Web Bot Update: World is on the brink of unimaginable events

Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer / autumn collapse American war as a result; Huge weather and natural disasters; Showdown aliens exist; Geography Earth is completely changed to 2017, 2012, the center.
The power elite behind the scenes means something jealously secret - something that those around the world underground bunkers and storage areas shall build, and especially to the southern hemisphere do attract.
High Cliff, one of the two master minds behind this site often discussed Web Bot Project, in a radio interview announced that the last time that he and the results of the Web Bot comes out. Reason: the earlier, unauthorized publications of these results, the Web Bot project affect and even destroy.
The last pubieke results are a confirmation of what the Web Bot that came earlier, namely that the world from the summer of 2009 will face unimaginable changes and unprecedented violent events recorded in 2012 'tussen'climax will achieve.

One of the most remarkable released forecasts of the Web Bot project is no doubt that the attacks of 9/11/2001. In June of that year, the Web Bot predicted that within 90 days, both financially and militarily a world changing event would take place, literally 'an attack on a financial center, which would be of enormous influence in the years thereafter. But the devastating Hurricane Katrina and the start of the current crisis in October 2008 were correctly predicted. (For the approximately 20% 'failures' should include a major earthquake in the U.S., which was expected at the end of 2008.)
What, according to Cliff High above was changed in October 2008, except for the outbreak of the financial crisis, a massive change in the consciousness of humanity. Suddenly people began to realize that we are in a very difficult time there, according to High still will not. "It was pretty cool to predict exactly the date to when that happened."
Extreme weather will not permit denial
This summer, the months will be characterized by the word 'onontkenbaarheid. People will have to accept that the world is undergoing tremendous changes. These global changes will no longer hide under 'global warming' or claims that we have 100 or even 40 years time, people will do all brands, including water and food supply, temperature, wind , the tidal waves.
Days of extremely high temperatures will be the one other time by alternating days with extremely low temperatures. The difference can be tens of degrees per day. In addition there will be here and incredibly much rain fall, more than ever before. Also extremely strong winds and storms will bring many problems, especially in areas facing major drought. This will, among other unprecedented large-scale fires occur.

By the time we are at the end of the summer from hell ', so around the equinox (beginning of autumn) in late September, a large proportion of the world understand how serious the state of the weather and the climate is. The changes go far beyond weather and climate only, if the activities of volcanoes and there is strong increase in the years that even shifts of entire continents, rising oceans and massive animal and plant mortality.

Fall of the Anglo-American empire
Leading the all autumn burst is only good release. It starts with the already being put in motion fall of the dollar as the world reserve currency. From late October to early November will be exactly 10.5 day take place. The American empire collapsed then, what a war will result.
The dollar will not go under due to China, but due to the fact that the dollar in 1913 by Woodrow Wilson was handed over to a small group of bankers (the Fed). The debt of the U.S. is now so large, that the country and the world, will never go back to return to the situation prior to October 2008. The whole world financial system is now finally up to the landfill.
Not many people know that the Fed is in possession of Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain. In addition, the Federal Reserve Bank "not federal, not in the possession of government, has no" reserves "is not even a high bank, but a criminal gang.

The 6% of the world who currently lives in the U.S., and 28% of the resources of the world consumes, will this year suddenly have to get used to the fact that they are still only 6% of these resources at their disposal (that is a welfare reduction of almost 80%).

Big war on Israel in November / December
Around November 5th there will be a war explode, probably between Israel and Iran. According to High, this one by the Anglo-American empire made war, because Iran, in reality he would not be a threat to Israel (Here High mixes the results of the Web Bot project unfortunately with his own personal opinion, clearly because then he himself by the media deception quotes that Ahmadinejad would never have called for the destruction of Israel. Among the films from Iran in recent days "Death to America! Death to Israel!" and the many witnesses fled from Iran, however, another reality show).

Everyone thought that this war has already started, but the Web Bot data now show that this is only from October 26 begins to play. The tension between the countries will rise, to November 5 to degenerate into a war. America will have become concerned by the 'masters' behind the scenes, in whose interest it is to as many people as possible to slaughter. They will instruct slavish U.S. Government what to do, just as in the previous World Wars was the case.

That war will not be provided to save the economy. According to High, the 'masters' behind the scenes is not the economy, and break even, according to a planned schedule them together. They knew that the economy would collapse, and have the time this final was going to happen, only what postponed - until now.

