What is now on Earth?
Thursday, March 12, 2009

The aim of the so-called credit crisis is to disrupt our economy, and our society. This is deliberately done by the same forces that the crisis in the years 30 of the last century have created. Even now, there will be a bellicose Führer up exactly according to the plan of the hidden power under the umbrella of the Illuminati, to us as our last painful lessons to learn.

The deliberate destroyer have, if their 'weapons' deployment. We are addicted to this money worth less and less to become (through deliberate inflation) and as much money as possible for us to address (through taxes, fines and much too high prices and premiums). We are now quite strongly and can not hand more. Energy for other things than anything that we more or less mandatory, there is hardly any more. And that's just exactly the intention. Meaning free slaves if they see us slip rulers, fully caught in a web of debts, obligations and scaremongering.

Any additional little help. Thus, the disease from 2010 health insurance will only pay fees for care that the interests of the pharmaceutical mafia. All other treatments, which do not intentionally destroy our health-enhancing immune system to try it, we pay out of pocket, in addition to the houses high premium for the compulsory.

All formal systems in our society no bad side. In our society everything revolves around money, with a growing inner emptiness and loneliness as a result. Our health care "makes for more and more disease. Our news is full of lies, secrecy and distortions. Our education is provided through brainwashing uniformity to deliver, and all beautiful children with their unique talents that are not fit to be pasting stamps as PDD-NOS, ADHD, autism, dyslectie or dyscalculie. Our studies are fraud and ignorance together. Our technology damage Mother Earth in ever more serious degree, and everything on, in or to her life. Our misleading religions make people scared and ensure division, while pure spirituality through unconditional love creates unity. Our sound is not pure (432 Hz) and provides more people for inconvenience. We live in a sham democracy in which elected representatives especially with themselves and each other are.

Our air - our first demand - is becoming dirtier and is always full of dangerous electromagnetic radiation (not only by all wireless, but also by energy saving, microwaves and flat screens). And in addition, we intentionally sprayed with toxic chemicals (chem trails) and decreases the oxygen continuously to the lower fatal for us. Furthermore, is our food and drink that we buy in ordinary supermarkets brimming harmful E-numbers.

There seems no end to have all the slip rulers have found to our consciousness and low zomogelijk further illnesses. Because that is exactly the purpose behind all these things. Everything they do this the cabinet met, as the narcotic or stimulant drugs like alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, and all other hard and soft drugs. But we are not there yet, because what about fueling needs, for example, unnatural sex, gambling, waste and pollution? We come now to ego-tickling programs, magazines and trends, with the same consciousness mitigation objectives.

Our power Lustige friends, we are humanity completely lost the way. We must now show what we are really worth. We unconsciously drifting further along in the stream bed? Whether we decide now to wake up and to stand?

Good morning, dear fellow. You and I are one.

Source: pateo.nl


New member
Totally agree, our whole human race is comen to an end and its by our own hands, The illuminati is the leader, the puller of the rope that we are attached to as we are dragged through this waste pile called life. Everything from the way they price food to the cost OF AIR FOR BIKE AND CAR TIRES is driving the human race to become more and more voilent and in-human, some may call it evolution, only the strong survive, well if that is so, then we need to band together and become stronger then the gov and illuminati and overcome with our streangth in numbers.