that the post-Assad regime will make sure the chemical weapons don’t fall in the hands of Israel’s enemies.

Last week, Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi announced Tehran’s readiness to hold meetings with the Syrian dissidents in a move to facilitate talks between the opposing parties in the Muslim country. Moscow has always insisted that the conflict cannot be resolved peacefully without the active participation of Iran.

UNSC extends Syrian observer mission for 30 days | Rehmat's World