Bailouts only fill the pockets of the elite
The bailouts are designed to 'shadow government', those behind the 'black ops' (' black operations') are, so long as the necessary funds to continue. Cliff says that over the American president was 27 higher "security clearance" levels, so that there are 27 layers of information, which the President of the United States should not know. And the people in those 27 levels are higher, are those all-bailout billions into their pockets stabbing.
According to the Web Bot will be one of the three main controlling tentacles of the elite power losses. That concern is not the fall of the dollar and other currencies, because the fact that they will collapse is not a sign that the 'masters' its about lost control. Indeed, that will collapse their power and control over some things only increase.

Cliff is in the light of a species' energy 'that we as people would have. If we (thought) energy set by the elite to advance certain issues, then 'feed' it is in fact with our energy, and we are weaker and stronger. But at the time that we stop targeting our energy to them and their objectives, then we have stronger and weaker.

FEMA camps especially designed to sew fear
Regarding the FEMA (concentration) camps in the U.S. High Cliff says the following. The camps are undeniable, and there are laws which allow military bases to use as internment. But it is a mental game. "As long as people believe that they will use FEMA camps, they are not one to go," says High. The camps are designed for the people fear to hunt and to control their thoughts. And if people are afraid, they are the easiest to influence and control.
Elite afraid of huge disasters in the northern hemisphere
Many people from the 'higher' groups, including the Bush family, buy land in high altitude countries in the southern hemisphere, such as Paraguay. The reason is that the powerful are afraid of something, for something that at the end of the 90s has become clear. A part of what they expect, for example, a Solar Storm, which the northern hemisphere will become. There is also the possibility of a 'coastal' (coastal) change, independent of a change in the Earth's magnetic field will take place - an event which in itself is very serious implications.

Some of these issues will take place before 2012, and the elite think they are in the southern hemisphere, in high altitude areas (thus less vulnerable to massive flooding) will be secure. High Cliff called it the biggest multinational operation ever: the construction of the 'seeds cave' (the 'Doomsday Vault') on a Norwegian island. Everything indicates that we know that something terrible to happen.
These seeds cave, where all major crops, fruit, seeds, etc. for future generations will be saved, called High as the example that if countries want, within a very short time to get everything done. Normally it takes decades before the governments agree on something, but if they really want something from the ground, such as these "seeds cave, they may within one year for each other. "If they really what war would end, therefore, they do." Proof is the enormous effort being made to build this' Doomsday 'survival cave.
Similarly, in Australia huge underground complexes built because the elite regarded this as a 'survivor island' for the next global catastrophe, where they would exist.
In a recent secret meeting of the American Congress, the members are aware of the impending economic collapse, the impact on world food supplies, with worldwide enormous revolutions will result, and also received information on the disclosure of the contact with extraterrestrial beings.
After all the misery of the years 2009-2012 can be found between 2012 and 2017 a worldwide "coastal shift 'place where entire continents of their place will be ripped down to the bottom of the ocean will sink, or from the ocean up to come.

World Government is in fact already happening
Cliff says on the much discussed plans of the elite to a one-world government to set up a government that actually exists. Indeed, he denies that there ever been the plan for a 'world president' and / or a 'world parliament', because by such an institution is no control, and their plans are doomed to fail. "They have no world government, a world leader and world currency, because they have them all in their power."
There is a long one world government, but not one like in the future would be. The people are totally misled by thinking that they are "their own government to choose and do not realize that all these governments are managed and controlled by the elite behind the scenes. "And as long as they let us shoot each other and each other to murder us, we are the losers," says High.

It is not really important who actually governs the world. If you by High all the names and lines follows, you finally to only 13 families, a very small group so they control everything. There is evidence but not hard to make them over-that there is another power, but until those 13 families that will not admit it we will never know.

Showdown existence UFOs and aliens disclosed
From later this year and early 2010 led to an increasing disclosure and recognition of the existence of extraterrestrial beings, until 1 or 2 years later the whole of humanity no longer can ignore. In March 2010 will be a lot of knowledgeable people have to recognize that there is indeed 'aliens' existence.

The recent announcement by a group of experts that if the government does not, there soon information will be brought out to the existence of UFOs and aliens will prove, see High as a sign that the elite behind the scenes in some areas they control commences to lose. He was on CNN broadcast press conference planned and controlled, and such a publication in the eyes of the 'masters' at the moment still immature.

The prominent disclosure of the existence of aliens can be put in scene, as real. There would be above the previously mentioned 27 were above the U.S. president, a power may be, not necessarily from our Earth. It is quite possible that information on the existence of 'aliens' on the way out will be charged. This makes it not even from the scene is put in or not, because people will have to decide how they will react to this information. "And if they go to spread fear, then I decided not to be afraid," said Cliff High.
Three possible scenarios Web Bot predictions
High Cliff says that in all of these Web Bot three possibilities are:
1. I am a crazy and everything I say I am useless.
2. I am a crazy, but everything I say will still happen.
3. I am right, but it is not because we thanks to the information we now have massive decisions that we will not have come.

"Suppose nothing happens after November 5, no war, nothing. Then everyone laughs at me that time. It could be that the Anglo-American empire have collapsed, with disastrous consequences for almost every person on this planet. I would be right. In both cases, the Web Bot this notice and information prior to our show. "
The third option is the most intriguing: what if the Web Bot is right, but we now once we have this knowledge of war and imminent collapse, with its all decide that we will not allow, will not be happen. Suppose that we are all over the world to talk about so massive and protest, that the powers behind the scenes decisions, that these plans can not continue, because they will not be accepted. And we can perhaps change. "

"All these three variants are possible. It is not for me to decide which variant will be reality. "
Biblical profetiën and 2012 as base
High Cliff is sure profetiën from the Christian, Jewish and Islamic world to save all the time in which we now live. For example, people may well think that the war on Israel in November and December the battle of "Armageddon", which in the Bible is terminated. According to High, these profetiën from 'creatures, who knew what would come and stand over time. He does not believe the Bible 'divine', but specially designed for a specific purpose to serve, and that the Jewish, Christian and Islamic religions with a specific reason just before this time were created.

The end of the Mayan calendar on December 21, 2012 is a very important date supernatural. It is also a constructed date, created by combining both the Maya, the Julian and the Gregorian calendar. The powers behind the scenes were exactly 11:11 am on 21-12-2012 as a solution for the end of the Mayan calendar have. There are many mathematical calculations preceded with the aim to be precise on that date and time to arrive. The reason is that the power elite of extremely high expectations of a special event that day at that time should take place.

High Cliff thinks otherwise, that people at that time scarcely pressure will make that date, because in March 2012 has so many shocking events, that any new event in December, people will be very largely indifferent. "They will be too busy with things, which at that time will play."
'2012 Is a base, "says High. "An exact center of our solar system on a line with a magnetic 'band' to which our Milky Way is. This is a moment of maximum pressure. See our entire Solar System as if in a giant magnetic version of a cooker is thrown. We see the effects of this' pressure cooker 'anywhere in the Sun, the planets, the Earth, you name it. The people feel this pressure in their body, in insomnia, all that sort of thing. This has causes beyond our Earth and its impact on animals, plants, and especially life in the sea and birds (which is massive to die, because they are much more sensitive to magnetic changes than us). "

"The real problem will come when we have passed the midpoint. In the 10 years after 2012, the pressure started to decrease, making things back in place will fall. The problem with all cycles is that if on one side to an extreme point is (in 2012), then you on the other hand, as a reaction to a extreme point is to wait until then to get balance. "
According to Cliff High, the pressure at the moment so precisely, what to see in more and more magma (volcanic) activity, which is sensitive to magnetic changes. The continents are under pressure, as it were, towards the center of the Earth 'squeezed'. At the time of this pressure and after 2012 - is released, you get so great eruptions on the Earth, the planets and the Sunday

People have their 'monkey mind' steps
Finally Cliff says that most people, as a result of the manipulation through the controlled media, are caught in a certain way of thinking which he called "monkey mind" called monkey mind. As you stay in circles thinking, what works on your emotions and your always afraid is, etcetera. Everyone has to detach it from the 'monkey mind', and look at what is really going on in the world, and then decide not to cooperate with the plans of the elite. Also they are quick to prepare all the dramatic things that the Web Bot predicted, because this certainly will happen.
There is also the possibility that the elite themselves albeit confined in their underground bunkers, but we as humanity will survive it. "And if enough people will survive all disasters, we will decide whether they are from their bunkers and caves will release or not."

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